Outdoor Webcast

Chapter 31 - Nature Has the Best Workmanship

Chapter 31: Nature Has the Best Workmanship

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Ning Fei’s webcast room was trending.

Some passionate fans — or as they were commonly referred to as, “natural organic water” — were the ones who promoted their favorite webcaster willingly.

This was often seen in real life too. For instance, someone had watched a really good movie or heard a song. That person would naturally recommend it to their friends or promote it on their social media platform.

Thus, on popular social media platforms such as Douyin or Weibo, many of Ning Fei’s supporters had edited his livestreams into videos and circulated them online.

‘Webcaster unearthing a 3,000,000-yuan blood lingzhi!’

‘Such a good-looking webcaster doing a menial chore?’

‘3,000,000-yuan daily income! The attraction of outdoor expeditions!’

‘Witness a rare plant that only blooms every one hundred years!’

‘Outdoor webcaster met a black bear and made a swift escape!’

Ning Fei’s video clips were being circulated extensively by his supporters and some of the media.

There was an intense debate online.

A handful of them were skeptical.

‘All that money? A lingzhi for 3,000,000 yuan?! It has to be a joke!’

Although they didn’t believe it, they still watched it.

After watching the first one, they couldn’t resist and continued watching the rest.

In their hearts, they came to a conclusion.

‘F*ck! It’s real!’

These video clips trended, and their comments exceeded 10,000 in number in an hour.

‘For real? That plant is worth 3,000,000 yuan?’

‘Where is that place? I want to go too.’

‘Forget it. You can only go there on foot, and it takes at least a few hours. Normal people who tried that either have a death wish or like tempting fate.’

‘This webcaster knows so much about plants. Very professional!’

‘So good-looking and cute!’

‘If you’re handsome, anything you do is right.’

Feelings of envy, jealousy, astonishment, awe, and admiration were all cast at Ning Fei.

Ning Fei gathered some wild mushrooms and fruits and then returned to the tent.

He began to train his pet.

The usual method was to use food. The trainer had to eliminate the bird’s fear of humans before using food to lure them.

But Ning Fei had no intention of doing that. He wanted Little Falcon to grow up on its own.

Ning Fei held Little Falcon in his hand as it peered at Ning Fei with its head tilted.

At the next moment, Ning Fei flung Little Falcon up into the air.

Little Falcon was flustered as it screeched and squawked. It flapped its wings with all its might as it tried to make use of the buoyancy effect produced by the circulating air to fight gravity.

However, it was just too tiny and young. Its feathers were newly grown, so it couldn’t quite fly yet.

As it was becoming anxious and desperate, Ning Fei caught it when it fell.

Little Falcon was angry as it screeched noisily at Ning Fei. But the next second, Ning Fei had thrown it up into the air once again.

Training and toughening a chick needed time.

‘This webcaster is cruel!’

‘Little Falcon is so small. Why is he forcing it to fly?’

‘Look at how unwilling Little Falcon is.’

‘Little Falcon is too young. How could you do that?’

Many people began to berate Ning Fei for his actions.

Ning Fei did not answer nor reply.

Now that Little Falcon was growing, it was the perfect time to train it.

Ning Fei didn’t reply to the comments and continued to train Little Falcon. Then he rewarded it with some food.

Little Falcon gobbled up the food instantly. Perhaps it was because of the bird feed he had obtained from the lucky draw that Little Falcon had grown quickly.

Ning Fei attempted to make another trip to search for treasure.

This time, he made a beeline toward the center of a canyon.

“This place has truly been untouched by humans for at least for one or two centuries,” Ning Fei surveyed his surroundings as he said.

There was no sunlight here. The thick leaves above him had blocked out the sky.

There was a natural protective barrier formed by the two sides of the canyon. Unlike with the usual canyons that went diagonally upward, the sides here were perfectly straight.

Ning Fei couldn’t help but gasp in amazement at the canyon.

Nature was indeed the most magical and amazing designer.

‘What is this place?’

‘What terrain is that?’

‘I thought canyons were formed by two mountains? Why does this resemble two doors?’

‘Nature has the best workmanship. Thank you, Host, for allowing me to see this!’

‘This webcast is such an eye-opener.’

Light Drunk Breeze has sent a rocket.

Demolishing Brother has sent a rocket.

Ning Fei trudged on ahead, but he gasped in shock when he came to the middle of the canyon.

There was an oval-shaped upright rock right in the middle. It was more than twenty meters tall as it rivaled the height of an eight-story building.

‘What is that?’

The viewers were also astonished.

‘F*ck! Is this a giant seal?’

‘How could such a huge rock be hidden in the center of the canyon?’

‘It’s getting more magical by the minute. Does anything like that exist in reality?’

Ning Fei was also stunned and dumbfounded at the sight.

Master had once said that the world was full of surprises and wonders. Humans hadn’t even seen a fraction of them.

He truly believed that now.

This rock was too formidable and unbelievable.

The rock was oval and burrowed into the ground. It was grayish in color, yet it was bright.

Ning Fei carefully walked towards it.

He seemed so tiny in front of the rock.

The sight was indeed shocking.

The towering rock looked as though it was a seal meant to fend off the monsters and demons in a martial arts novel. At any moment, an ancient divine spirit might materialize from it.

Ning Fei suddenly thought of a saying from a novel. ‘When yin and yang reverse the chaos, I will taint the sky with devil’s blood!’

He took a few cautious steps forward.

He was worried that the rock might suddenly collapse on him. If that happened, there was no way he could escape.

Nevertheless, Ning Fei still persevered and came up to the rock.

“I can’t believe that I’m seeing such a massive rock here. The rock itself should be an ordinary one. But I wonder how many decades of rain and sun it must have taken to mold the shape of this rock.”

Ning Fei couldn’t help but sigh in wonder again.

The viewers were equally awestruck too.

‘I feel like I’ve been transported to the world of cultivation.’

‘This rock is too breathtaking!’

‘Host, you’re a gem!’

‘I love this! I can ogle at our handsome host while admiring nature.’

‘Does this thing really exist in real life?’

Ning Fei extended his hand to stroke the rock’s surface. The rock was smooth and slightly moist to the touch.

Ning Fei raised his head to study the rock as a thought formed in it.?How can I bring this back to the temple?

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