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Chapter 540

Chapter 540: Chapter 540: abducting a group of sea lions

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Above the sea, Ning Fei returns with the wind.

Seabirds and dolphins accompany the cruise ship, making the live broadcast look more relaxed.

The Moon, like a silver plate, shines on the calm sea surface.

The waves constantly shake into wrinkles.

Everything is beautiful.

Ning Fei sets the direction, turns off the live broadcast, and rests comfortably on the cruise ship.

The days without pets were a little boring.

If he had known that this expedition would be so simple, he would have brought the little ones with him.

The main reason was that he was worried that the Aborigines on Beisen Island would harm the little ones.

Just like that, the light wind cruise ship continued to speed on the sea.

When he bypassed the islands in Australia and entered the Fiji Sea, he would not be far from China.

“We’re in the Fiji Sea.”

“This area is rich in tropical crops such as sugar cane, coconuts, bananas, and so on. Fiji is also known as the world’s Sweet Island.”

“The most populated area on the Fiji Sea is the tropical fish.”

Ning Fei was on the boat, blowing the sea breeze as he looked at the surface of the sea.

“Everyone, look over there. It’s a school of Sardines.”

Ning Fei pointed forward and seemed to be quite interested.

In the live broadcast, the netizens saw a black mass of fish under the blue sea. It was densely packed, as if the sea water had been polluted.

“Wow, these fish look too scary. There are so many of them!”

“I thought some sea monster had appeared!”

“The sea is really scary.”

“There must be at least a million of these sardines.”

“Sardines live in groups. Usually, there are a lot of them. At the highest point, there can be 400 million of them gathered together.”

“The number of sardines in this group should not be small.”

At this moment, Ning Fei noticed that there were more and more seabirds around the cruise ship. He also saw many sailfish swimming among the sardines.

“Sardines are the best prey on the sea. Many marine animals feed on them.”

The light wind cruise ship was already approaching the sardines.

All kinds of seabirds were flying in the sky. Then, they suddenly jumped into the sea and swam out with a sardines in their mouths.

At the same time, a few unique species of sailfish would occasionally turn their bodies over, revealing their four-meter-long bodies. Then, they would continue to hunt for sardines.

Ning Fei had already eaten the best bluefin tuna, so he had no plans to hunt for these sailfish.

He just looked at the strange hunting scene in the ocean.

The seabirds were flying excitedly, enjoying the sardine feast.

The Swordfish were also rampaging among the sardines.

When the netizens saw such a spectacular scene on the surface of the ocean, they were also amazed.

[ poor sardines, only they are getting beaten up! ]

[ Haha, I Can’t Help It, who asked them to be prey! ]

“There are so many seabirds here. Nature is too beautiful!”

In the live broadcast, the sky and sea met, and countless seabirds flew in the middle. The scene was indeed very beautiful.

At this moment, Ning Fei noticed another black figure swimming over from afar.

It seemed to be another kind of sea creature.

“Look over there, everyone. It seems that someone is coming to join in the fun.”

Ning Fei also said curiously.

“What is it again? Is it a big fight?”

“Could it be another group of sardines?”

“What’s wrong with sardines? Why are they running here for no reason?”

“It must be a predator. It’s either a shark or a dolphin.”

“Sardines: Thank you, your whole family.”

Ning Fei looked over with great interest.

There were probably millions of sardines in this shoal. To marine hunters, this was simply the most sumptuous “Buffet”in the sea.

Who could refuse a buffet!

[ it seems that many animals eat sardines as food. ]

[ this kind of fish is so miserable! ]

-LSB- damn, there are so many sardines in the sea, and the canned sardines in the supermarket are actually sold at such an expensive price! ]

Ning Fei looked at the group of black shadows swimming over in the distance.

He was also curious about what kind of animals they were.

His eyesight was very good, and he could identify the animals that were rushing over from afar.

“So it’s sea lions!”

“There are quite a number of sea lions in the Fiji Sea. It seems that this group of sea lions has smelled the sardines and came all the way here to share the food.”

At this time, the drone also filmed over.

The netizens saw a group of sea lions cutting through the sea surface, constantly swimming over.

Everyone could not help but laugh.

[ another group of hunters. I’m afraid that this group of sardines won’t even have any leftovers left. ]

[ is that a sea lion? Why do I feel that it looks exactly like a seal? ]

[ it does look like a seal. It’s really hard to tell the difference. ]

Sea lions were relatively gentle.

Ning Fei felt relaxed when he saw sea lions.

“Sea lions and seals are indeed alike.”

“There are many differences. Sea lions are slippery and have no other colors. There are many small spots on seals.”

“Sea lions have claws like fins. Seals have furry claws with small hooks.”

“Also, sea lions have long necks and long whiskers. Seals almost have no necks.”

Ning Fei explained with a smile.

[ they have gained more knowledge. ]

[ one cold knowledge every day. ]

[ Abbey Dean Ning knows so much. I’m completely convinced. ]

The little sea lions were very cute and naive.

They also rushed into the sardines.

For a moment, the sea became lively.

Thousands of seabirds flew on the sea, while the sea lions and swordfish scurried around.

As for the Sardine Shoals, they could only say that they were miserable.

“But I’m afraid that these sea lions are also in danger.”

“They might not have noticed the sailfish.”

“You have to know that sailfish not only eat sardines, but also sea lions.”

As Ning Fei was speaking, a sea lion suddenly jumped up from the surface of the sea and directly jumped onto the deck of the Qingfeng cruise ship.

The hull of the Qingfeng cruise ship was much higher than the yacht. It was really out of Ning Fei’s expectations that the sea lions could jump onto it directly.

The netizens were also shocked.

Ning Fei looked down and found that there was a sailfish chasing after it!

Ning fei said, “These sea lions have found the sailfish now. They are probably afraid.”

“Although eating sardines is important, being hunted by sailfish is no joke.”

Ning Fei looked at the sea lions on the deck again.

The sea lions widened their eyes and looked at Ning Fei curiously.

Sea lions were a kind of animal with a gentle mood. They looked cute and a little cute.

So, Ning Fei temporarily let them take refuge on the cruise ship.

At this time, Ning Fei looked down and found that there were many sea lions gathering around the Qingfeng cruise ship.

The sailfish was fast and needed to sprint to attack. If there was an object behind, the sailfish wouldn’t dare to crash into it.

These sea lions were using the cruise ship as a cover.

The netizens also saw this scene.

Everyone was happy.

[ it seems that the sea lions are seeking the protection of the light wind cruise ship! ]

[ it’s too chaotic down there. It’s not a joke to be targeted by the sailfish. ]

[ yeah, the sailfish is fast and fierce. It’s easier for the sea lions to get close to the cruise ship. ]

Ning Fei saw the situation and controlled the cruise ship to leave the sardines and sail in another direction.

As expected, the group of sea lions followed the cruise ship and swam out together.

The netizens were a little confused when they saw the group of sea lions following the Qingfeng cruise ship.

“What’s going on? Why did Abbey Dean Ning abduct the sea lions?”

[ Haha, Abbey Dean Ning and the sea lions escaped together! ]

[ there’s no other way. There are so many sailfish, and the sea lions are also afraid. At this time, the cruise ship has become their Savior. ]

The live broadcast was very beautiful and interesting.

Ning Fei did not expect that he would abduct a group of sea lions just like that.

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