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Chapter 541

Chapter 541: Chapter 541, leisurely fishing! Accompanying the little sea lions to fish!

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“Where there are sea lions, it means there are islands nearby.”

“Sea lions don’t have a fixed place to live, but they usually don’t migrate easily.”

“So, there must be some reefs around.”

Ning Fei said with a smile.

At this time, after the little sea lions left the range of the sailfish, they began to swim in one direction.

The sea lion that jumped onto Ning Fei’s deck was still lying there, patting its belly.

“Hey, your companions have all left.”

Ning Fei smiled at the sea lion.

The sea lion heard him and stood up to take a look. Then, it jumped down from the deck of the light wind cruise ship.

Ning Fei found it interesting.

“Let’s follow them to take a look.”

“The habitat of sea lions usually has a good view.”

Ning Fei made up his mind.

The light wind cruise ship followed the small group of sea lions and quietly swam forward.

Before long, Ning Fei saw that an island had indeed appeared in front of him.

This island looked like a football field, but it was extremely irregular.

From the camera lens of the drone, the reef below the island was very big.

[ there’s a small island there! ]

[ there are many reef islands like this in the sea. It’s nothing to be surprised about. ]

[ everyone, look, there are little sea lions on the island! ]

Many little sea lions on the reef island were raising their necks and shouting, looking forward to their parents bringing back a sumptuous dinner.

Ning Fei also saw this scene.

He smiled and said,

“Found a habitat for sea lions.”

“This island is not recorded on the map. It’s an unknown island.”

“Sea lions have a gentle temperament. I’ll go up and take a look.”

As he said this, Ning Fei put down the sea motorcycle from the back of the cruise ship and rode the motorcycle straight to the island.

He rode very slowly and even specially came to the island from the side, afraid that the noise of the motorbike would disturb the sea lions.

After Ning Fei got to the Reef Island, he took the fishing rod and bait from the box of the motorbike and walked towards the sea lions.

The sea lions were not afraid of him, they just bent down from time to time and stretched out their necks to look at him.

Ning Fei walked to the edge of the Reef Island, chose a good position and sat down.

There were a few small sea lions less than a meter away from him. Everyone looked at this uninvited guest with puzzlement.

“I’ll fish for a while.”

“Fishing on the sea is too boring. Even if you catch it, you won’t be able to eat it.”

“It just so happens that this place is not bad, so I’ll play with the seals for a while.”

At this time, many returning sea lions had sardines in their mouths. It turned out that when they were hunting, they would deliberately leave some for their children to feed.

Most of the species in nature were like this.

Ning Fei threw down his fishing rod and leisurely caught a fish.

His current fishing skills were full, so it didn’t take long for him to catch a big fish.

Ning Fei took the fish back and looked at the sea lions at the side, then threw the sea fish over.

Suddenly, a few small sea lions ate it, feeling particularly excited.

Then, Ning Fei continued to fish.

More and more little sea lions surrounded him.

The netizens were also amazed when they saw this immortal scene.

The drone hovered high up in the sky.

It was surrounded by a vast and boundless sea. Only the blue waves were rippling, making it seem empty and deep.

In the center of the camera, on a Nameless Reef Island, Ning Fei, dressed in a Daoist robe, sat on it. He was fishing while feeding a few seals.

This feeling of being alone in the world really made him look like a wandering immortal.

The netizens were amazed.

[ the scene where Abbey Dean Ning is always amazed me! ]

[ it’s too beautiful! ]

[ yes, it’s so beautiful! ]

[ this is the realm! ]

[ if it wasn’t captured by the live broadcast camera, I would never have believed that there would be such a place and such a person! ]

“Do you think there would be an immortal like Abbey Dean Ning in the Deep Mountains and forests where the camera did not capture?”

The bullet messages were full of discussion.

Ning Fei looked at the little sea lions around him and found it very interesting.

Every time he caught a fish, the little sea lions would come up to him to eat.

One of the sea lions was the most enthusiastic. It had just eaten and still wanted to eat. When Ning Fei fed the other sea lions, it would howl anxiously.

This heartless dry rice machine made Ning Fei involuntarily think of puppies.

It was the same for puppies. When they followed Ning Fei, their biggest hobby every day was dry rice.

However, Ning Fei insisted on the principle of soaking in the rain and dew. He fed every little sea lion a sea fish.

The adult sea lions watched this scene from the side. They all laid lazily on the reef and basked in the Sun.

Ning Fei had become a qualified nanny for the sea lions.

After fishing for about three hours, Ning Fei also felt satisfied.

He had finished fishing, so he put away the fishing rod, stood up, stretched, and stretched his body.

The sea lions surrounded him. Ning Fei walked a few steps inside, intending to visit this Little Reef Island.

Wherever he went, the sea lions followed.

The live broadcast was very interesting.

It was still very warm.

“There are no more fish. Go find your parents.”

Ning Fei waved his hand and said to the small sea lions.

The group of small sea lions all stared at him with big eyes, which made Ning Fei feel a little helpless.

Ning Fei stayed on the Reef Island for a while, and then he drove the motorboat back to the cruise ship.

Life on the sea was still too boring.

“I guess I won’t go out to sea for the time being after this trip.”

“Rest for a while.”

Ning Fei said to the netizens in the live broadcast room.

The light wind cruise ship sailed forward toward China.

After arriving in China, Lin Tao sent someone to hand over the stone sculptures and murals of the Mayan ruins to Ning Fei. Ning Fei left a small sun disk as a souvenir and donated the rest to the cultural relics bureau.

At the same time, Lin Tao invited him to visit the special department in China in a few days.

It seemed that there was something important to look for him.

Ning Fei did not care too much and went straight back to the deer house.

During this period of time, he would rest in the deer house.

During the day, he would play with animals and at night, he would do some healthy exercises. It would be the kind of action that would be repeated thousands of times.

On this day, Ning Fei was studying how to hatch the egg of a divine beast.

He received a call from Lin Tao and was invited to visit a special department in China.

Ning Fei had always been very interested in this special department, so he went there gladly.

The special department was located in the capital city, not far from the Forbidden City. It did not look good and was just an ordinary small courtyard.

However, when Ning Fei walked in, he discovered that there was something else going on.

There was actually an underground structure!

Ning Fei took the elevator down. When he walked out, he looked at the high-end scientific research equipment outside and was also extremely surprised.

“Your master also came here in the past and once joined our team. He and I can be considered old team members.”

Lin Tao, who was wearing a white research outfit, said with a smile.

“Master didn’t mention this to me,”Ning Fei nodded and said.

“Unfortunately, Bai Yuanche’s exploration ability was first-class. Later, he had a disagreement with us and chose to leave,”Lin Tao said.

“Disagreement? What disagreement?”Ning Fei asked.

“We found a kind of magical egg in some special places, such as the peak of Kunlun Mountain. It was an egg that didn’t belong to any species today.”

“Bai Yuanche thought that the egg should be put in its original place. We thought that we should bring the egg back for research.”

“So, he chose to leave.”

Lin Tao said unhurriedly.

Hearing Lin Tao’s words, Ning Fei’s expression gradually changed.

He realized that the egg that Lin Tao was talking about might be a divine beast’s Egg!

He didn’t expect that there would be a divine beast’s Egg in this special department!

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