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Chapter 7 - Host, Please Accept Me as Your Disciple

Chapter 7: Host, Please Accept Me as Your Disciple

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‘Amazing! Host has finally caught a fish!’

‘This fish looks unique. Can any expert enlighten us?’

‘Huh?! It looks like a wild deep-bodied herring!’

‘Yeah, indeed! It’s a deep-bodied herring. The host is damn lucky!’

‘What is a deep-bodied herring? Can any master explain?’

In the comments section in the webcast room, everyone started a discussion excitedly.

‘Let me fill everyone in. A wild deep-bodied herring would fetch around 3,000 – 5,000 yuan per 500 grams. Based on the fish’s size, it’s at least 8,000 yuan!’?someone with a username of “Manager Wang of the seafood market” replied.

‘He’s right. A deep-bodied herring is very expensive and rare. It’s worth the price indeed,’?another person named “Fishing Expert” chimed in.

‘Are you serious? A fish is worth 8,000 yuan? It’s almost my monthly salary.’?

‘Hah! If that’s true, why should I still work?’

‘Host, send us a location. I want to go fishing!’

When everyone saw the explanation, they became excited.

‘Don’t overthink. The probability of fishing this treasure isn’t much higher than you digging for gold.’?The expert added a comment.

‘Exactly. Do you reckon it’s so easy to catch a deep-bodied herring? I’ve never seen one after five years of fishing.’

‘This sort of thing can’t be sought. Everyone, don’t dream too much.’

Everyone calmed down a little after hearing the expert.

Nevertheless, Ning Fei’s luck at landing a deep-bodied herring had caused quite a commotion.

“Ning Fei, your luck is good. I’ve only caught this fish once about two years ago. Its flesh is very tender,” Zhang Sen said in admiration.

He had been fishing for decades and had only caught one.

Everyone finally understood that the host had a streak of luck that had defied the Heavens today. He had caught a deep-bodied herring on his first day.

Ning Fei put away the fish and smiled. “It’s just luck.”

Zhang Sen peered at his bucket full of fish. Although the combined value of his catch couldn’t be compared to Ning Fei’s fish, he did have a sumptuous yield.

“I’ve been fishing the whole morning, so I’m leaving now. Today I’m going to make a feast with these fish. Come along and join us. My son has always wanted to learn martial arts from you.” Zhang Sen kept his equipment as he smiled.

The martial arts he was referring to were those martial art techniques that strengthened the body. His young son liked novelty, so he was interested.

“Sorry, Uncle Zhang. I have plans tonight.”

“All right then. The weather isn’t too good, so you should go home soon,” Zhang Sen added warmly before he picked up his bucket. Slinging the rod over his shoulder, he walked to his motorbike and rode off.

Ning Fei gazed at the motorbike, looking envious. It was unfortunate that the temple didn’t have much harvest, so he only had about 800 yuan left. He couldn’t afford a motorbike.

The government was building a road in the mountains, and a motorbike would be more convenient for him.

As for a car, Ning Fei hadn’t even given it any thought at all as he simply couldn’t afford it.

“Thank you everyone for your support.” Ning Fei remembered to interact with his viewers before he began to start fishing once more.

During his second attempt, he had used the fish bait he had won from the lucky draw.

It was a magical bait indeed. Ten seconds had barely passed when his rod began to shake violently.

‘Oh gosh. There’s another fish!’

‘Host is an expert!’

‘Priest, is this fish here to pay a debt?’

‘Is this staged? Is someone hiding in the river?’

‘Why would he catch two fishes in such a short period of time?’

‘Goodness! He is brilliant!’

Many comments praising him flooded the screen.

Soon, a number of viewers began to send Ning Fei gifts. They had no choice. This webcaster was simply terrific.

Ning Fei was surprised too. He had rarely been able to catch so many in the past. The skill of angling had really helped him.

However, he didn’t catch a Seven Star Fish. Instead, he caught a common carp.

The special fish bait was the Seven Star Fish’s favorite, but the System didn’t mention that common fishes also loved the special fish bait. Before a Seven Star Fish could eat the bait, it had attracted another fish.

Ning Fei naturally caught that fish and added it to his bucket.

“It’s really great to catch so many,” Ning Fei said to himself.

Next, he caught his third fish effortlessly after just dropping his rod into the water.

The viewers were all dumbfounded.

‘Someone is definitely hiding in the river!’

‘This is fake! It has to be!’

‘Oh gosh. What kind of place is this? Why would the fish be so dumb?’

Ning Fei was torn between crying and laughing at the comments. He navigated the drone so that the viewers could have a closer look at the river’s surface and what was inside.

The river was slightly murky, but everyone could clearly see the rocks at the bottom of the river. Certainly, there wasn’t any hidden person.

Ning Fei didn’t fake anything.

Next, he switched the screen back to his phone, and he spoke, “I think the bait is better today. Usually, I can’t even catch any.”

He flung his rod into the water again, and up came another fish. It was a Seven Star Fish this time.

Everyone had no reaction to that.

Who was this host?

Was it because of his martial arts or his skills?

Everyone was here to watch him fish, not to perform magic!

‘Host, please accept me as your disciple! I want to learn from you!’?the person with the name “Fishing Expert” implored him. He even sent three rockets.

‘Host, I want to learn too!’

‘God! This fish is spiritual!’

‘Priest, are you hiring any servants for your temple?’


Everyone left comments frantically as they joined in the commotion.

Ning Fei replied helplessly, “I don’t accept disciples. Besides, fishing is merely one of the skills I have to seek a livelihood. And lady luck is merely smiling at me today.”

‘Is this even considered luck? You caught five fishes consecutively, and two of them were a deep-bodied herring and a Seven Star Fish!’?Fishing Expert exclaimed wildly.

Why wouldn’t he be frustrated?

Fishing was addictive, and he had once camped in a river for days just to catch a fish. He had finally met a fishing expert, and he naturally had to express how he felt.

Ning Fei couldn’t explain, so he decided to change his bait to a normal one.

Minutes passed by, but no fish took the bait. After some time, there was some movement, but it was just a tiny one. Anyone who fished knew that the bait had been eaten, but the fish wasn’t caught on the hook.

The fishes were smart, and many could merely eat the bait without getting caught. That was why fishing was hard.

Everyone’s excitement began to dissipate.

So his five successful tries were merely due to luck.

At this time, the sky became dark and gloomy. And rain began to fall.

Ning Fei noticed the change in weather and decided to make a final attempt. All these fishes would be enough for the next few days.

He placed the special bait he had won on the hook and flung it out beautifully.

It had never occurred to Ning Fei that a real storm had seized his webcast room!

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