Painting of the Nine Immortals

Chapter 853 - A Sliver of Gap

Chapter 853: A Sliver of Gap

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Inside the bamboo forest, Ling Xian showered under the lightning bolts. Like a God of Thunder in the mortal world, he was impossible to offend and very dignified.

He went against the thunder and lightning as he summoned the Indestructible Physique. He planned to at least enter the first level of this technique.

When that happens, his physique will enhance by a lot. Though he will remain a bit away from the peak of the original level, he will be a lot stronger than before.

Without the Heavenly Rumbling Thunder and with hard cultivation alone, it will take at least three to five years for Ling Xian to reach the first level.

But with the elder’s thunders, his cultivation speed increased by five-to-six-folds. Every single second, he could feel his physical body strengthen.

Though this increase is very very small, the effects will accumulate. As long as he works hard and continues to endure, there will for sure be a large improvement soon.

Therefore, Ling Xian focused and continued to defend against the heavenly thunders with the Indestructible Physique.

Time passed just like that, little by little.

The light his physical body emitted was getting purer and purer. Like an eternal sun, it brightened the heaven and the earth.

On the contrary, the elder was getting weaker and weaker and more exhausted.

What could he do? If he summons the technique as he does normally, then it’s not a big deal. At the very most, he would just need to restore his Qi. But the time he tried to harm Ling Xian required much of his spiritual energy.

The result was that he fell for his own trick and was now forced to dial up the energy for this move every single time.

In other words, every time he does this, he had to deplete his energy source a lot.

Therefore, the elder was looking paler and paler and was even beginning to look waxy.

Luckily every time he was almost about to collapse, Ling Xian would feed him a medicinal Dan that replenishes him and allows him to rest. Or else he wouldn’t have lasted this long.

Just like that, one of the two calmly trained while the other was forced to support the former. Anytime the supporter gets a little lazy, there would be a violent slap that meets his face.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

Everything was peaceful during this time. The Court of Thunder never came to find them nor did the Wang Clan cause any trouble.

This made Ling Xian suspicious. But it was for the best because at least he can now calmly train to increase his innate capability.

But the elder was getting more and more helpless.

His motivation for doing this for so long was that he was waiting for aid from the Court of Thunder. Yet there was no sign of them. Why wouldn’t he feel helpless?

But no matter how helpless, there was nothing he could do other than obediently serve Ling Xian and summon the technique.

But slowly, his thunders were no longer of use to Ling Xian. Perhaps it was because after so long, Ling Xian’s body grew resistant. Or perhaps it was because the elder’s thunder was too weak and can no longer support him.

Therefore, after sensing that his body was no longer strengthening, Ling Xian opened his eyes.


Two rays of gold light shot out of his eyes. Like heavenly swords, they were sharp and bright.

“Phew… I can no longer grow stronger.”

Ling Xian slowly breathed out a mouthful of murky air and his hands tightened into fists. He really tried to feel his powerful physique.

After a month-long training, there was no doubt that his physique improved. Though he was a small gap away from the peak of the original level, compared to before, he was much better.

This was apparent from the gold light that surrounded him. When he was just beginning to practice, there was only a faint layer of gold light that couldn’t cover up his entire body.

But now, the light he emitted was very bright and had covered the majority of his body. Merely his calves were not surrounded.

This meant he was only a sliver away from learning the Indestructible Physique.

“Just a sliver away… what a pity.” Ling Xian gently shook his head and moved his gaze away from the elder.

At once, the elder shuddered and subconsciously stepped back.

He realized that his Technique was no longer useful to Ling Xian. In other words, he had lost his value. Therefore, he was about to lose his life.

“It looks like you know where your fate stands.” Ling Xian coldly glared.

“I made the wrong bet. I thought I could last until the ruler came. I can’t believe I lost my value first.”

The elder bitterly laughed. The already exhausted man was getting weaker and weaker. It was as if at any moment, he would collapse.

“Oh right, you still have a ruler at the Court of Thunder.”

Ling Xian’s eyes brightened. “If I am not wrong, the ruler of your Court is at the peak of the original. Therefore, his technique would be stronger than yours.”


The elder subconsciously nodded. Then, he realized what Ling Xian was planning on doing and he couldn’t help but curse.

He knew that Ling Xian meant he was no longer satisfied with his technique so he needs someone stronger to help his train.

“Very well. It looks like I need to find the ruler.” Ling Xian raised the corner of his lips and revealed a bright smile.

He was only a sliver away from accomplishing the Indestructible Physique. Yet at this crucial time, this elder’s thunders were now useless. This was why he was now interested in the ruler.

Hearing what Ling Xian had said, the elder, as much as he felt speechless, was also hopeful. He hoped that he would take him to the Court of Thunder.

If that happens, his chance of survival would increase.

Therefore, he fueled the fire, “The Court of Thunder has many holy places. There are all sorts of lightning bolts. If you cultivate there, you’ll get better results than simply using the lightning from a technique.”


Ling Xian was intrigued. He knew there were many interesting places in the Taoism world. If that place was truly like the elder described, then that place will be of much help.

“That’s not all. If lucky, you will be able to extract the gel from the thunders, which can enhance the physical body.”

Seeing Ling Xian was considering, the elder continued to fuel the fire, “I am serious. If I am lying even a little bit, then let lightning strike me dead right here.”

“Gel from lightning…”

Ling Xian’s eyes brightened. He’s heard of this item. It is one of the natural products of Heaven. However, it is very rare and very few people can get it.

The effects of this item can enhance the physical body and it is a rare treasure.

Therefore, Ling Xian’s heart wavered.

However, he didn’t plan on invading. He was confident in his current self and thought that he could put up a fight against someone at the peak of the original level.

But to run into the enemy’s base was far too stupid. Plus, the elder’s words are not fully believable. If there were more than one original leveled cultivator at the peak, then he would be in danger.

“It looks like you want me to strike first.”

Ling Xian revealed a mocking smile, freezing the elder’s expression. He quickly faked a smile. “Why would I do that? I am your prisoner, why would I try to trick you?”

“That would be for the best.”

Ling Xian smiled. “Don’t worry, since you worked so hard to help me train this month, I won’t kill you.”

“You mean it?” The elder’s eyes exploded with color.

“I never lie. However, I will not allow an enemy to stay alive.”

Ling Xian continued to taunt, “So, I am giving you a choice. Die, or completely submit to my command.”

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