Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Chapter 24’am I such a person in your heart? ‘? ! !

Author: Leisurely and leisurely MACHINE TRANSLATION

“Ah! ” Xia Weiyang cried out in surprise. She hugged the clothes in front of her and turned around, glaring angrily at the fellow who had come uninvited.

“I didn’t expect young master jue to have the habit of breaking into women’s rooms! ” Xia Weiyang’s tone was unceremoniously sarcastic.

Shi Jue’s eyes that were emitting a cold air narrowed slightly as he stepped forward.

After a moment, he took large strides forward.

Xia Weiyang hugged the clothes and slowly retreated as she looked at Shi jue’s powerful aura and irresistible stance. Her beautiful eyes were filled with fear. “What are you doing! Shi Jue, let me tell you, I’m still pregnant with your child! You CAN’T DO ANYTHING RECKLESS! ”

Instantly, Xia Weiyang leaned against the wall.

Now that she had nowhere to retreat, she could only glare at a certain someone.

Shi Jue stepped forward and extended his large hand. Ignoring Xia Weiyang’s scream, he struggled and pulled her over. Turning around, her entire back was instantly revealed in Shi Jue’s eyes.

Xia Weiyang’s hands were tightly protecting her in front of her, her body was shackled by Shi Jue.

Just as she was about to open her mouth, Shi jue’s warm fingers suddenly landed on the skin on her back, landing on the graze.


Xia Weiyang gasped.

Shi Jue’s eyes were turbulent. He glanced at Xia Weiyang and increased the strength of his hands.

“AIYO! ” Xia Weiyang screamed and could not help but curse, “Shi Jue, you’re too hateful. Do you want me to die from the pain? I know you hate me. Do you think I like you? You have a bad personality, a bad temper, unpredictable, arrogant, overbearing… ”

“Is this the kind of person I am in your heart? ! ” Shi Jue lowered his head and looked at Xia Weiyang’s beautiful neck as he asked with a deep look in his eyes.

“Of course! Do you think you’re so outstanding? You think too highly of yourself. ” Xia Weiyang snorted coldly.

“Yes. If you don’t think highly of yourself, who can think highly of you? ”

“I… ”

Suddenly, his hot lips landed on Xia Weiyang’s neck and successfully shut her up.

The noise disappeared and a trace of satisfaction flashed across Shi jue’s eyes.

Sure enough, this was the only way to shut her up.

Feeling the soft and slippery touch on his lips, Shi jue narrowed his eyes and raised his head.

Perhaps it was because she had just taken a shower, Xia Weiyang’s body carried the fragrance of the shower gel, mixed with the unique fragrance of Xia Weiyang. Shi Jue could not help but close his eyes and take a few deep sniffs.

Xia Weiyang’s little face was flushed red. No one knew whether it was because she was embarrassed or angry!

She was about to speak again.

“You’re injured, why didn’t you say so earlier! ” In an instant, Shi jue returned to his cold appearance, his tone mixed with anger.

“It’s just a small injury, there’s no need. ”

“Xia Weiyang! ” Shi Jue raised his voice.

“There’s no need to be so loud, I can hear you! ” Xia Weiyang pursed her lips. Every day, when she was angry, she would shout and Brag about how loud he was. “I’ll be careful in the future. If there’s nothing else, you’d better go out. I’m going to sleep. ” As she said that, xia Weiyang yawned loudly.

Suddenly, Shi Jue let go of Xia Weiyang. He took a deep look at her, and as expected, he turned around and left.

Looking at Shi Jue’s gloomy back view, Xia Weiyang blinked her eyes. Initially, she did not have much hope, but unexpectedly… …

However, this was just right.

Xia Weiyang hurriedly put on her clothes, trotted to lock the door, jumped into the big bed, and went to sleep.

Perhaps it was because she was pregnant, or perhaps it was because she was too tired, after a while, Xia Weiyang’s breathing calmed down.

A moment later, the door to Xia Weiyang’s room was opened again.

Holding the medicine bottle, Shi jue glanced around the room and found that Xia Weiyang was already asleep.

He couldn’t help but slow down his footsteps.

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