Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Chapter 27 helicopter rescue

Author: Leisurely and leisurely MACHINE TRANSLATION

Shi Jue looked around and noticed that there was a commotion underground. He could not help but frown.

“something seems to have happened? ” Lying on the side, Xia Weiyang looked down at the commotion. Her tone was full of worry. “What should we do? Are we going to be okay? We’re so high above the ground now. How do we get down? ”

Shi Jue rubbed his eyebrows and decided to ignore this woman. He took out his phone and made a call. Then, he closed his eyes to rest.

“Hey, Shi jue, you’re talking. Do you have a way! ? ”

“Shut up! ” That damned woman was very noisy. Fortunately, she was not her future wife.

“I’m just a little scared. ” Xia Weiyang pouted.

She sat down obediently and tried her best not to look at the scene below. After all, even if her life had not been as she wished, she had never encountered such a dangerous thing. It would be a lie to say that she was not scared.

As time passed, Xia Weiyang became more and more restless.

The noise, screams, and shouts below did not disappear.

Xia Weiyang looked at Shi jue, who was looking at himself with his eyes closed. If anyone were to become his girlfriend in the future, they would be doomed for eight lifetimes.

He did not care about women at all. He was gentle and considerate.

Just as Xia Weiyang could not hold on any longer, suddenly, a sound came from the distance.

Suddenly, Shi Jue opened his soul-sucking Eagle Eyes. The tall figure that stood up gave off a sense of oppression.

“Let’s go. ”

As he finished speaking, Shi Jue stretched out his strong arm and held Xia Weiyang’s slender waist.

A buzzing sound was right beside her ear. As she opened the pod door, a strong gust of wind blew towards her face.

At this moment, Xia Weiyang finally saw clearly that it was actually a helicopter that had caused such a huge commotion.

She looked at the person beside her in astonishment!

By the time she came back to her senses, she was already carried by Shi jue onto the helicopter.

The first time she was in a helicopter was very fresh. She also felt the power of Shi Jue. In just a few minutes, the helicopter arrived.

Facing such a powerful Shi Jue, Xia Weiyang felt uneasy. Could she still escape from Shi Jue’s hands!

Shi Residence.

After getting off the helicopter, Shi Jue strode into the house with a straight face.

“Son, how is it? ! ” Suddenly, Lin Xilan appeared like a ghost.

Giving his mother a cold look, Shi jue turned around and was about to leave.

If not for his mother saying that Prenatal Education was good for the child, saying that it was already too late to start prenatal education now. So, he had to double his care for the baby in the future.

If not for her nagging in his ear every day, he would not have done such a childish thing.

“Mom, if you want to be my son, you have to stand the test and endure the loneliness. ”

Lin Xilan blinked her eyes. This was a failure.

Sigh, she was just being kind.

It was not easy to meet a girl that her son could meet. Wasn’t she worried for her son!

Xia Weiyang went up the stairs. Just as she reached her room door, the phone in her bag rang again.

She opened her bag, took out her phone, and looked at the three words “little brother” on the screen. Xia Weiyang was momentarily dazed.

Once upon a time, when she received this phone call, she was so happy. But now, she felt as if she had come to a realization.

Suddenly, a large hand with clear fingers reached out and snatched the phone from Xia Weiyang’s hand.

“Xia Weiyang, do you want to be abused? You’ve already been abandoned by others, yet you still shamelessly cling to others and refuse to let go. Are All the other men in the world dead? ! ”

The veins on Shi Jue’s hand that was holding the phone bulged because he had used too much strength.

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