Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Chapter 29 the truth was so hurtful!

Author: Leisurely and leisurely MACHINE TRANSLATION

In the photos, Lu Ziyin was either hugging Xia Ningyan intimately, or looking at her dotingly, or the two of them were kissing and kissing sweetly.

She clearly did not care anymore, but when these were presented in front of her, her heart still hurt.

A pure white wedding dress, a doting smile, and a sweet kiss, these were all things that she had always wanted to have.

She closed her eyes, and after a moment, when Xia Weiyang opened them, her eyes were calm.

It was as if the newlyweds in front of her were strangers.

She turned on the Photoshop and expressionlessly made a background image.

Da Da DA, the sound of high heels approached from afar. Xia Weiyang thought it was a colleague, but she did not care.

“little sister, long time no see. ”

Suddenly, Xia Ningyan’s soft and proud voice was heard.

Xia Weiyang’s hand that was holding the mouse paused, and she almost made a mistake and turned off the photoshop.

Xia Weiyang was stunned. There was an elegant smile on the corner of her mouth as she looked at her so-called elder sister. “Hello, Miss Xia. ”

“little sister, why are you so estranged from me after not seeing you for a few days? ” Xia Ningyan complained, but her face was full of a proud smile. As she walked closer, she happened to see a magnified wedding photo of Xia Weiyang and Lu ziyin on Xia Weiyang’s computer screen.

She bent down and approached Xia Weiyang, her tone suddenly changing, “Xia Weiyang, did you see that? ! We are so compatible. Look carefully at Lu Ziyin’s eyes, do you want to melt me? ”

Feeling Xia Weiyang’s tense body, Xia Ningyan became even more proud.

“Xia Weiyang, is your heart in pain? The pain of having your flesh and blood stripped from your bones. Pain is right, I want you to feel pain! The more pain you feel, the happier I am. ”

“Did you see that? Your little brother was snatched away by me! How does it feel to be scolded, insulted, and disdained by the man you love? HAHAHA… ”

At the end of her sentence, Xia Ningyan burst into laughter in an extremely good mood.

“Why? ” Xia Weiyang clenched her fists tightly. Her eyes were filled with sorrow as she muttered to herself. “Why? Are you always targeting me? Could it be because I’m an adopted daughter? ”

She had wanted to ask for a long time!

Suddenly, Xia Ningyan’s laughter came to an abrupt end.

With a ferocious face, she glared angrily at Xia Weiyang.

“because you’re an illegitimate daughter, father’s illegitimate daughter! ” Xia Ningyan said through gritted teeth.

“adopted daughter is just an excuse to the public. Do you know that because of your existence, mother and father often quarrel? Because of you, father and mother’s feelings have cracked. Because of you, the image of the great and noble father in my heart has collapsed.”

“You’re a stain on father’s body. Do you think I’ll like you? I can’t wait for you to die! ”

Xia Ningyan almost screamed at the last sentence.

Xia Weiyang sat on the chair, her eyes staring blankly ahead.

So the truth was so hurtful!

She was really a child of the Xia family.

No wonder Xia Zhixiu was sometimes very conflicted with her. Sometimes he was extremely good, and sometimes he hated her very much.

Hehe, Xia Weiyang laughed bitterly in her heart.

At this moment, she only felt that the blood on her body was extremely dirty.

Then, her father was born. Who was her mother, and where was she now Was she safe and sound?

“Yan ‘er, why are you crying! ” Suddenly, Lu Ziyin’s worried voice came closer from afar.

Xia Ningyan instantly withdrew the malevolence on her face. She pounced into Lu Ziyin’s arms with tears in her eyes, and her slender arms hugged him tightly.

Patting Xia Ningyan’s back gently, Lu Ziyin’s heart was in so much pain that it was twitching.

After a moment, he raised his head, and a fierce light shot out from his eyes, shooting straight at Xia Weiyang.

“Xia Weiyang! You really haven’t changed after all. ”

Xia Weiyang had long expected Lu Ziyin’s reaction. In any case, in Lu Ziyin’s heart, Xia Ningyan was a fragrant person. She was an unpardonable devil.

“Xia Weiyang, did you ask young master Jue to do it? Do you want to see the Lu family disappear before you’re satisfied? You’RE TOO EVIL! ”

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