Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 20: Expulsion

Chapter 20: Expulsion

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Soon, the classroom was filled with surprised whispers.

“What! Has Ye Wan Wan lost her mind? How dare she offend Si Xia!”

“She’s obviously taking the chance to get close to Si Xia! It’s such a good opportunity after all!”

“Damn! Won’t she take a good look at herself?! How dare a scum like her try to hit on our hunk?”

The young female form teacher was so angry that her face was literally black, “Ye Wan Wan! You are going to be expelled soon, why are you still here making trouble?! Do you think ranking last in class is something admirable? How could I have taught such a shameless student like you?!”

Immediately, all the girls were delighted hearing the teacher’s words.

“Haha, I almost forgot that Ye Wan Wan is about to be expelled!”

“So the news is true!”

“That’s fantastic! Let’s see how cocky she’s going to be after that.”

Her form teacher was initially planning to tolerate her till the notice of expulsion was issued formally, but she couldn’t take it any longer and scolded her in front of everybody, “Go look at yourself in the mirror and see how atrocious you look, always dressing up as neither human nor ghost. Your grades are horrible as well, always coming in last in our class–the reputation of F class has been destroyed by scum like you! Garbage like you has dragged the entire class down and you still show no remorse for what you’ve done! You, get out of here, now!”

Seeing that Ye Wan Wan would be chased out, the girls were ecstatic.

That ugly freak even wanted to dominate Your Highness!

This is her payback!

“Get out, get out!”

“Hurry and leave!”

Facing the jeers of the students, Ye Wan Wan remained unfazed and looked at the podium with cold eyes, “Get out of school? I wonder who gave Miss Liang the authority to chase me out?”

Seeing that Ye Wan Wan dared to question her authority, Liang Li Hua’s face turned ugly in an instant and said sternly, “Through the school leaders’ unanimous decision, you have been expelled!”

Hearing her words, Ye Wan Wan had a look of heavy scepticism.

Oh, what unanimous decision by the school leaders? Even though I’ve broken a few school rules, they were all minor offences like putting on makeup, not wearing the school uniform and skipping class. According to school regulations, you’ll be expelled only if you are charged with 3 big offences.

She would be expelled completely because Liang Li Hua had denigrated her in front of the school leaders.

Typically speaking, as a teacher there was no need to make life difficult for a student. However, Ye Wan Wan counted herself “too lucky” to have accidentally bumped into Liang Li Hua having an affair with a certain married school leader previously.

Naturally, Liang Li Hua would try every way possible to get rid of this thorn in her side!

It had been the same in her previous life. She made life difficult for Ye Wan Wan daily, ridiculing her in front of the whole class, thus providing entertainment for the students.

“Why are you in such a daze, leave now!” Liang Li Hua snapped and pointed outside the classroom, looking very eager.

Ye Wan Wan laughed coldly, “Oh, there isn’t even a notice of expulsion and I am supposedly expelled just based on Miss Liang’s words? Are you in control of the school?”

Liang Li Hua’s face changed drastically, slamming her fists on the podium and shouted, “Ye Wan Wan! Such disrespect! Is this the way you talk to a teacher? How did your parents raise you?!”

Liang Li Hua scowled and looked at her in disdain, “But this was expected–like parents, like daughter! With a father that embezzles and is deep in debt, what good can come out of his family?”

Liang Li Hua exposed Ye Wan Wan’s private family affairs with a face full of loathing and mockery in front of all the students.

Immediately, there was a circulation of whispers and all the students looked repulsed.

Ye Wan Wan stood in silence rooted at the same spot, expressionless.

Only Si Xia who was closest to her could see that after hearing Liang Li Hua’s words about her father, Ye Wan Wan’s numb eyes shattered like ice, revealing an extremely scary chill.

The boy’s brows twitched and doubt flashed before his eyes, was that an illusion?

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