Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 11 – Chastity Testing Beast

Chapter 11 – Chastity Testing Beast

Her words were powerful and resounding. It made Ji Yunhao’s face turned from green to white. He was rendered speechless for a brief moment before he could squeezed out a few words. “Ungrounded criticisms! Let see if you can still talk again after the Chastity Testing Beast examined you.”

A little girl who had no one to rely on dared to annul an imperial marriage. This was simply a wonder. This was something that ignited the flames of gossips among everyone.

Usually on the public square, people came to and fro, but, at this moment, only people coming could be seen, whereas, there was no one leaving. Everyone were all waiting to see the result of the trial.

In the mind of the majority of the commoners, they all hoped that Ning Xuemo would win which would also let them, people from the lowest rung of society, released their frustrations.

However, most of them weren’t too optimistic about Ning Xuemo’s outcome.

After all, she was caught on bed committing adultery and the other party was a dissolute person. Anyway, they were also not convinced that Li Sanlang and Ning Xuemo were simply sleeping under the quilt. She was certainly eat dry and wiped clean.[1]

This little girl was simply like a trapped animal that struggled. Even if she was really lucky and preserved her body’s innocence, she couldn’t escape from the Chastity Testing Beast’s claws. In this world, there was no woman who could escape from the Chastity Testing Beast’s claws…

Therefore, Ning Xuemo’s probability of success might be very small, or possibly null.

Countless gazes were fixed on Ning Xuemo with pity. Apart from pity, there was also regret.

Everyone said that this little girl was a waste of resources and, naturally, was cowardly and dull. Following the first time and second time she opened her mouth, she was simply astonishingly intelligent. Her thinking was sharp and her eloquence was even more, to the point it made the Sixth Prince unable to utter even a decent line of refutation!

Furthermore, although her skin was quite pale and somewhat rough because of years of malnutrition, as long as she properly took care of her health, in a few years, her skin would become tender again. In addition, her facial features were exceptionally delicate and pretty. After she grew up, she would certainly turn into a ravishingly beautiful woman.

However, that kind of ravishingly beautiful woman was going to go down under the Chastity Testing Beast’s sharp claws. Just the thought of it let people wrung their hands!

Also this Sixth Prince… Was it worth to falsely accuse this young girl? Taking her as a cè f?i was also pretty good…

Finally, the Chastity Testing Beast arrived, transported by eight imperial bodyguards.

It was also in big iron cage, but the cage was three times bigger than Ning Xuemo’s cage.

The red curtain covering the cage was slowly pull down. Ning Xuemo and the Chastity Testing Beast looked at each other from their respective cage.

Although the commoners had heard about this Chastity Testing Beast, they hadn’t truly seen it with their own eyes until now.

This Chastity Testing Beast was the imperial family’s treasure and only the imperial noblewomen who had adulterous behaviour, but, refused to admit it, would face it.

The imperial noblewomen who lost their innocence before their wedding night were few in number and, when caught, most of them were executed in secret by their family. From start to end, their stories were unable to be examined by a judicial officer. Because of that, countless of women held on to their wishful thinking. Even in front of death, they refused to admit guilt, so, they were throw inside the Chastity Testing Beast where they were tear to shred.

The Chastity Testing Beast had the body of a tiger, covered in golden fur. Its face had deeply ingrained hatred and was extremely similar to a pug. It had two ash grey horns on top of its head, similar to a deer’s horns. It had four white furred paws that seemed fluffy and where claws sharp like a knife poked out…

As Ning Xuemo looked at that Chastity Testing Beast, countless black lines slid down her temples. [2]

‘This is the Chastity Testing Beast? This is clearly a freaky failed crossbred! Even comparing it to a liger, it’s still considered abnormal!’

It height was three times Ning Xuemo’s size. A pair of green eyes that resembled a will-o’-the-wisp was attentively watching Ning Xuemo. It body exuded a blood reeking and murderous aura. It made the crowd of people cannot help, but to retreat back 10 meters.

“Ning Xuemo, Don’t you need to prove your innocence? Then, just entered the Chastity Testing Beast’s cage!”

[1] Being taken advantage to the point there is nothing else to be taken advantage of…

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