Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 24 – The Crown Prince is the Witness (1)

Chapter 24 – The Crown Prince is the Witness (1)

The first type of cultivation was the most common type of martial cultivation. It only needed people to have a level 1 or 2 psychokinesis. At most, the highest they can achieve through this cultivation type is becoming a martial arts expert. They could then work as a warrior, a bodyguard or a guard. On the Tian Ci Continent, they make up the vast majority of people.

There was still another type of cultivation method which required the cultivator to have a psychokinesis level 3 or above.

These cultivators have higher potential and have a more complex classification system.

They were classified into three types of realms : Heaven, Earth, and Mortal. Each realm was further split into ten levels. The majority of people who had learned a cultivation technique even if they put in great efforts into practicing, and forgo sleep and meals, at most would be able to reach level 10 of the Mortal realm and wouldn’t be able to breakthrough any further.

Extremely few, were able to breakthrough from the Mortal realm and enter the Earth realm. Those who could were geniuses among geniuses. Their numbers were very small. Furthermore, every single one of them were all grandmasters. Every one of their actions would influence the prosperity of their sects.

As for the Heaven realm, it was legendary. Rumors said that the Emperor had already reached it.

However, currently, no living creatures be it human or animal on the Tian Ci Continent had ever seen the Emperor’s level of cultivation.

Or perhaps, there once were people in the past who had seen his level of cultivation, but were no longer in this world or in the Tian Ci Continent.

Innate talent is divided into ten levels; the higher the level, the easier it is to learn and cultivate higher cultivation techniques with half the effort.

On the Tian Ci Continent, the vast majority of people had an innate talent of around level 1 and 2. A small percentage had innate talent around level 3 and 4. And those who reached level 5 were all heavenly talents who would be fought fiercely for by numerous parties.

And this crown prince, Ji Yunhuang, his innate talent had reached level 6!

At a young age, he attained the third level of the Earth Realm and became the pride of Chang Kong Country!

Not long after the level of his innate was discovered, the old emperor declared to the whole world his status as the rightful crown prince. At a young age, he was the representative of the main disciples of the number one mysterious Moon and Sun Sect. He became the direct disciple of the Emperor and was carefully nurtured.

Though he was the crown prince, he was seldom in the palace. Instead, he spent most of his time cultivating in the Moon and Sun Sect. Though he strived for the heavens, nothing that happened in Chang Kong Country escaped his notice.

Clever, courageous, decisive, and diligent, he was perfect in all of these aspects. Although he had many brothers who were also talented and capable, none of them dared to covet his position of crown prince. His position was even more firm than that of cast-iron!

The shadow guard would never have thought that the legendary crown prince who was free from worldly dust[1], would appear here of all places.

Without thinking, he wanted to pay his respect to this country’s future monarch.

With a single move of raising his flute, Ji Yunhuang sent an invisible airflow to lift the shadow guard from his kneeling position.

“Since you’ve already given up, there’s no need for you to linger here. Tell that Sixth Brother of mine, to stop tarnishing the reputation of the imperial family.” Ji Yunhuang’s words, though lightly stated, were unquestionable.

“Yes.” That shadow guard swiftly agreed. After he bowed, he quickly left.

Their conversation was through sound transmission so no one else would be able to hear it. Therefore, they didn’t alert the people in the great hall.

Once again, Ji Yunhuang resumed back to his observation on the roof tiles. He casually pointed to the roof tiles with his flute, and the tiles changed into something similar to a mirror in a flash. The situation inside the hall was reflected into his eyes without any details escaping him.

“Ah!” A horrifying miserable cry rang out, nearly breaking the roof’s tiles and piercing the skies.

Second Aunt’s blood was dripping on the floor, and she was convulsing like a fish out of water as the pain caused her to flop around.

It turns out that she had really been unwilling to leave empty-handed. Once she saw the chest of gold at the entrance of the cage, the dazzling golden color of the precious metal was tugging at her heart and soul. She took advantage of the Chastity Testing Beast turning away for a moment to dash to the chest and grab the gold at lightning speed!

She felt that her speed was fast enough. However, she would never have thought that the Chastity Testing Beast’s speed was even faster than hers! In front of her eyes, like flowers blooming, she saw her blood splurting as her perfectly fine arm was torn out by the Chastity Testing Beast!

[1] It means he doesn’t get involved with worldly matters.

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