Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 38 – We Are Going to Lose Our Child…

Chapter 38 – We Are Going to Lose Our Child…

Hu Diechang was speechless.

Ji Yunhao was also speechless.

And everyone else was dumbstruck.

Hu Diechang felt angry and surprised; the length of her pregnancy actually was not the slightest bit off from what Ning Xuemo stated! ‘How did she know?!’ The physician who took her pulse had already been silenced!

“Ning Xuemo, you actually dare to slander my name. I’ll kill you!” Hu Diechang’s palm coldly glinted as a sword appeared, before she swung it at Ning Xuemo.

Ji Yunhao raised his hand planning to stop her, but suddenly his eyes flashed as a thought flickered in his mind. In the end, he did not act.

Ning Xuemo was already prepared. Before the sword managed to touch her neck, her figure suddenly dodged, causing Hu Diechang to strike empty air.

Hu Diechang could not pull herself back in time and slashed at the bamboo red clay tea set on the table…

‘Crash!’ A clear breaking sound could be heard as the red clay tea set shattered into pieces. Even the two tea cups that came with it were broken.

After Ning Xuemo spun and dodged Hu Diechang’s attack, she spoke using a serious tone while sitting on another chair, “Aiyo, Miss Hu are you shamed into anger? Getting enraged and breaking this shop’s most precious tea set is still fine, but you should refrain from being furious or else you will harm your body. What if it affects the fetus…”

Hu Diechang was dumbfounded, and felt like she was going to go insane! She was so infuriated that her lips trembled. “…You’re still speaking nonsense… Tramp, if I don’t kill you today I swear I’m not a person!” She flipped her wrist, and the double-edged blade, about 35 centimeters long, slashed at Ning Xuemo like a raging tempest.

Ning Xuemo’s body, like a willow during a storm, swayed and avoided the sharp edge of the blade. Quite a few times, the blade almost grazed or slashed her, but she always managed to dodge by a hairsbreadth.

Seeing that Hu Diechang was about to launch another barrage of slashes, Ning Xuemo suddenly tossed a chair over while letting out a soft ‘ah’ before her figure slid away, as slippery as a fish, and managing to dodge just in time as the area she stood in earlier became enveloped by the blinding light produced by the blade’s slashing movements. Subsequently, like the wind, Ning Xue Mo slipped next to Hu Diechang.

Hu Diechang’s ankle seemed to have gotten stung by something. A sharp pain followed right after, and it drilled through her ankle radiating directly to her abdomen.

Her face became ashen as she screamed from the pain. She tossed aside her blade and held onto her abdomen with her back bent, almost wanting to roll on the ground in agony…

“Diechang, what’s wrong?” Ji Yunhao subconsciously went forward to help her.

Hu Diechang felt warmth flowing out from between her legs…

Could it be that she was about to miscarry?! She became so terrified that her face paled, and she blurted out, “We- We are going to lose our child…”

This one sentence caused the people in the room to go silent.

‘It was truth!’ Unexpectedly, she really was pregnant!

At first, they did not really believe Ning Xuemo’s words, but now the facts were irrefutable. All of their gazes towards Hu Diechang were filled with faint contempt.

‘This foolish woman!’

Ji Yunhao scolded her in his heart but could not actually do so. He spoke with a heavy voice towards Ning Xuemo, “Good. You’re really vicious! If anything happens to her, I won’t let you off!”?

Ning Xuemo was also furious. “Ji Yunhao, Hu Diechang, you two had already met each other in the dark and had relations with each other early on. To achieve your goals, you framed me and wanted to ruin me. Fortunately, Heaven has eyes and let the Chastity Testing Beast prove my innocence, preventing me from suffering an injustice. I’m an orphan. My arm can not even pinch the thigh of all you affluent nobles. I despise your conduct, but I still followed your wishes by quickly and cleanly ending our engagement, letting you – this cheating couple – have what you desired.

Unexpectedly, you weren’t content and still came over to bully this orphan! I really wonder if this world still has something called law and justice? Do you really think you can block out the sky with one hand?! All of the people here can be my witnesses. It was clearly her who provoked me, and even wanted to slap and slash at me. It’s as if you wanted to kill me in order to protect your secret. I didn’t even retaliate; it was because she over expended her energy that she harmed her own fetus. What does this have to do with me? You even want me to take the blame?!”

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