Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 454 : Traversing Jianghu

The carriage stopped next to Ning Xuemo and a young girl hopped out of it. She looked at Ning Xuemo and said, “Older sister, are you hurt?”

Ning Xuemo turned and checked out the young girl. Judging from her outfit, she must be the maid of some wealthy family. She nodded at her and continue to dress her wound with medicine.

“Where are you heading? If it works for you, we are happy to take you there.” The door of the carriage open and a beautiful woman stepped out of it. Her voice was like that of a light breeze, crisp and warm.

Did she just run into an actual nice person?

Ning Xuemo turned and looked at this girl. She was obviously from a wealthy family, her eyes pure, her outfit simple but subtly luxurious.

“I am heading for Daliang City, what about you?”

The girl’s eyes twinkled, “What a coincident, me too. If you don’t mind, you are more than welcome to join us on our ride.”

Ning Xuemo looked at the maid, the maid looked at her mistress helplessly.

Unless she was faking all of this, the young miss must do these good deeds all the time. So much that even her maid didn’t know what to do.

Ning Xuemo smiled, “Okay, thank you, Miss.” She collected the blue fox into her arms and got into the carriage.

“Hey! We only offered you a ride, not your pet too….” the maid exclaimed, “Our Miss is allegic to pets…..”

Before she could finish her sentence, the blue fox looked at her with his clear blue eyes. The little maid suddenly felt a little dizzy, and when she came to, she was already inside the carriage and it had already resumed the journey.

Ning Xuemo swiftly dressed her leg wound while she was inside the carriage. The girl sitting across from her had obvious respect in the way she looked at her, “You know medicine?”

“When you travel in jianghu, it’s important to know a little bit about medicine.” For the ease of travel, Ning Xuemo was dressed in common chivalrous lady outfit.

There was obvious envy in the girl’s clear eyes, “You are so free-spirited. Wouldn’t it be nice if I can traverse jianghu as gleefully as you someday.”

Ning Xuemo “……” Gleefully? She just felt that she has been running around, fleeing every day. When had she felt gleeful?

Ning Xuemo has sharp eyes and was a good judge of people. After chatting with the girl for a little while, she had already learned of all her background.

The girl’s name was Yan Ziyuan and she was the only child of Daliang City’s castellan. She was just now returning from her trip of attending the festivity of the Heavenly Teacher’s enthronement ceremony.

Ning Xuemo had also noticed that the horse pulling the carriage was a of a such a fine breed that it was rare even among royalties. She gathered that this young girl was quite spoiled.

She looked about 15 or 16 years of age. She looked naive, kind-hearted, and unweathered by the world. Chatting with her made Ning Xuemo felt like she was bathing in a gentle breeze.

Ever since her transmigration, Ning Xuemo had encountered more foes than friends, which was why she had her defense up when she first stepped inside the carriage.

She worried that this was just another trap.

After chatting for a bit, she was able to feel relaxed.

Finally, she had met a true nice person! And not someone who was plotting against her….

From Yan Ziyuan, Ning Xuemo found out about the miracle performed by Han Shanyue at the enthronement ceremony; the existent of Tian Xueqing, and, naturally, she also found out how Han Shanyue gifted Tian Xueqing to Ji Yunhuang….

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