Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 455 : Feeling at Loss

Ning Xuemo has been listening quietly, when she heard the part where Ji Yunhuang did not decline the arranged marriage and held the girl’s hand, she felt somewhat relieved… but what was the feeling that was tugging at her?

She was quite fond of Ji Yunhuang, and she understood his feelings toward her. Somehow something always got in their way, making her unable to accept him. It was just not meant to be.

This was nice though. He found himself someone, she could now stop feeling guilty toward him.

But was Ji Yunhuang really a willingly participant in all this?

He didn’t seem like the type who’d have a change of heart so quickly. Perhaps Han Shanyue was behind all this?

Knowing how ruthless and lack of moral Han Shanyue was, something like this would not be above him.

Nevertheless, whether Han Shanyue was behind all this, the fact remain that Ji Yunhuang was going to marry Tian Xueqing.

After sustaining the injuries, Ji Yunhuang lost almost over two-third of his cultivation. If he indeed marries Tian Xueqing, he should be able to make a quick recovery. This was definitely a good thing for him.

All adolescent girls like juicy gossips, Yan Ziyuan was very excited when recapping the story about the Heavenly Teacher, her eyes beaming with excitement.

Ning Xuemo almost felt like she had actually been there. No matter where he was, he would always be the shining star.

He did not leave the stage until the ceremony was over. It stood to reason that he wasn’t aware of when she broke the boundary that he set, or he was aware of it but just didn’t care about her departure.

Ning Xuemo couldn’t understand herself. She worried that he’d have his people chase after her, but why did she feel somewhat at loss that he didn’t send anyone to chase after her?

A couple of hours later, the carriage entered into a city. Yan Ziyuan was already treating Ning Xuemo like they were best of friends. After arriving at Daliang City, she eagerly invited Ning Xuemo to stay at her place.

Ning Xuemo wasn’t very incline to be interacting with any officials. She was a fugitive right now, being to close to any officials didn’t seem like such a good idea so she declined Yan Ziyuan’s invitation politely. They parted ways shortly after they arrived at the city.

Perhaps she was truly exhausted, Ning Xuemo fell into a deep sleep for an entire day at the motel. She didn’t wake up until noon the next day.

She went out to buy some necessities for the road. Soon as she arrived back at the motel, she saw Yan Ziyuan’s carriage from the day before parked outside of it.

Ning Xuemo was surprised by it, then she saw Yan Ziyuan’s maid jumping out of the carriage, “Miss Xue, my mistress awaits.”

Someone lifted up the curtain from inside of the carriage and out stuck half of Yan Ziyuan’s face. She waved at Ning Xuemo, “Xue Xue, come quick.”

Ning Xuemo did not tell Yan Ziyuan her real name. Instead, she made up “Xue Xue” on the fly.

Ning Xuemo never expected that she’d run into Yan Ziyuan again, so she didn’t even put a lot of effort into making up an alias. When Yan Ziyuan called her by that name, it took her a while to register.

She understood that Yan Ziyuan couldn’t really get out of the carriage, which left her with no choice but to get inside of it.

Inside the carriage Yan Ziyuan told Ning Xuemo that she was going to attend a boating zither event that night and came specifically to invite her.

As it turned out, when Ning Xuemo and Yan Ziyuan were chatting about playing the zither the day before, Ning Xuemo pointed out a few flaws in Yan Ziyuan’s technique, which made Yan Ziyuan felt an immediate connection between them. She had then asked Ning Xuemo many zither-related questions during the remainder of their journey.

Ning Xuemo was highly skilled in playing the zither, but since she had came to world, she has been busy with running around and never had time for something so artsy and refine.

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