Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 456 : Now That Desire Was Back

Ning Xuemo just happened to be in the mood yesterday, and she felt that she clicked quite well with Yan Ziyuan, so she let out more than she normally would. She didn’t think that’d make Yan Ziyuan see her as a master in this art form.

Yan Ziyuan was quite insistent on Ning Xuemo joining her at the recital. Yan also stressed that this wasn’t a girls only recital, there would be plenty of distinguished and talented gentlemen as well. In addition, there would be a prize. Ning Xuemo was quite interested in the prize.

— a phoenix crystal wood.

Ning Xuemo’s cultivation of wood psychokinesis was at level four. Lately she had run into a bottleneck and couldn’t get any higher.

She remembered Han Shanyue had once told her in passing that there was a short cut that could help her break through her bottleneck. That was to absorb the energy of a phoenix crystal wood….

Phoenix crystal wood was very rare, and native to Daliang City. But she didn’t know where specificially in Daliang City.

Part of Ning Xuemo’s purpose of coming here was to leave through the border and the other part was to see if she could find out more on the whereabout of the crystal wood. It was such pure luck that it was being given away as a prize at this zither recital. Now she would have to attend.

Little kirin was no where to be found, but luckily Ning Xuemo and the kirin could communicate telepathically. She knew that he was somewhere enjoying delicious food so she saw no reason to inform him of her plans.


Daliang City was a peninsula, one side was connected by a mountain and the other three surrounded by water. Lots of lakes could be found within the city limit and you could truly describe the city as “half mountain view and half water”.

The zither recital was going to take place at the biggest lake in the city — Lake Qianming.

Lake Qianming was every bid comparable to West Lake in Hang Zhou. Traditional stone bridges, boats coming and going. Large lotus leaves covering most of the lake surfaces, all you could see were a sea of infinitive greenness.

The scenery here was incredible both in the daytime and at night.

Ning Xuemo stopped for a bit at a little kiosk. The amazing scenery cleared a lot of her worries.

She stretched her arms and took a deep breath of fresh air.

Freedom! Freedom was such a good feeling.

Ever since her transmigration, she rarely felt so relaxed. She looked at her outfit, a bright red dress fluttering in the wind, she was valiant and formidable.

To avoid any kind of trouble, she kept her look from the day before — thick, dark brows, a yellowish tone skin, and through incredible makeup skills, she made her cheek bones seem more protruded and also made her mouth look bigger than usual.

She looked quite different than her original look. Only those who were very close to her would be able to gleam a hint of her original look and recognize her.

Ning Xuemo was being overly careful. Even without the make up, those who were close to her might still have a hard time recognizing her.

After all, she had grew a lot in height since soaking in the warm spring. She had lost a lot of her young and childish look. Her body was also more shapely than before. Even Ji Yunhuang might have a hard time recognizing her instantly….

Looking squarely at the mountains, she had the sudden desire to shout at them at the top of her lungs.

Even though she has quite a calm personality, at the end of the day, she was still a 20 year-old girl. She still has the playfulness of a young girl. When she used to go hiking or visit the lakes, she would always shout out a few times to relief her stress.

Now that desire was back…..

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