Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 457 : None of Your Business

Since the zither recital wasn’t go to start until the evening, most of the guests have not arrived yet and there weren’t a lot of people.

Inside the kiosk there were just her, Yan Ziyuan, and the little maid. Ning Xuemo faced the kae and shouted, “OOOoOOOOooOooooOO….”

Her voice shrill and sustained, and traveled very far. They thought they heard an echo, “OOOOOOoooo….”

The sudden cry of Ning Xuemo startled Yan Ziyuan, “Xue Xue, you?”

Ning Xuemo held her hand and made her face the lake, smiling she said, “Ziyuan, you give it a try too! It feels really good!”

Yan Ziyuan’s eyes sparkled, she did indeed want do shout. But it’s too unlady like to do such a thing, and she was also worried that her father would scold her if he finds out…

The maid used the same reasons to try and talk Yan Ziyuan out of it.

While Yan Ziyuan was still hesitating, the free-spirited Ning Xuemo said, “You live for yourself, as long as you don’t cross your own bottom line, why do you care so much how others look at you?”

She turned her attention away from Yan Ziyuan and shouted a few more times. She felt even more gloominess inside of her had dissipated.

There were still some people around the lake, her shouting had attracted a lot of attention but Ning Xuemo didn’t care at all. She just stood there, her look dissolute and full of vigor.

Yan Ziyuan was finally convinced, she stood there next to Ning Xuemo and let out a shout.

She was, after all, raised in a good family after all, so her volume was still soft for her first try. But even then, she felt better already.

Ning Xuemo encouraged her with a smile, “Louder!” And she let out another shout herself.

Yan Ziyuan took another deep breath, finally overcame her scruples and shouted loudly at the lake.

After the first shout, she got more and more into the shouting and felt better and better.

Obviously there were something on her mind as well. After the shouting, her eyes sparkled.

“What are you guys doing?!” Came an abrupt voice.

Yan Ziyuan’s body froze, her shout stopped midstream. She turned slowly and with difficulty, she said, “Teacher.”

Ning Xuemo turned to look as well, and frowned lightly.

Right outside the kiosk stood two person, a man and a woman.

The man looked to be around 20 or so in age. He was quite good looking and possessed the elegance of bamboo. He had on a lake blue gown. His dark brown eyes gazed at Yan Ziyuan, frowning sightly. Obviously judgmental about her shouting.

And the woman was also around 16, 17 years old. She was quite attractive and very refine. She looked scholarly and gripped a zither against her chest. She bowed a little when Yan Ziyan turned around, “Little sister Yan.”

The always friendly Yan Ziyuan turned cold, with a air of haughtiness, “Who’s your little sister? Stop trying to suggest that you are part of the family!”

The woman lowered her head, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Ziyuan!” There were a hint of anger on the man’s handsome face.

Yan Ziyuan held her head up high, “What about me? Are you saying that I am wrong? My dad only had one daughter. She’s just a foster child, what gave her the right to call me her little sister?!”

The man shot her a look and coldly said, “Yan Ziyuan, you are crossing the line!”

Yan Ziyuan’s face turned red, “Whether I had crossed the line or not is none of your business. You are just my zither teacher, it’s not your place to lecture me!”

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