Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 5 – The young and cute girl can be eloquent

Chapter 5 – The young and cute girl can be eloquent

The Imperial guards looked at each other in dismay with some of them not understanding.

“Sixth Prince, are you having a guilty conscience and want to seal Xuemo’s mouth? Was I not suppose to say it?” Ning Xuemo blinked innocently.

Ji Yunhao’s complexion became very unsightly!

He waved his hand to prevent the Imperial guards from wanting to dispose of her. Right now, if he were to seal her mouth, he would look like he had a guilty conscience!

“Ning Xuemo, your actions are unrestrained and was engaged in an illicit affair with another man. And, you still want to slander me, the Prince?!” His voice came out as cold as cold gust.

Ning Xuemo’s finger coiled around her hair. She crooked her head and sized up Ji Yunhao with a glance. “Sixth Prince, you don’t have that much faith in yourself?”

This sentence didn’t make much sense. Ji Yunhao didn’t understand what she meant. “What? What does that and this had to do with my confidence?”

Ning Xuemo blinked. “Isn’t it obvious? Xuemo is Sixth Prince’s fiancée. You have power and influence. The appearance… err… also outstanding as they said. At least, it’s much better than that whatever dirty Li Sanlang punk. Even a fool can also understand who I should choose. Yet, how can it be that I and that shameless bastard commit adultery and let Sixth Prince catch us red handed? My brain wasn’t flood with water! What if someone was already discontented about this marriage and deliberately set me up in order to destroy my reputation…” No matter who designed that malicious plan, the Sixth Prince won’t be able to escape from the implications. Moreover, he was also happily watching the current outcome happening. He couldn’t blame her this time for bluntly knocking his head with that ‘basin full of shit’!

The order in which she said it were reasonable and coherent. Among all the people who stood around and watched, more than half of them believed her from the deductions.

The gaze they sent to Ji Yunhao was subtle as the buzzing sound could be heard faintly from the crowd. Although no one dared to discuss about the matter out loud, their eyes were like throwing daggers and everyone were exchanging look…

Ji Yunhao’s complexion was ashen. “Ning Xuemo, your death is near at hand and you still want to talk rubbish! Do you think you deserve to have me employ every means on you?!”

Ning Xuemo shook her head in accordance, “I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve it. In Prince’s view, I, Xuemo, always make you unable to have any mutual affection. That means, I don’t deserve to be by your side even more. Toward this engagement, you must have detest it bitterly and wished for me to disappear from this world… I was the one who was unable to see the larger picture. I believed I was still the same, the young lady from the House of Marquis Jing Yuan. I also believed that Prince would treat me well like my daddy did when he was still alive. I forgot my identity, a lone woman without authority or power. That’s why I was out of the picture. No matter how people bully me, no one would help me get out of that predicament… During Daddy’s whole life, he served Chang Kong Country. He defended the country, keeping the common people safe and sound. However, he died. Yet, no one defend his one and only daughter, keeping her safe and sound after he died…” Her voice was choke with emotion as she finished speaking.

Although most of the commoners hated the rich, subconsciously, they became soft and pity her. At this moment, they saw Ning Xuemo sitting all alone in the iron cage with her head slightly dropping and the teardrops swelling from her large eyes and flowing out. Her appearance was extremely pitiful.

Marquis Jing Yuan was the former guardian angel of Chang Kong Country and was extremely respected and admired by the common people. After hearing Ning Xuemo’s words, everyone couldn’t help feeling compassion in their heart. One after another, they felt that the Imperial household were abandoning their benefactor upon achieving their goals and even schemed to bully that lone girl. That was really ungenerous. The common people were looking at Ji Yunhao with condemning eyes.

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