Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 9 – The Ancestor is very arrogant outside and lovable inside

Chapter 9 – The Ancestor is very arrogant outside and lovable inside

Her speech were like popcorn, crackling and rattling and shouted out in one breath. It made the people on the main street all ashen-faced.

In this world, never before had there been anyone who dared to yell such words to the Ancestor. This little girl must have swallowed a tiger’s gall!

In his mind, Ji Yunhao simply wanted to strangle Ning Xuemo to death!

He just wanted to go and granted her a banner saying “Mouth that doesn’t know how high was the sky and how deep was the earth”.[1] The front of the Ancestor’s palanquin was always fluttering as it traveled down the street, but it stopped all of a sudden!

Everyone’s heart nearly came to a halt at the same time like the Ancestor’s palanquin and they held in their breath.

All of them lowered their head while Ning Xuemo leaned her upper body on the iron cage, appearing like a crane in a flock of chicken.

In reality, Ning Xuemo was staking everything also.

Ji Yunhao already had the desire to kill her. Even if by some kind of fluke she passed the Chastity Testing Beast’s trial, Ji Yunhao would still have plenty of methods to put her to death…

The imperial power was as big as the sky above the continent. She still hadn’t restored her martial arts yet and was a small and young girl without any power. To contend the Prince like that…

An arm twisted not more than a leg! Therefore she wanted to grab that opportunity to create a chance to live and put down the dangerous chess move “in the middle of death, seeking for a way to live”!

She opened her big eyes and watched attentively the top of the palanquin which was like a white sun in the blue sky. She vaguely felt there was a pair of ice-cold eyes indifferently sweeping her body and making her heart trembled!

Since the Ancestor’s palanquin stopped, even if Ji Yunhao had hundred of courages, he didn’t dare do anything to Ning Xuemo again. He kneeled down and didn’t dare to move again.

It was unknown what kind of order was told by the subordinate next to the palanquin, but a little boy bowed toward the palanquin as to accept the order. At the same time his body leaped into the air, he left a faint afterimage where he once stood. In almost a blink of an eye, he already dropped into the middle of the public square.

That boy appeared to be eight or nine years old. His black like ink and loose hair was like satin. His small face had a bright complexion, pink and delicate. However, the expression on his face was very calm. He stood in front of the iron cage and glanced at Ning Xuemo and, then, glanced at Ji Yunhao. “Just and fair! The Venerable Emperor only demands these two words. In the case this woman is wrongly accused, release her immediately! At the same time, investigate the master who schemed to trap her. In the event this woman was guilty and already lost her chastity, then, sentenced her to the death of a thousand cuts as a warning to others!”

Ji Yunhao didn’t dare have the slightest disrespect toward this boy. He bowed in agreement.

Ning Xuemo glanced at the already far away palanquin on the main street. Once again, she examined the cute and adorable boy, not taller than her, who came to handle the situation for the Ancestor. It made her had a slight stomachache.

This Ancestor was very arrogant on the outside, but lovable inside. She shouted so much that her voice was hoarse and, at once, he dispatched a little boy from that group came over…

To have a eight or nine years old boy to oversee the people, was he reliable?

She opened her mouth and said, “This immortal child, this matter is unfair!”

The boy was astonished and raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean this?”

Ning Xuemo answered straightforwardly, “This humble woman was falsely accused and had to bear a terrible crime. I’m imprisoned in this iron cage, exposed to a scorching sun and got people throw rotten eggs at me. It can be say that I suffered a grievance as big as the sky. If it is really proven that I was accused wrongly, how can it be as simple like “release her immediately”? How about you also let the Sixth Prince compensates me for this? After all, this humble woman is the Ancestor’s disciple descendant. Giving me fairness is also giving the Ancestor fairness…”

Her every words and sentences was waving the Venerable Emperor as a banner. Ji Yunhao hated it to the point his teeth itched, but, unfortunately, he couldn’t retort.

The boy glanced at him. “Sixth Prince, what do you say?”

Ji Yunhao bowed. “If Miss Ning was indeed wronged and didn’t lose her chastity, I’m willing to give her the status of cè f?i [2]. I’ll wait until she reach marriageable age to bring her through the door with an eight horses carriage. Not only that, I will never abandon her!”

[1] In other words, a mouth that said arrogant and ignorant things.

[2] It’s a prince’s imperial concubine that is ranked just right after the official wife.

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