Predatory Marriage

Chapter 215 - Tea

Predatory Marriage — Chapter 215. Tea

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Cerdina looked at the sobbing blonde woman with cold eyes. For some time now, the woman had been soaking her handkerchief and repeating the same words, over and over.

“His Majesty. Hck, how could His Majesty do this to me…how could this happen…”

As Lady Mirael cried inconsolably, Cerdina frowned with irritation. She had allowed this woman to get close to Blain because she was pretty and stupid, but sometimes her actions were just incomprehensible.

None of this showed in Cerdina’s expression when Lady Mirael finally looked up, wiping her tears. The Queen Mother’s face was kind and smiling.

“Will you help me…?” Lady Mirael asked. Her eyes were red.

“Of course.” Cerdina stroked her cheek as if she were an adorable pet. “I will speak to Blain.”

Lady Mirael let out an exclamation of joy, and Cerdina smiled faintly. She didn’t hate people that were honest in their desires. In fact, she liked them. Life was so short, and the will to give one’s all for glory and wealth was like a flame, beautiful, magnificent, even if it was fleeting.

“I hope you will continue to serve me diligently,” she told Lady Mirael.

“Yes! Yes…!”

The blonde lady beamed with satisfaction, and departed, promising that she would try harder to take care of His Majesty and keep his bed warm. Watching the carriage disappear in the distance, Cerdina burst out laughing.

She had been so indescribably pleased when she had heard what Blain had done. Lady Mirael had been receiving his favor for a long time, but still he had grabbed her by her hair and thrown her to the floor. It was how Cerdina wanted Blain to treat women. Disposable. Objects.

So many monarchs through history had fallen because of a woman. She did not want her son to be tripped up by love.

But unfortunately Blain was still gentle with Leah, and did not treat her like other women. Just the other day he had ignored his mother and waited outside in the rain for Leah to return. It had been very hurtful. Cerdina had barely suppressed the urge to kill her.

From the beginning, Cerdina had planned to give Leah to Byun Gyeongbaek for a number of reasons, but Blain’s obsession had ruined it.

Through the window of her living room, she looked out on the withered gardens, where a few dry leaves still hung from the trees. They were falling now.

At first, she thought that if she turned all the nobles into puppets, then she herself would have to handle all the affairs of state. But she could make Leah do all that work, and she was useful in many other ways. Blain had agreed. He didn’t like working, either.

Cerdina laughed maliciously, resting her hand on the window sill.

“…So smug.”

From the first spell she cast, she had known Leah had a strong will. It would not be easy to break and destroy her. So Cerdina had infused a powerful spell into the love potion Leah had consumed, made with strands of hair from Leah and Blain. But even then, it had only been half as effective as she had expected. Even without her memory, Leah had not given her whole heart to Blain.

Incredibly, Cerdina had to consider the possibility that Leah was pregnant.

The blood of the barbarians was quite resistant to her magic. If Leah had somehow conceived, her baby might have protected her from the potion.

But that was impossible. Leah should have been infertile after all the spells Cerdina had cast on her over the years. But just to eliminate the possibility, Cerdina had instructed Leah’s ladies-in-waiting to give her tea that would make her miscarry.

It also included an appetite suppressant, as Cerdina couldn’t control the princess’s diet with Blain watching so closely. If Leah were to stand at Blain’s side, she had to look impeccable.


Belatedly, Cerdina tasted blood and realized she had been chewing her lower lip. Her finger tapped anxiously on the window sill.

She would have to cast a new spell to completely subdue Leah. There was a magic the barbarians used to bind their souls together during their wedding ceremony. Cerdina had no intention of binding Leah’s soul to Blain, but she could use their wedding to cast a more powerful spell on her.

Please keep your promise. Mother.-Posted only on Novel Utopia.

Blain’s voice echoed in her hand. Cerdina clenched her trembling hands together.

“I’m a god,” she said aloud, nervously. “God…”

So there was nothing she couldn’t do.


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