Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Ye Qing Xin crosses the road. Wu Hua Rong chases after her.

“You are really too kind.” He praises her.

Ye Qing Xin says: “If that year, someone helped my grandma, she will not be freeze to death.”

Wu Hua Rong is startled. He understands it.

When he is about to say something….

“Ye Qing Xin!”

Someone yells her name, her tone is full of confrontational.

Ye Qing Xin knows that voice.

It’s Tai Shi Yun.

“Manager Wu, you can go back first. I’ll go back in a while, okay?”

Wu Hua Rong notices Tai Shi Yun is angry. He is not relieved to leave her alone.

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “I know her, don’t worry.”

She waits until Wu Hua Rong leaves then Ye Qing Xin turns her body to see her. She smiles faintly: “What is it?”

Tai Shi Yun doesn’t say anything and just wants to slap her.

Ye Qing Xin catches her wrist and her smile changed into teasing one: “You can get easily old by become angry, you will be ugly. Chen Shu An will not like you even more.”

Tai Shi Yun is furious: “I just know that are you vixen that like to seduce man. Ye Qing Xin how can you be so slutty? There’re a lot of men in this world, why should you seduce Chen Shu An? Can’t you live without a man?”

Ye Qing Xin laughs: “Tai Shi Yuan, who does pursue him and keep on following him? Who does pester him? If you want to say slut, Tai Shi Yun, you are a slut. There are a lot of men, then why should you waste your time with Chen Shu An.”

“You!” Tai Shi Yun is so furious.

She likes Chen Shu An, it’s incurable.

But she chases after him for three years. The time she thinks she will be successful, Chen Shu An suddenly falls in love with Ye Qing Xin.

She couldn’t accept it, how can she accept it?

Except being beautiful, what is so good about Ye Qing Xin?

“Ye Qing Xin, why don’t you just die!” Tai Shi Yun’s eyes turn red. “You should die!”

Tai Shi Yun wants to attack her again. Ye Qing Xin just clutches both of her hand and pushes her with her energy. Tai Shi Yun couldn’t control her strength. She falls down.

Looking at how miserable she is, Ye Qing Xin wants to leave but she stops and says: “Whether you believe me or not. I never seduce Chen Shu An. Moreover I don’t like Chen Shu An. Don’t think that with you like her, everyone else will like her so don’t find me again to fight. He doesn’t like you, even you kill me, there’ll be no use.”

With her words, she thinks if Tai Shi Yun couldn’t understand, then she is incurable.

Tai Shi Yun doesn’t care about anything. She just cries loudly.

It’s all Ye Qing Xin’s fault!

If there’s no Ye Qing Xin, even though Chen Shu An doesn’t love her. At least, he also will not love anyone else. Then she will not be suffering.

She doesn’t know how long she cries. Tai Shi Yun slowly stands up and wipes her tear. She watches at how Ye Qing Xin served client.

Tai Shi Yun is furious. She has a thought.

She needs to ruin Ye Qing Xin!

Ruin her so Chen Shu An will not love anyone else; Ruin her, Chen Shu An will return to her.

Ye Qing Xin served the client friendly. The client orders a rice cooker and oven. She is looking at a soy milk maker.

If this goes well, she will take almost one hundred reward.

She is very happy and explains about the brand. She doesn’t aware of Tai Shi Yun’s approach.

The time she is aware, she is pounded by a microwave oven.

Suddenly, blood, blood is coming out from her head.

Everyone is screaming.

No one will expect that Tai Shi Yun will be that cruel. Everyone just thought that she came inside to buy things. No one expected her to take an oven and pounded someone.

Wu Hua Rong is shock but he is calm. He takes off his coat and covers Ye Qing Xin’s wound to stop the blood. He screams: “call the ambulance, call the police!”

Jing Bo Yuan just in time is near by.

He attended a lunch meeting inside the grand hotel.

The time he came before, he noticed Ye Qing Xin.

He entered the room and refused to sit down on the center. He chose a seat near the window. He casts sidelong glances and watches her.

This little girl is really tough. This cold and she just wears that thin clothes. She is smiling and chatting.

He should be the first one that noticed Tai Shi Yun’s approach or perhaps when Tai Shi Yun raised oven and pounded Xin Xin. He unconsciously spoke out: “Be careful!”

In the next moment, Ye Qing Xin fell down.

He doesn’t think further and just runs over.

Everyone in business lunch is business partners, they know each other quite well. Jing Bo Yuan always be someone serious,cold, and rational. It’s the first time that he be so panic.

“What happened to Chief Jing?”

“I don’t know.”

“If not, let’s take a look.”

“Go, let’s go.”

So all of them come out from the room……

Jing Bo Yuan never be worried……..

The more he is worried, the more clear-headed he is.

He calls two times on the way to the electronic store. One for Luo Feng to let him take the car over, one for Doctor Cheng. Let him to prepare.

Jing Bo Yuan runs over.

He looks at the pale Ye Qing Xin and her blood. He immediately carries Ye Qing Xin up from Wu Hua Rong. He carries her and passes all of them. Luo Feng’s car stops in front of them.

He carries her inside and the car moves to the hospital.

Wu Hua Rong also runs out, he takes taxi to follow them to the hospital.

“Isn’t Chief Jing not like woman?”

“Yes, as far as I know, since he is abandoned by his ex-girlfriend, he never feels attracted to other women. He is single.”

“But the one that he carried….”

“It’s a woman.”

“Hurry up let someone checks from which family she is, perhaps we will get something!”

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