Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

Chapter 17

It’s almost nine o’clock, Auntie Zhang comes.

She brings a lot of home-cooked meal.

She takes it out to let Ye Qing Xin eats it, and chatters: “My son has a girlfriend, yesterday suddenly yesterday he called me and said that she is pregnant. They are getting ready to marry. He asks me to go to the woman’s house to visit. Oh my! Now marrying a woman needs a car and bank book. We discussed a lot.”

Although she is complaining, but her face shows her happiness. She is happy.

Ye Qing Xin laughs and says: “Then congratulation Auntie Zhang, you will be grandma soon.”

Auntie Zhang says: “Giving birth needs a lot of money.

Cheng Ru Yi ordered Ye Qing Xin to not eat spicy food, Auntie Zhang bring s a lot of heavy taste food. Ye Qing Xin just eats a bit.

Auntie Zhang also remembers about her wound so she doesn’t let her eat too much.

Ye Qing Xin brushes her teeth again and lays on her bed.

Auntie Zhang also tidies up and sleeps.

In the middle of night, around eleven o’clock. The door is pushed open slightly.

Ye Qing Xin sleeps soundly, she doesn’t hear it. Auntie Zhang is a light sleeper. She sits up and recognizes Jing Bo Yuan.

Auntie Zhang wants to turn on the light but Jing Bo Yuan stops her.

He uses the moonlight to see the sleeping girl, Ye Qing Xin. He asks Auntie Zhang: “The time you came, how was she?”

Auntie is startled.

What is how was she?

She just answers: “Quite good.”

Jing Bo Yuan nods and doesn’t say anything else.

Auntie Zhang doesn’t know the reason and just sleeps again.

Jing Bo Yuan returns home to Jing house at very early in the morning.

The whole house is peaceful.

He changes his shoes and goes toward the living room. Suddenly there’s Old Madame Jing’s angry voice: “You still know to go home!”

Jing Bo Yuan comes over: “Grandma, why aren’t you sleeping yet?”

Old Madame Jing looks at him and fills with anger. She criticizes him: “I really want to sleep, but can I sleep? Look at you, thirty years old man and you are still single. You haven’t found any wife. I just want to have a great grandson, you really want to oppose me right? Tonight I asked you to have a dinner with Qing You, where did you go? Qing You waited for you for two hours, do you think it is proper?”

Jing Bo Yuan received a call from Old Madame at four o’clock. She told him to have dinner with Qing You. That time he refused directly.

Old Madame Jing is stubborn. She arranged the time and place and let Yu Qing You to come and wait for him.

But how can Jing Bo Yuan easily be arranged?

‘Grandma, I have looked for a Burmese to buy a jade for you, later on you can ask someone to design it as a jewelry for you.”

Old Madame Jing’s face turned bright: “Really? How is it? How big is it?”

She is very fond of jade. The time she heard “jade”, she will forget about everything.

Jing Bo Yuan smiles: “It’s the highest quality one, you will be satisfied with it.”

Old Madame Jing is impatient: “Where is it? Can I take a look tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

“Then let me go back to my room first to sleep. Tomorrow I will wake up early and go together with you.”

Old Madame Jing is happy like a little kid. She turns her body and returns to her room happily. After several steps, she forgets about it again. She hits her head lightly, how can she forget it?

What is it?

Ahya, she is old. She is old and muddle-headed. She couldn’t remember it.

Jing Bo Yuan smiles and returns to his room.

He takes off his coat and his tie. He takes out his phone from his pocket.

There’s no missed call or message.

Before he sent a message to Ye Qing Xin, but there’s no reply.

Jing Bo Yuan’s lip turns flat, he looks unhappy.

Suddenly he remembers something. His expression changes. He threw his phone away and takes a cigarette and lighter. He goes to the balcony.

The coldness surrounds him and let him becomes more clear-headed.

Since when he starts to become not peaceful for not receiving a message?

After a cigarette, his expression becomes more normal.

The peaceful and silent night by.

Ye Qing Xin tidies up and handles the discharged administration.

The nurse tells her the hospital fee is 27860 Yuan.

Ye Qing Xin is startled and asks calmly: “27860? Are you sure? I just stayed here for three days?

Didn’t the doctor say that her injury is not serious? How can it be so expensive?

Moreover, now with ten thousand Yuan that Jing Bo Yuan initiatively asked for her, she cannot pay it.

The nurse smiles tenderly and explains patiently: “That’s right. Ms Ye, you stayed in a VIP room. It’s 6800 Yuan per night, three days will be 20400 Yuan. Treatment fee, check up fee, doctor fee in total is 7460 Yuan.”

Ye Qing Xin: “…..”

How can she forget that VIP room is expensive. She should notice that she is VIP room, she should ask for an ordinary room.

She doesn’t have enough money, what should she do?

When Ye Qing Xin is pondering, the nurse says again: “Deduct the doctor fee, it’s still 22140Yuan.”

The nurse sharply takes the folded banknote and counted. That she gives her a receipt and the money: “Please sign it.”

Ye Qing Xin is startled. The time she responses, the bill has been paid by.

She takes the money back to her room after handling the administration. Auntie Zhang looks at her, and smiles: “Are you done? Driver Lu is downstair and waiting for us. We should go down now.”

Driver Lu is Jing Bo Yuan’s driver.

Ye Qing Xin stops Auntie Zhang and gives her the money: “Auntie Zhang, this is the remaining money for guarantee deposit that Chief Jing gave the hospital before. Please help me to give it to him and tell him that I’ll pay him back later on. Thank him for me.”

Auntie Zhang doesn’t accept it, she shakes her head and says: “I think it’s better that you are the one that returns it to him. You guys will meet again right? Moreover Mr Jing has helped you. Is it possible that you don’t want to meet him face to face and thank him?”

“Auntie Zhang….”

“Ah Ms Ji, you see I am this old. I cannot remember well. You have heart to make things difficult for me?”

Ye Qing Xin laughs.

They both go down.

Auntie Zhang takes Ye Qing Xin to the parking lot and stops in front of a white Land Rover.

The window of the car isn’t closed. Ye Qing Xin walks over and notices the one in driver seat is not Driver Lu that Auntie Zhang said. But it’s Jing Bo Yuan.

He is smoking inside the car. He looks mature and charming.

His expression looks serious. She couldn’t guess what he is thinking.

When he notices her, he sucks once and throws the cigarette away.

Auntie Zhang looks around and says strangely: “Where is Driver Lu?”

Jing Bo Yuan replies calmly: “He has some problems so I come to pick you guys up.”

“Em?” Auntie Zhang feels surprised: “But when I called Driver Lu said that he has nothing to do…..”

Jing Bo Yuan glances at her, Auntie Zhang feels scared and shuts up.

Don’t think that Mr Jing always be peaceful and clam, the time he loses his temper, even his eyes can scare a person to dead.

Auntie Zhang put the bag inside the trunk then gets in the car. In the car, she controls her breath, she tries hard to be an invisible person.

She doesn’t understand, what did she say before that makes Mr Jing unhappy? It’s clearly that she didn’t say anything wrong.

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