Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

Chapter 20

Bo Wei Company.

The office door is knocked three times, Luo Feng pushes the door and gets inside.

“Chief Jing, before there was a call from the detention center, they said that Ms Ye personally came in personally to clarify so Tai Shi Yun is released.

Ye Qing Xin paused and just replied “em.”

Luo Feng once again says: “Is it possibly that Ms Ye is threatened by Tai Zheng Ting? They said that Tai Zheng Ting brought Ms Ye to the detention center…..”

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t raise his head and looks at his paper: “No need to mind this matter agan.”

Luo Feng nods: “Okay.”

The weather today is not very good. The sky is gloomy, the wind is blowing heavily.

Ye Qing Xin walks on the roadside. She takes out her phone out and hesitates. She dials a number.

The call is answered. Zhou Qiao Qiao’s soft voice: “Xin Xin, what are you doing calling at this time? You don’t have cla.s.s today?’

Ye Qing Xin acted wittily: “I have cla.s.s. But I’m at break now, I want to call you.”

Zhou Qiao Qiao laughs lightly.

“Ma, are your feet okay now?”

“I’m better. I’m okay now. These days thanks to Xiao Jiu, she helps to take care of me…….”

They chats for a while. Ye Qing Xin considers her words and asks: “I unintentionally heard Tai Shi Shi mentioned that two days ago Uncle had a business trip to T city, did he visit you?”

In the past every time Tai Zheng Ting comes over, her mother will give her a call.

“Do you know it?”

Ye Qing Xin suddenly feels tense.

Zhou Qiao Qiao says again: “Your uncle said to me that recently you feels that you owed him too much. You have a lot of pressure so he ask me to not tell you that he visited. To make you feel relieved and easy. Xin Xin a, actually you don’t need to be feel pressured. Since I am already formed brotherhood relationship with him. We are a family. You just need to study well and in the future repay it to him….”

Zhou Qiao Qiao is so emotional and coughs: “…… that year I was too childish, I broke my promise of marriage. I made your uncle to be ridiculed. I didn’t expect that he showed any hatred and showed up during our difficulties. Xin Xin, wait until your uncle is old. You should see him as your biological father. You should be filial……”

Ye Qing Xin’s face turns sour. Her mother is too trusting Tai Zheng Ting.

“Ma, was Uncle giving any money?”

“I don’t take it.” Zhou Qiao Qiao explains hurriedly: “In the past, you said to me to not take it? I didn’t take it, it’s just…..”


“You uncle went to your brother’s school. He bribed and gave them a bit of money….”


“He gave your brother’s teacher money to let them take care of your brother….”

“How much?”

“Several ten thousand…..”

“How much concretely?” Ye Qing Xin’s voice is jittery

“Your uncle said that one teacher, he gives ten thousand. It’s possibly one hundred thousand….”

“Okay, Ma, I’ll go to cla.s.s now. Goodbye.”

After she hangs up, Ye Qing Xin looks at her phone and stays blank for several second. Then she takes out her little notebook. The little notebook is old, it’s yellow.

She flips to the unwritten page and takes out her phone. She notes: “Year, month, day, 70000Yuan.

She writes it down and closes the book. Ye Qing Xin feels the notebook is extremely heavy.

She never went to the detention center before, she doesn’t know whether there’s a bus goes directly to B university. She goes pa.s.sing several bus stop and finds a bus that stops at B university. But she needs to change to another bus.

On the way, her phone keeps on ringing. It’s a call from Chen Shu An. Ye Qing Xin feels very tired so she just switches off her phone.

She arrives in B university after an hour.

Ye Qing Xin goes to the canteen and orders a egg fried rice. It’s cheap and enough for her.

She goes to her dorm and she notices on the way there’s Chen Shu An standing under the light.

Today she really wants to say something to let him give up.

Chen Shu An just comes toward her and holds onto her shoulder. He examines her head: “Where is your wound? Is it hurt? Tai Shi Yun unexpectedly dares enough to hurt you, I’ll not let her off. Xin Xin, don’t worry, I’ll definitely will not let her off!”

Ye Qing Xin is startled and frowns.

For this matter, not a lot of people knows about it. Tai family should take this into consideration, of course they wouldn’t let this incident leaks. Jing Bo Yuan is also not someone that talkative, she also hasn’t shared this to anyone, how can Chen Shu An know about this?

“How do you know?”

Chen Shu An’s face is full of pity and rage: “This news has spread around the school, how can I not know about it? Xin Xin, this is a big thing, why don’t you tell me from earlier? I can go to the hospital to take care of you…”

“Chen Shu An.”Ye Qing Xin cuts him off and looks at him seriously. Her gaze makes Chen Shu An feels panic.

He swallows his saliva: “What?”

Ye Qing Xin’s voice is cold and expressionless: “Chen Shu An, I don’t like you. Please don’t waste your time on me.”

Chen Shu An breathes, his eyes shows a glimpse of hurt: “Xin Xin, is it because of Tai Shi Yun? I swear, starting from today, I’ll not let her give trouble to you. This matter will not happen again, Xin Xin, please believe me….”

“Chen Shu An, are you not understand? I don’t like you, it’s unrelated to anyone. I don’t care of what you do, I also will not like you. Moreover your over and over actions really bring a lot of trouble to me so please don’t make trouble for me again by not appearing in front of me. Thank you for your cooperation.”

She says it and without slightest doubt she goes back to her dorm.

It’s too hurtful fro him. He thinks that it’s an expression of love but for her it’s a trouble.

How can he know not understand her meaning? He is not an idiot.

He just doesn’t want to give up easily. He thinks that one day his sincere heart will melt her cold heart.

Chen Shu An looks depressed. He doesn’t care about her surrounding and his tear falls.

Ye Qing Xin although she is cold, but she never says something so hurtful to him.

“Shu An.” A soft voice said it.

Chen Shu An stops and turns his head.

The girl’s face is full of hurt. She comes closer to him and wipes his tear. “Shu An, why are you crying?”

Chen Shu An wipes his own tear so he can see that girl clearly. He is facing a face similar like Tai Shi Yun. He shakes off her hand from his face. He turns his body and leaves.

Tai Shi Shi’s heart is hurt. She chases after him. She runs and yells: “Shu An! I know that you are angry because sister hurts Xin Xin. But what sister’s doing, you shouldn’t link it together with me.”

Chen Shu An doesn’t turn his back, he just walks quickly.

Tai Shi Shi notices there’re a lot of people around them, so she stops.

She turns her body and her tears falls down quietly.

In her heart, she has a secret. A secret that no one knows.

She, also falls in love with Chen Shu An in the first summer she entered the B university.

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