Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

Chapter 31

Jing Bo Yuan looks at Luo Feng. Luo Feng immediately understands. He takes off his coat and covers Dou Weir.

Dou Weir’s tears start to fall down.

Her eyes is full of thankfulness and grievance.

Jing Bo Yuan crosses his leg and leans back on the sofa. He looks honorable. He looks at Dou Weir.

“I remember that you are Suo Suo’s roommate.”

Dou Weir is still teary and nods.

Jing Bo Yuan’s corner of lip turns upward and looks at Chief Xing: “She is my sister’s roommate, she still is a student. Since she is unwilling, why shouldn’t you choose another beautiful woman? You come out to play, then you need to play happily. She is crying, wouldn’t it sweep away your interest? It’ll mean that I am not attentive enough in treating you.”

He turns his head and says to the manager: “Bring the most beautiful girls here let Chief Xing and other directors pick well.”

He says it and looks at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng immediately helps Dou Weir to leave the room.

Dou Weir’s legs are weak, Luo Feng carries her out.

After she leaves the room, she falls to the ground and takes deep breath. She feels the pain on her face, but she isn’t feeling the fear as strong as before.

“You shouldn’t come to this place. You are lucky that Chief Jing helps you. Hurry up leave this place. You have the status as Chief Jing’s sister’s roommate. It’ll be easy for you to leave here. No one will dare enough to make thing hard for you.”

Luo Feng advises her sincerely.

Actually without his advise, Dou Weir also has no courage to leave again.

Tonight she really experiences the terror.

Dou Weir thanks Luo Feng. She tries to walk toward the resting room to change her clothes. She goes to the restroom to look at the mirror. On the left-side of her face, she could see clear the handprint that comes from the slap. Her hair is in a mess. She is in a miserable state.

Tonight if she didn’t encounter Jing Bo Yuan, she will be dead. She remembers the time that Chief Xing tore her clothes. She immediately felt disgusted and afraid.

Her senior female schoolmate lied to her.

Dou Weir sits down on the ground and hugs herself.

She almost becomes that kind of woman.

After sending Chief Xing and several other directors, Bo Wei’s vice president, Qu Qi spits out: “A group of lecherous old men!”

The a.s.sistants also scolds them.

Jing Bo Yuan raises his wrist to see the time, it’s already early in the morning. He says without any expression: “Tonight sorry to trouble you guys. Go home and take rest. Next you guys still need to work hard for it.”

“Okay, goodbye Chief Jing.”

All of them leave.

Luo Feng goes to the parking area to take the car over.

Jing Bo Yuan drank beer before, he shouldn’t drive. He waits there while smoking.

Dou Weir looks at his figure.

She slowly walks toward her.

“Chief Jing.”

Jing Bo Yuan turns his body and looks at her.

“Thank you for before.”

“No worries.” He replies.

Jing Bo Yuan then once again replies: “You shouldn’t come to this place.”

Is this his way to care about her?

Dou Weir feels happy, soon she thinks about her family. “I know but if not because the pressure of life, no one will be willing to come to this place…..”

Jing Bo Yuan just smokes and doesn’t say anything else.

Dou Weir waits but he doesn’t say anything more. It’s starting to become awkward.

At this time, she should be sensible to leave, but…. it’s a rare chance to meet him. Also a fitting time to chat with him. She doesn’t want to miss it.

She smiles and says cautiously: “Today if it’s not because of Chief Jing, I’ll definitely cannot escape this. You are my savior. Do you have time? I want to treat you a meal to thank you.”

Jing Bo Yuan looks at her.

His gaze is sharp like he knows her intention.

Dou Weir lowers her eyes and doesn’t dare to look at him again.

This time, the car stops in front of them.

Jing Bo Yuan takes his last inhale of the cigarette and throws it away. He takes out her phone and calls his a.s.sistant, who was just leaving: “Come back.”

He puts his phone back and lit another cigarette.

Dou Weir doesn’t get her reply and just watches him smoking. She doesn’t understand his intention.

Dou Weir stands there awkwardly and doesn’t know what to do.

After a while, the a.s.sistant comes back.

Jing Bo Yuan directly orders the a.s.sistant: “Tomorrow you arrange a work for her that could fit in Ms Dou’s actual situation. Later on send her home too.”

He finishes and looks at Dou Weir again “Do you have any objection?”

Dou Weir is startled and doesn’t respond.

What does he mean? He wants to arrange a work for her?

Her heart beats so quick.

What is it mean?

It clearly shows that he has feeling toward her. He doesn’t want her to work in this kind of place.

“No, No…..” She stutters.

Jing Bo Yuan nods: “Very good. Later on don’t work at this place again. So you will not bring bad influence to people beside you.”

He says it and just gets inside the car to leave.

Dou Weir is still immersed in the happiness that Jing Bo Yuan ask his employee to arrange a work for her. She doesn’t hear the hidden meaning of his last words.

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