Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

Chapter 495

Chapter 495

He Ji Fan’s words make Mo Rui’s face turns so pale.

She didn’t expect that this will be exposed so easily.

She just planned the thing on the department store. The time she saw Chen Meng at the department store, she just devised a plan. She also asked her former colleague to say the news of her moving with Yang Yang in front of He Zhang Ju.

She understands He Zhang Ju very well. She knows that he will let everything go and directly go to her workplace.

“You thought that you are smart and careful, and no one will notice?” He Ji Fan laughs. He acts like a old cat who is playing with a little old mouse. He looks cruel.

Mo Rui is distracted, “I don’t want to go to South Africa. There’s a war right there, it’s not ended yet. If we go there, wouldn’t it mean that we both will die too…”

“It’s not your choice.” He Ji Fan says, “He Zhong Yang is He family’s kid. He family has right to take him back to He house to live. He family also has right to send him abroad to train. As for how long will it take, it’s indefinite. You will not be able to see your son.”

“You want to accompany him to go abroad, or do you want to let him go abroad alone?”

Mo Rui doesn’t dare to imagine it.

Mo Rui covers her face and cries. After a while. “I will go abroad with Yang Yang and not return in the future. But I beg you, please leave us a way to survive….”

He Ji Fan smiles and takes the document back from Mo Rui, he gives her another document. “Since you understand it now, just sign this one.”

Mo Rui signs the document.

He Ji Fan laughs.

This woman, if he doesn’t act ruthlessly, she will not know what being in pain means.

“Three days later I’ll send you over. Don’t contact anyone, including your family Don’t worry, I’ll help you to take care of them. I’ll also arrange everything for you abroad.”

To handle immigration process, it usually requires around two to three weeks. He Ji Fan can handle it well and quickly because of his Jiu Jiu Men (Uncles)’s connection.

Three days later, Mo Rui and He Zhong Yang are sent abroad. Except her and He Zhong Yan, He Ji Fan and uncles, there’s no one else know where they are going.

He Zhang Ju regains his consciousness two days later after Mo Rui and He Zhong Yang left.

He cannot speak because his swollen mouth and he cannot move.

He is feeling well a week later.

The first thing he does is he calls Mo Rui. Yet the call is unanswered.

“Sorry, the number you are calling is……”

He Zhang Ju has a bad feeling about it. The time Chen Meng is coming over, he asks her coldly: “Rui Rui? Where is Rui Rui? What did you do to her?”

Chen Meng frowns: “I disregard past grudges, I took care of you for a lot of days, now you are questioning and doubting me?”

“Chen Meng!” He Zhang Ju thinks his situation right now is Chen Meng’s fault.

“What did you do to her? It’s my mistake, she is not wrong. You should blame me, why should you make things hard for her?”

Chen Meng looks at He Zhang Ju coldly for a while then she leaves. He Zhang Ju just watches her leave. Yet he doesn’t see her tears.

Chen Fu Sheng comes over and watches his beloved sister crying. He is so furious. He comes to He Zhang Ju’s sickroom and clutches his collar. “You make Chen Meng cries again, you are not beaten enough?”

“What did you guys do to Rui Rui? He Zhang Ju seems to not care. He asks him again: “What did you do to her? She is innocent!”

Chen Fu Sheng laughs: “At this time you still think of that woman. I really regret letting my Mei Mei marry to you. He Zhang JU, you are really a disappointment.”

Chen Fu Sheng just leaves.

Chen Fu Sheng is older thatn Chen Meng by few months, he is as emotional as Chen Meng.

“Da Ge, you should urge Meng Meng to leave that He man, it’s too annoying!”

He Zhang Ju is silent for a while and calls his assistant. He asks him to check on Mo Rui’s current situation.

After half day, the assistant just says: “Madame Mo resigned from her job, she sold her house. She took her son to leave Jing City. As for the detail, I cannot check it.”


Chen Meng returns to Cheng family house, she locks herself in the bedroom. She doesn’t care of anyone who knocks on her door.

Everyone is so worried about her. They call He Ji Fan to ask him to bring He Yun Xiao and He Yi Yi over to persuade Chen Meng.

Since He Yi Yi knows that her parents are fighting, especially after she knows the reason of their fight. He Zhang Ju’s image on her heart has collapsed.

Three of them come over and say few comforting words, but there’s no response from Chen Meng. At last He Ji Fan instructs the maid to open the door with keys. Chen Meng is typing something on her computer. No one knows what she writes.

“Ma…..” He Yi Yi looks her mother’s tired expression. Her tears just fall down. “What are you doing? Papa lets you down. If you cannot live again with him, then just divorce and kick him out. I support you. Let him leave a marriage with nothing. Let’s see if that woman wants to be with him if he has nothing.”

Chen Meng turns her head and looks at her daughter. She shows a sour smile, “I’m okay. I suddenly want to know what I did in my life. I write everything but it seems too little. I really live my life in useless way.”

“Ma..” He Yi Yi is worried.

Chen Meng wipes her daughter’s tear, “Don’t cry.” He Ji Fan and He Yun Xiao is worried too. Their mother looks too calm. It’s unlike her.

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