Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

Chapter 496

Chapter 496

“Alright, stop making this sour face. Ma is really okay. Go home.” Chen Meng just lets her children go home.

He Yi Yi is so worried about her mother, she looks at her brothers: “Is our mom okay?” Being betrayed by beloved husband is a great attack for woman.

He Ji Fan lights on his cigarette and says: “Yi Yi, if you have more time, go and accompany Ma. Don’t keep on mentioning about Papa. Let her be happy. Try your best to take her out to stroll.”

He Yi Yi nods. “I will.”

He Ji Fan looks at He Yun Xiao. “Ma is worried about your wedding matter, if you have time, bring your girlfriend home, let her be happy.”

“The time I meet the suitable one, of course I’ll bring her back home. I just home that the one that I like will also be liked by Ma. If not, I probably will be like Da Ge, I’ll fight with ma. That time Da Ge should support me, right.”

He Ji Fan just glances at him.

At night.

“Are you still worried?” Dou Weir comes out of the bathroom after a shower. She sees that He Ji Fan is standing near the window. She goes over.

He Ji Fan turns his head and looks at Dou Weir’s face.

“This matter has attacked her greatly.” He says. “She is always arrogant and self-important, yet she notices that she is betrayed by her own husband after ten years.:

“Mo Rui and He Zhong Yang are not here anymore. Give them more time. It’ll get better.”

Dou Weir doesn’t know what to say except few comforting words.

He Ji Fan smiles.

he Zhang Ju and Chen Meng’s marriage is marriage between families, of course it creates problem between families too. The matter between families will depend on the relationship between these two people.

He Zhang Ju’s current attitude has made Chen family be angry. He is stubborn.

He Ji Fan thinks about their unfinished honeymoon, he feels a bit guilty. “I don’t let you finish your honeymoon. Let’s wait till our kid is born, then I’ll take you to play around.”

Dou Weir hugs him. “As long as you don’t be like your father in the future, I’ll be happy. I’ll be happy to be anywhere.”

He Ji Fan holds her face and kisses her lips. “I’m enough with you.”

Dou Weir’s hand goes down. “Can you control him?”

He Ji Fan’s face turns stiff and he shows his meanie smile: “I still need to trouble He Tai Tai (Mrs He) to feed it. It’s been long time since ‘it ate something’, if not,……”

Dou Weir’s face is red, she stands on her tiptoes and kisses his lips.

He Ji Fan strokes her back and deepens the kiss. The temperature in the room raises.


He Zhang Ju goes to search around for half month. He looks for Mo Rui everywhere, he even goes to the hometown. Yet no one is able to find her.

Both of them just vanish.

“Stop!” At He family house. He Zhang Ju is about to leave, he plans to find Chen Wang Jin to ask about this.

Mo Rui’s disappearance should be related to Chen family.

Yet Old Madame He calls after him.

He Zhang Ju stops and turns his body, “Ma.”

“You still know that I’m your Ma?” Old Madame He’s face is not good. “Let me ask you something, will you go to bring Xiao Meng back home?”

He Zhang Ju is silent.

“What is your plan? Do you dislike this family to be calm? That woman is gone, it means that she lets you go. Can’t you live your life well with Xiao Meng? You are fifty years old. Aren’t you afraid that everyone is laughing at you.”

“Ma, I don’t say that I don’t want to live with Xiao Meng. It’s just Rui Rui had been with me for this ten years. I should take responsibility for her. Now she disappears. How could I live peacefully?” He Zhang Ju says worriedly.

Though Mo Rui’s leaving might not be related to Chen family, but he should know where she is going. Whether she has a good life or not.

Old Madame He takes a deep breath and says, “I’ll give you two days. If you don’t go apologize to Xiao Meng, don’t call me Ma anymore. I have no son like you!”

He Zhang Ju has a headache: “Ma….”

Old Madame He doesn’t mind him, she just stands up and returns to her room.

He Zhang Ju stands there for a while and then leaves.


“Tell me, where is Mo Rui?”

He Zhang Ju looks at Chen Wang Jin.

Chen Wang Jin is leaning on the sofa and actin so calm. He is so different from the worried He Zhang Ju.

“Where did you guys send her off? Also my son where is he?”

Chen Wang Jin is cold when he realizes that He Zhang Ju really cares about that woman.

“Chen Wang Jin!” He Zhang Ju looks at Chen Wang Jin’s expression, he can know that Mo Rui’s disappearance should be related to Chen Wang Jin.

He Zhang Ju knows that Chen Meng’s brothers are ruthless, he cannot imagine what he is doing to Rui Rui and Yang Yang….. Will they…

“What did you do to them? Tell me!”

Chen Wang Jin keeps on being silent.

He Zhang Ju suddenly stands up and clutches Chen Wang Jin’s collar.

“So what if you know about it? You want to go and take them back home?”

“That is my business.”

“I sent them to..” Cheng Wang Jin stops for a while and smiles. Then he mentions a country.

He Zhang Ju is startled. “You, you guys….” They really want to harm Rui Rui and Yang Yang. They sent them to South Africa. A country that has a war.

“If something bad happens to do, I’ll not let you guys off!” Then he leaves.

“You want to find them?” Chen Wang Jin keeps on talking. “I haven’t told you the place. I’ll tell you the detail.”

He Zhang Ju turns his head and looks at Chen Wang Jin angrily.

Chen Wang Jin is smiling like an old foxy man.

He Zhang Ju gets the answer he wants and then leaves. Chen Wang Jin doesn’t stop him then.

After He Zhang Ju leaves with his car, Chen Wang Jin’s wife just comes out. She looks at him disapprovingly: “Why did you deceive him to go to that dangerous place? What if something bad happens to him, be careful that Xiao Meng will hate you.”

Mo Rui and Yang Yang are sent to a developing and quite well-off country.

Cheng Wang Jin looks at his wife and smiles: “Who asks him to bully my sister and doesn’t feel regretful.” He continues: “Don’t let Xiao Meng knows, I don’t want him to make trouble with me. If she is angry with me, I cannot handle her.”


He Zhang Ju returns home and takes his passport, he even doesn’t pack his suitcase. He doesn’t say anything to anyone and just goes to the airport.

Because that area is a war zone, there’s no direct flight to that area. He Zhang Ju takes the flight to the nearest country and then takes a car to that area.

Old Madame He is so furious the time she knows about it. She just faints and be hospitalized.

Chen Meng knows about this matter a week later.

He Zhang Ju loses contact, no one knows whether he is alive or dead. Chen Meng comes to the hospital to visit her.

Old Madame He holds Chen Meng’s hand and apologizes for He Zhang Ju.

Chen Meng doesn’t say anything. She just stays for a while and goes home.

Dou Weir follows her to leave the sickroom. Chen Meng enters the elevator. The time she turns her body, she sees Dou Weir behind her. Chen Meng cannot hide her teary face.

Dou Weir passes a tissue for her.

Chen Meng doesn’t take it, she just moves her face away.

Dou Weir doesn’t care, she just presses the elevator button.

“Don’t you feel proud to see me like this?” Chen Meng speaks up, she is still arrogant just like before.

“Do you want to hear the truth?” Dou Weir smiles: “Indeed I feel very happy and refreshed.”

Chen Meng turns her head and feels a bit angry: “You…..”

“You always look down at me, I just have a poor family background, why should you look down at me like that? So what if you were born in a rich family? You also can be betrayed by your husband right? These thirteen years he could hide the fact from you, you couldn’t find it out. I can see that you are quite naive.”

“Dou Weir!” Chen Meng is so furious that, she forgets to cry.

“Am I wrong?” Dou Weir smiles. “The time you look down at me, have you ever thought of my feeling?”

Chen Meng is silent.

She recalls the time He Zhang Ju said those words that she cannot do anything beside enjoying her life. His tone showed that he is looking down at her just like she is looking down at Dou Weir.

“But I hope that you will go through this well.” Dou Weir says sincerely: “Your condition right now makes He Ji Fan feels worried. We are husband and wife. He worries about you, I also worry about you.”

“In the past you had a temper and you were a stubborn one. You made me think that nothing can hurt you. Though that time you hurt me and made me feel hurt but if you can feel happy this time by doing those things to me, I dont mind it. But except my parents, Ye Ye Nai Nai (grandpa grandma), also my kid, you can scold me anyway you want. I will not be angry.”

Chen Meng doesn’t know why but she feels she is so funny.

She responds and calms herself down. “Don’t think that your words will make me accept you, dream on.”

Dou Weir smiles: “It’s okay if you don’t accept me, I am He Ji Fan’s wife, I’m the oldest daughter in-law of He family.”

Chen Meng snorts coldly.

She glances at Dou Weir’s baby bump. She thinks about the baby boy inside Dou Weir’s belly.

She says to her: “The weather is cold, how could you still wear this thin clothes. Do you want to show off your good looks?”

“I’ll wear more clothes. I guarantee that I’ll take a good care of your grandson.” Of course Dou Weir can hear the worried tone of Chen Meng.

When they are at the lobby, Chen Meng says coldly: “Alright, no need to send me off, just go back.”

“Ma.” Dou Weir calls after her. She doesn’t wait till she replies and just says: “Drive slowly.”

Dou Weir watches her leaving.

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