Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

Chapter 497

Chapter 497

Once again Chen Meng cannot fall asleep.

She has a lot of things in her mind. Her mind seems to keep on recalling what happened recently. She cannot get rid off it.

During their youth, she and He Zhang Ju were golden couple. He Zhang Ju pursued her for quite long time. She remembered the day she agreed to be his girlfriend, he was so happy like a little kid. He held her and turned her body around. He screamed.

After their marriage, he always pampered and loved her. He always let her.

When? When did he change?

Chen Meng couldn’t recall it. These years, she never noticed that he is changing.

The one that loved her, has changed to someone that despises her.

Indeed she is naive to be unable to notice it earlier.


The next morning, in front of the military district courtyard, Cheng Wang Jin is preparing to have his morning exercise. He opens his front door and notices that Chen Meng is in front.

Chen Wang Jin goes toward her. “Let’s run.”

Chen Meng doesn’t refuse. She takes off her coat and follows her brother to run.

“You come here for He Zhang Ju?” Chen Wang Jin is breathing steadily.

Chen Meng is a bit panting. “For Mo Rui and He Zhong Yang’s matter, you guys don’t tell me, I also don’t ask you. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t know.” She looks at him. “Zhang Ju suddenly went to South Africa, yet Mo Rui and He Zhong Ya are not there. It should be related to you.”

“Don’t worry. I sent someone to follow him too. I will not let anything happens to him.”

“Then how could he lose contact?”

“I’ll be sorry for this heaven-sent chance if I don’t teach him a lesson that he will not forget this lifetime.”

Chen Meng: “…..” They keeps on running.

“So he is okay?”

“You don’t believe me? Have I ever lied to you?”

He continues: “So what is your plan in the future?”

Chen Meng asks him back: “What do you mean my plan in the future?”

“For He Zhang Ju’s affair, perhaps you will just let him be? Though he might know his wrong and change, but wrong is wrong. It cannot be erased by a word ‘sorry’. Moreover right now, he doesn’t act like he knows his mistake.”

“Da Ge, I want to go out and stroll around.” Chen Meng says. “The time I was young, I had dream to travel around the world. But because of love, I abandoned it and just got married and had kids. These years, except my marriage and kids, I never do anything meaningful. I have even worst temper. I feel I turn unkind. I suddenly realize that I’m not the original me.”

“Xiao Meng……” Chen Wang Jin stops and looks at her worriedly.

“Da Ge, It’s not because his betrayal makes me want to go stroll but I really reflect on my past. I notice some problems so I want to go around. I want to change myself.” Chen Meng is so calm. “Perhaps the time I am back, I will choose to have a divorce, or perhaps I’ll choose to forgive.”


Five days later, Chen Meng gets on the plan to go to Japan.

A month later, He Zhang Ju is taken back by Chen Wang Jin’s men.

No one knows what he experienced. The time he is back, he tries to drown his worries in wine for a whole day.

Old Madame He is hospitalized again because of it.

On the mid of December, there’s snow in Jing City.

Now Dou Weir is five month pregnant, she is so skinny. She doesn’t have a good appetite. She eats little food and seems so skinny as before. She doesn’t look like she is pregnant.

Because He Ji Fan used to take care of Dou Weir’s Nai Nai, Dou Weir also takes a good care of Old Madame He.

At night after the work, He Ji Fan picks her up from the hospital, Old Madame He is sleeping.

They tell the nurse and the maids to take a good care of Old Madame He before they leave.

The time they get into the car, Dou Weir can smell the heavy alcohol on the air. She turns her head and notices someone at the back. Indeed, He Zhang Ju is laying on the backseat. He is too drunk.

“Pa is drunk again?”

He Ji Fan nods and starts to move the car.

They return to the He family residence. They let the maids to take care of He Zhang Ju. Then both of them return to He Ji Fan’s bedroom.

He Yun Xiao and Chen Meng are not home, Old Madame He is at the hospital too. There’re only He Yi Yi and the drunkard He Zhang Ju. Recently Dou Weir and He Ji Fan move back to He family residence to take care of He Yi Yi and He Zhang Ju.

The time they close the bedroom’s door, Dou Weir says: “I always want to ask, what did happen to Pa that he acts like this?”

Mo Rui and He Zhong Yang are not at South Africa, He Zhang Ju didn’t find them. He was persistent in the past, what made him act this way. There should be something.

He Ji Fan takes off his coat and tie. “He met Mo Rui.”

Dou Weir: “Em?”

“Mo Rui, that woman, she knows that my Pa is not dependable. She just be abroad for few days, she was worried and anxious, she wanted to find a ‘rock’, so she got marry with that man. My Jiu Jiu (Chen Wang Jin) knew about it and let his men to take my Pa to go to Mo Rui’s house to be a guest.”

Dou Weir is surprised that she cannot close her mouth.

“No wonder Pa is so dispirited. For Mo Rui, he even went to that dangerous place, he almost lost his life. Yet the woman, who he cannot forget, just married another man….” Dou Weir suddenly realizes something: “Did you arrange it?”

He Ji Fan admires her cleverness: “Smart.”

He Zhang Ju seems to have a real feeling toward Mo Rui, if they don’t make him admit his failure throughly, he will not repent. Chen and He families will not be reconciled.

Though there’s a possibility Chen Meng will divorce He Zhang Ju but He Zhang Ju cannot be together with Mo Rui.

If He Zhang Ju be together with Mo Rui, He Ji Fan doesn’t have doubts that his uncles will attack He family no matter what for Chen Meng. Their uncles indeed love him dearly but they love Chen Meng more.

It’s the first time Dou Weir feels that He Ji Fan is too calculating.

“If that person is part of your arrangement, then Mo Rui… her future will not be a good one? Also that He Zhong Yang…..”

He Ji Fan laughs coldly: “Whether it’s good one or not, it depends on their luck.”

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