Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

Chapter 498

Chapter 498

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Though He Ji Fan said everything will depend on their luck, yet Dou Weir knows that this man will not let this woman off easily.

But Dou Weir doesn’t want to mind this matter. Is Mo Rui miserable? of course she is, she wastes thirteen years of her youth and gets something like this. But wasn’t all of these because of her bad decision? She shouldn’t get into Chen Meng and He Zhang Ju’s marriage.

She doesn’t blame a woman to love money, but Mo Rui was wrong because she dealt with a married man.

On the New year’s Day, Jing family’s baby girls are six month olds. The triplets are almost two years old.

“Beautiful auntie, do you want to buy my little car toy?” Nian Nian holds his toy box. There are three car toys inside the box.

“These are the limited edition car toys that Nai Nai gave to me. It is expensive. Because auntie is so beautiful, I’ll sell it cheaper.” That boy raises three of his fingers. His eyes are shinning so bright and smiles friendly: “I just take three dollars.”

Dou Weir finds him so adorable and teases him. “But what should I do, Yi Yi doesn’t like to play toys?”

“Di Di (Younger brother) is a boy, boys love to play toys. Yi Yi should buy one for Di Di.” Nian Nian extends his chubby little hand and strokes Dou Weir’s baby bump.

Previously the time she played with the triplets, she told them that she have baby boy inside her. She didn’t expect that this will be his strategy to market his toys.

“Di Di will love A Yi (Auntie) even more when he gets a toy from you.” Nian Nian smiles even more.

Since Nian Nian knows about money, he seems to love money so much. It seems he gets the knowledge from heaven that money is a good thing.

Mama told him that he should find wise and just ways to earn money. He doesn’t really understand it but he knows that he should take things to trade to get money. It is called buying and selling, just like what his Papa did.

Since he got that knowledge, every time someone comes to his ouse, he will be happy to market his toys. At first he just asked whether they want to buy or not, he would be confused when someone said that they don’t want. But gradually, he gets a lot of ways.

After all he is just two years old boy, he has limited knowledge. He just sells each one for five dollars. But for the beautiful woman like Dou Weir, he just sells it for three dollars.

Every time Ye Qing Xin sees Nian Nian, she always laughs so hard.

“Xin Xin, are you planning to raise him as a money grubber?” Dou Weir’s heart is melting. “He is so young, yet he could say those kind of words. It seems that in the future he will be an expert at earning money. For making my son loves me even more, I also will buy one.”

Nian Nian hears that she wants to buy, his eyes just glistens. “Yi Yi, which one do you want to buy?”

“Nian Nian, which one do you think should buy?”

Nian Nian frowns and takes a look at his cars. He considers for a while then takes a car. “This blue is better for di Di.”


“Di Di and Mei Mei’s hands are small, it’s better to play with this one.” Nian Nian is choosing the smallest and lightest one. Nian Nian had seen Mei Mei plays with this car

Dou Weir holds Nian Nian and puts him on her leg. She hugs him. “Xin Xin, Nian Nian’s little brain is so smart. Oh, when I give birth, I’ll change with you.”

Ye Qing Xin is holding a toy to play with her daughter, she doesn’t even turn her head, she just says: “Wait till you have your own son, you will think that your son is the most handsome and the smartest one. He will be the best.”

Nian Nian gets his three coins and happily puts it inside the money bank.

Dou Weir holds the toy from Nian Nian. “What should I do with this?”

Ye Qing Xin: “Bring it home.”

“It’s not good idea??” Dou Weir looks at the toy, this toy is not cheap. How could she take it with just three dollars. Moreover, she just played around with the kids, how can it be real?

Ye Qing Xin seems to understand her hesitancy, she says frankly: “You think that this is just a game, but Nian Nian thinks that this is real. If you don’t take it, you will make trouble for his understanding.”

“Alright, next time I’ll give him the better one.” Dou Weir suddenly feels that in this business she is losing, but she doesn’t really care. She just puts the car inside her bag.

Nian Nian is so happy. Zhao Zhao is sitting down nearby, he is eating his fruit salad. Mu Mu is sitting down on his chair and listening to <<Di Zi Gui>>. He even repeats few words of it.

The two little baby girls are sitting down on their stroller. One of them is looking at their mother and one of them is watching the brothers.

The kids are not fighting or making any big noise, yet it feels crowded.

Dou Weir stuffs the car inside her bag and takes out her phone.

Ye Qing Xin notices it and says: “Don’t play your phone too long.”

“I’m just looking at WeiBo, I just need around two minutes.” Dou Weir looks at it and then she suddenly shows her phone to Ye Qing Xin. “Ma is receiving physical training, she is preparing to challenge herself to climb the Mt Everest.”

He family can successfully cover up the news of He Zhang Ju’s affair so few people know about it. Both families say that Chen Meng suddenly goes out to travel because she is bored.

Ye Qing Xin looks at it. The photo shows Chen Meng is wearing her sport suit.

She looks energetic, she doesn’t look brokenhearted anymore.

Ye Qing Xin approves how Chen Meng deals with her problem. Who says that those who are betrayed, need to feel down-spirited.

Dou Weir puts away her phone and feels thankful. “Honestly, I didn’t like her before, she was unreasonable and greedy. Yet after this she can change.”

“It’s just she is quite old, wouldn’t it be dangerous for her to climb the mountain?”

“I checked it, it’s okay. As long as you have money and you have no health problem. She also uses an expert climbing company. Ma will not play around with her body.”

Dou Weir doesn’t stay at Nan Shan Mansion to have dinner. At four o’clock she goes home.

Chen Meng is going out to relieve her boredom, He Zhang Ju’s heart is not home yet. He Yun Xiao is working at the branch of the company. He family house looks so silent and cold. Dou Weir and He Ji Fan try their best to accompany the elders. He Shu E also often comes home.

Today is the New Year’s Day, He Shu E and Jing Zong are bringing gifts to He family. The maids are done preparing for the dinner. Old Madame He calls everyone to the dining room.

Dou Weir helps to serve a cup of vegetable soup for Old Madame He. He Yi Yi just comes home. She is bringing a birdcage. There’s big red-breasted parakeet inside.

“Nai Nai, I bring you a great thing.” He Yi Yi shows the bird. “It can say auspicious words. It’s very obedient. Come on, Chou Chou (Clown), talk to Nai Nai.”

The bird seems to be unhappy to be called that way. It starts be angry: “You are the clown, your whole family is a clown!”

Everyone is so shocked: “……”

He Yi Yi is shocked and slaps the bird cage angrily: “Little rascal, what nonsense you are talking about! Say nice things!”

The big red-breasted parakeet says: “Huh, I will not say anything, I want to make you angry!”

Everyone: “…..”

He Yi Yi is so furious that she puffs up her cheek. She glares at the bird.

“Yi Yi, where did you get this one? It’s quite smart.” Dou Weir laughs.

“Its my friend. I met Chou Chou there. That time it is so obedient and smart. It can say auspicious words, it even remembers <<San Zi Jing (Swearwords)>> and <<Bai Jia Xing (The Book of Family Names)>>. It can remembers several poems. My friend loves it so much. I tried so hard to let her to lend me for two days.”

He Yi Yi continues, “At first I planned to let it tease Nai Nai happy. Who knows it changes its temper so quickly.”

Old Madame He looks at her granddaughter with full affection. She smiles and says: “I’m happy that you have this kind of care attitude. Just put it there, let’s eat.”

He Yi Yi just wants to up. Yet the bird seems to hear the word “eat”. Its eye just turn bright and it opens up its wings. “Eat! Eat! Eat!….”

The bird is just a foodie. Everyone laughs so loud.

Old Madame He also laughs.

He Yi Yi says to the bird: “Huh, I’ll not give you anything to eat, I want to make you angry!”

“Master ~” The big red-breasted parakeet: “Beautiful master, I am your smartest and the cutest darling, Bao Bao (Darling) likes to eat corn.”

He Yi Yi: “Say few sentences of auspicious words first, if not, huh, I don’t have any food to let you eat.”

“Okay, okay okay, I’ll start to perform.” Now it seems to realize that its name is Chou Chou. For food, he is willing to do it.

“I wish Nai Nai to be as lucky as you wish. I wish everything you wish will happen. May your happiness be as immense as the East Sea. Long may you live….” The bird say those words. It is obvious its owner teaches it a lot of things.

Everyone is so amazed. Old Madame He is happy. Even the silent He Zhang Ju glances at the bird.

The big red-breasted parakeet is tired, it pants and says, “Woof woof” like a dog. Then he says: “You make Lao Zi (“I” in arrogant tone) tired….”

He Yi Yi glares at the bird: “What do you say?”

“ <Rumbling>….. Bao Bao (Darling) is tired. Master, can you give me some food? Bao Bao is hungry.”

He Yi Yi snorts and says: “In the future you need to listen to me, if not you will not have food to eat!”

The bird rumbles: “I have encountered rude and mean person.”

Everyone is laughing so hard.

The atmosphere in the house is turning lively and warm.

After the dinner, He Shu E and Jing Zong don’t go home directly. He Yi Yi is teasing the bird.

He Ji Fan notices that Dou Weir is looking at the bird, he thinks that she likes it so he says: “If you want, later on I’ll help you find one.”

“Forget it.” Dou Weir smiles: “I’m just looking, if you want me to raise it, I think I don’t have any patience to do it.”

“No need you to take care of it, we can ask someone to raise it.”

Dou Weir shakes her head, “No need.”

Both of them chat. While Old Madame He and He Shu E are chatting about Chen Meng.

“Today I called Sao Zi, she found a great climbing company, she is preparing to climb Mount Everest. Before that, she needs to train at least two years. I’m afraid she will not be back for three years.”

He Shu E intentionally says it to let He Zhang Ju hears it. Yet He Zhang Ju just sits down and doesn’t respond.

Old Madame He knows that He Zhang Ju hurts Chen Meng too much, she wants to reconcile them. She glances at He Zhang Ju. This family is in a mess because of his selfish action.

“It’s He family’s fault. We let Xiao Meng down.” Old Madame He sighs.

He Zhang Ju stands up: “I’ll go to the study room now.”

He Shu E looks at his figure and says to Old Madame He: “Ma, let me chat with him.”

Inside the study room.

He Zhang Ju sees He Shu E gets inside the room, he knows her intention. He sits down on the sofa and lights the cigarette.

“Da Ge, I remember when we were in senior high school. Da Sao is the belle of our school. There’s a man who likes her, yet Da Sao ignored him. She even lectured him, it made the man so embarrassed and hated her. That night after the self-study night Da Sao was stopped by him. Luckily you were there and you beat him hum till he was hospitalized for a year. That man’s family wanted to sue you, but Pa solved this matter.”

“After a long time, I heard you that it’s not lucky coincidence, you purposely followed her, that time you like her too.”

“Da Ge, I also have a very complicated experience of love, I have no right to say or to tell you anything. But don’t forget, you used to love Da Sao too much. You said that she has a bad temper, she cannot do serious matter, but when she was young, she had the same habit. She never studies well, she always knows how to play around. That time what did you see from her? Why did you like him? Is it real that there’s nothing you like from her anymore, is it really gone?”

“Climbing the mountain is not very easy, there’s big chance of accident. You really want her to take that big risk? If something bad happens to her, you will not regret it?”

After that, He Shu E just leaves.

He Zhang Ju can hear the sound of the engine of the car after a while.

He leans back on his sofa and closes his eyes.


The car passes the Jing City’s night street.

Jing Zong drives the car and suddenly says: “Arrange your work, make half month available, we also should go around to travel.”

He Shu E stops her mind and be startled: “Didn’t we just travel two months ago?”

“Let’s take advantage of our state, we still can walk, it’s better for us to travel around now.” Jing Zong says: “I also want to travel around as these years, we have no chance to go.”

“You keep on asking for days off, your superior has no problem about it?”

“I will be retired soon. What can he do to me?” Jing Zong is indifferent. For him right now, she is the most important thing. He has reached his limit, indeed he can reach even higher position, yet he has no ambition and energy for it.

He Shu E and Jing Zong hold hand.

After being remarried, they are even close than before.


Ye Qing Xin gets the information of them going to Sri Lanka to travel three days later.

She sees the their photo. Ye Qing Xin feels a bit of jealous about how free they are to travel.

Now if Ye Qing Xin wants to go to a place, she needs to think about the kids? Then about her work? About her study? about the elders.

Jing Bo Yuan has proposed to her to go to take wedding photos again, yet she cannot find any free time. She is so busy everyday. In her free time, she prefers to spend it with her kids.

But afterwards after their girls’ second birthday, seven of them go to take wedding pictures. It’s on July, it’s suitable to travel around.

She doesn’t feel it’s important to retake their wedding photos and have honeymoon, but Jing Bo Yuan seems to be persistence about it.

In the middle of January.

Ye Qing Guo finishes his drama shooting. He returns to Jing City. After three months of not meeting each other, Ye Qing Guo looks a bit different. He is happy to see his sister. He even brings gifts for her.

He is with Xu Jin Huan. Ye Qing Xin invites Xu Jin Huan to Nan Shan mansion to be a guest.

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