Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

Chapter 499

Chapter 499

Ye Qing Guo can stand very tall and straight right now. He is not as careless and rash. He can walk in proper rhythm. He is not walking like a little kid anymore.

Ye Qing Xin secretly wants Xu Jin Huan to be her future sister in-law. She pays attention to the food and etiquette On the way back home, she also calls Jing Bo Yuan to let him come home to have dinner.

Jing Bo Yuan hangs up. Then he picks up his telephone and dials his assistant.

He just says: “For the dinner with the T game company just inform vice-manager Qu to go.”

“This morning vice-manager Qu has appointment with Tian Yuan estate company.”

Jing Bo Yuan considers for a while then he decides, “Then you can substitute vice-manager Qu to meet Tian Yuan estate company.”

Luo Feng listens to it and be silent for a while. He shakes his head.

He doesn’t know what Ye Qing Xin plans with his boss.

At 06:50 p.m., Jing Bo Yuan comes home. Mu Mu is looking at the window, he looks at his Papa. He walks toward the door and helps Papa to pick up the slippers.

Jing Bo Yuan gets inside and sees his son’s black eyes. Mu Mu’s little hands are holding a pair of big slippers.

He bends down and holds his son, and changes his shoes.

NIan Nian is holding his money box, Zhao Zhao is holding his fruit bowl. Looking at Papa, all the boys come over.

Yet Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t look at them, he just directly goes to the stroller to look at his girls. They are squeaking and extending their hands toward him.

He puts down Mu Mu and then holds his girls.

“Tai Tai and the guests?” He kisses his girls and asks Auntie Zhang.

Auntie Zhang says: “She is at the study room Xiao Guo says that he wants to play chess so Tai Tai brings him over. Xu Xiao Jie (Ms Xu) is also there.”

Jing Bo Yuan nods and holds the girls. He goes upstair to greet the guests. After that he plays with the girls downstairs.

Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao are ignored, they are disappointed. The time their Papa sits down, they run toward him. They show their innocent eyes, they hope their Papa will notice them.

Jing Bo Yuan ignores it and then orders Nian Nian: “Bring Mei Mei (younger sister)’s toys over here.” Then he orders Zhao Zhao: “Bring Mei Mei’s glasses over here.”

After a while, Ye Qing Xin comes out of the study room, she is standing nearby for a while, watching Jing Bo Yuan orders their kids around. She unconsciously criticizes him to be biased.

When she returns back to the study room, Xu Jin Huan is still teaching Xiao Guo how to play with chess.

“Why does Xiao Guo want to play chess?”

Xu Jin Huan shakes her head: “Maybe because few days ago, he saw someone on set plays chess. He is a little kid, little kid is always like this. They always want to try what other people play.”

She just says it casually, but who knows suddenly Ye Qing Guo throws the chess piece on his hand and then walks away.

Xu Jin Huan is startled for a while then she asks Ye Qing Xin: “What happened to him, did I say something wrong?”

Ye Qing Xin is stupefied too, Ye Qing Guo never has a bad temper before. What is happening?

“I’ll go over and talk to him. You can sit down here first.”

“Let me go with you.”

Ye Qing Guo goes directly to his bedroom, he looks annoyed. The time two women get inside his room. He just pulls his blanket and covers his face.

“Xiao Guo, tell Jie Jie, why are you angry? Do you know that you are impolite?” Ye Qing Xin goes over and sits down on his bed. She is serious.

Ye Qing Guo is silent.

“Xiao Guo….”

“Jie Jie, I don’t want to say anything.” Ye Qing Guo cuts her off.

Ye Qing Xin: “….” It’s the first time Ye Qing Guo contradicts with her.

Xu Jin Huan frowns. She doesn’t know why he acts this way.

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t force him.

Xu Jin Huan tells Ye Qing Xin what happened to Ye Qing Guo recently. Ye Qing Xin says: “I’ll talk to him when he is calm.”

That night Ye Qing Guo doesn’t eat.

Xu Jin Huan says goodbye before she leaves. Ye Qing Guo just ignores her. Xu Jin Huan feels disappointed.

Ye Qing Xin waits till her children are sleeping, then she goes to the kitchen to take the hot food to Ye Qing Guo’s room.

Ye Qing Guo is sitting down close to the window and daydreaming. He is twenty two years old now, he looks more mature. The time he is quite, he is charming.

“Xiao Guo.” Ye Qing Xin comes over with the food and asks softly: “Are you hungry?”

Ye Qing Guo looks at her and his eyes are glistening.

“Eat a bit.” Ye Qing Xin doesn’t rushing. She doesn’t ask him why he is angry.

Ye Qing Guo doesn’t say anything else and just eats.

“Slow down.” Ye Qing Xin says. She wipes the rice on his mouth.

Ye Qing Guo suddenly stops and looks at Ye Qing Xin. “Jie Jie, I’m not a little kid.”

Ye Qing Xin is startled and says happily: “So?”

“Jie Jie! I’m not a little kid!”

Ye Qing Guo is serious, he looks furious.

Ye Qing Xin just thinks it’s a joke. It’s the first time Ye Qing Guo stresses the point that he is not a kid. In the past, he always said that he doesn’t want to grow up because he wants to eat chocolate.

Ye Qing Xin suddenly recalls what happened before. Ye Qing Guo was angry because what Xu Jin Huan said about him being a kid…

“So were you angry because what Xu Jie Jie said about you being a kid?”

Ye Qing Guo lowers his head and pursues his lips. He stresses one more time: “Jie Jie, I’m not a kid.”

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