Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 1043 - Major, I Am Very Serious

Chapter 1043: Major, I Am Very Serious

Ye Tingyun said, “Perhaps I have been careless.”

The Black Rose’s ability to come and go unpredictably was not something that anyone could grasp. No one could be blamed for this matter. They were always late by a step. This made Ye Ling very anxious. The calmer he seemed, the more anxious he felt within.

After Xie Jinghuan reached Colombia, he had to go back hurriedly due to something big that happened in New York that affected the whole intelligence company. The two teams belonging to Jack and Mu Yuan were in the castle. The atmosphere was very sullen.

Jack sat on the balcony on the second floor by himself.

The sky in Columbia was exceptionally clear.

It was very blue.

He held a cigar in his mouth. The smoke was lingering. Mu Yuan walked slowly up the flight of stairs and took away the cigar in his mouth. He smoked once and leaped up, sitting by his side. He slightly pulled his collar, revealing a section of honey-colored skin and a sexy collarbone. He smoked away as his adam’s apple slightly slid. He was 30-percent blurred, 20-percent innocent and 50-percent sexy. He seemed to be asking for people to commit a crime. Jack’s adam’s apple slightly slid. He stared at Mu Yuan’s collarbone for a moment.

He hurriedly shifted his gaze away.

Mu Yuan was seductive without knowing it.

“Why are you hiding by yourself upstairs and smoking?” The smell of tobacco made his muddled brain a little soberer. He was under high pressure on the way here. Mu Yuan felt very tensed, and Jack also felt the same way.

Jack was able to deal with stress better than Mu Yuan.

He was older by two years and was frequently involved in highly stressful work.

“Sunbathing,” Jack said. “My brain needs to rest.”

Mu Yuan said, “Ah Ling is already on the verge of breaking down.”

“I can tell.”

Jack said, “Xiaoyuan, if you fall into the hands of the enemy and I do not know if you are alive or dead in three days, I’m afraid I will be extremely anxious. He can fight it better than me.”

“Come on. Are you so weak?”

Jack was silent.

It was not that he was too weak.

“Xiaoyuan, you… ”

You are too important.

There was no way for him to keep on going if he did not know whether Mu Yuan was dead or alive. Hence, they fixed a rule for each other. Unless it was a necessary mission and they had to break off all communication, they had to keep in touch at least once every three days.

Mu Yuan breathed in a mouthful of the cigar and blew it at Jack. It was as if he was letting him breathe in second-hand smoke on purpose. Jack choked on the smoke and could not help himself from kicking Mu Yuan. Mu Yuan smiled heartily. “Don’t worry unnecessarily. We’ll talk about it when that moment is here.”

Jack took away the cigar that was in between his fingers. He took a puff and was also feeling vexed.

“I have been tracking the Black Rose for one year already,” Jack said. “I’ve been tracking her down intermittently and continuously, but I could not find any reliable information all along. There were a few times which I had gotten tip-offs, but what I received were the bodies of the spies. That’s really a provocation. A provocation to a huge country.”

“But when there’s no way, there’s no way.”

“I put in so much effort and arranged for two people to go in, but I seemed to be blinded. They could not pass on any news to me, and they also did not leave any messages,” Jack said. “I’m not afraid of coming face-to-face with the enemy and also not afraid of bare mountains and dangerous rivers. I’m only afraid of being helpless.”

Jack rarely talked to Mu Yuan about stress at work.

This was the first time that he voiced out his thoughts.

Mu Yuan said, “You never mentioned these to me before?”

“How many times can we reunite in a year? The number of times that I kiss you is already not enough, where can I have the time to chat with you?”

“… ” Mu Yuan was astonished.

What the…!

The heartache that had just risen was being pushed back in.

Mu Yuan followed Jack’s action and also kicked him in the leg.

“Be more serious.”

“Major, I am very serious.”

The sun cast a shadow on Jack’s face. It made his eyes look deeper. Mu Yuan’s heart pounded. “If the Black Rose is settled, I’ll take one month of leave.”

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