Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Summoned and going to the palace

March 31, 2017Ai Hrist

Lin Chujiu was so cautious, but if she knows what Prince Xiao is thinking right now. She might even want to cry

After she gets back to her own courtyard, Lin Chujiu ignored Shanhu and Feicuis eyes that were full of praise and worship. And just sits in a chair and ask them to prepare her water because she wanted to take a bath.

Yes, Wangfei (Princess) Shanhu and Feicui readily obey her more than even before. The respect and worship that they currently showing almost blinded Zhenzhu and Manaos eyes.

Whats wrong with those two? They just went out, but they completely change?

Zhenzhu and Manao look at each other and both of them seems at a loss so they look at Lin Chujiu. But, when they saw Lin Chujiu sitting like an ordinary person, they couldnt help but smile and pretend that they didnt see anything.

The princess they serve never treat herself like a princess and doesnt hide it in front of them. Which they dont know if its good or bad for her.

And if Prince Xiao suddenly asks them, how will they answer him?

Well Didnt they disregard her as Princess Xiao before? So, how could they forget about it? Why are they getting worried that Lin Chujiu doesnt act like a princess now?

Lin Chujiu doesnt know what these maidservants are thinking. Of course, even if she knows she wont keep it to her heart. After all, just like what Zhenzhu and Manao had thought, Lin Chujiu never think herself as Princess Xiao.

For her, Prince Xiaos Mansion is a temporary place that can provide her a safe asylum. And if she doesnt have the ability or if Xiao Tianyao doesnt see her pleasing to his eyes. Then, she has no choice but to go.

After bathing, Lin Chujiu had lunch and rest for a bit to give herself a time to digest. Then she went to her room and sleep to prepare herself when she takes care, Cao Lin, tonight. But

Lin Chujius plan is perfect, but the reality is harsh. She was sleeping for only half an hour, but suddenly Zhenzhu woke her up because Xiao Tianyao wants to see her.

Now, she is staying in Prince Xiaos Mansion. She was eating for free and doesnt pay a rent. So, if the landlord summoned her, she should go quickly.

Zhenzhu prepares a dress for Lin Chujiu so she could dress up, but she flatly refused and said: Just prepare the usual.

A fifteen-year-old girl is still a youth age so how could she refuse wearing a beautiful flower design dress?

Leaving no other choice. Zhenzhu could only put a thin layer of powder to Lin Chujius face to put some spirit and make her look like a refine lady.

Fortunately, Lin Chujiu didnt refuse this time. After all, her blood is in a worse condition due to the chronic poison so she looks rather poor.

With the guidance of Zhenzhu and Manao, Lin Chujiu arrived at Haotian Courtyard. But, Lin Chujiu could only enter after notifying Xiao Tianyao.

Inside the house, the walls, desk, and chairs were painted in dark color. A dull person would definitely feel suffocate when he sees such place.

When Lin Chujiu came in, she saw Xiao Tianyao wearing a black robe while sitting near the desk. His domineering appearance rushes over to her and made her breathless.

The powder in Lin Chujius face couldnt cover up the sweat in her forehead. As if she was now kneeling under the sun from the outside.

Wangye (Prince). Lin Chujiu was having a difficulty to spit out a word. As if she was praying. But

Xiao Tianyao is a man that doesnt understand the word humor. He didnt suppress his domineering aura and pressure, but rather made it stronger. Because of this, Lin Chujiu felt her internal organs seems to squeeze like a ball and felt a terrible pain.

Stop and save it to someone else!

A strong man should let go a lady.

Lin Chujiu was crying inside her heart and could only silently whisper to Xiao Tianyao. After a few more minutes, Lin Chujiu felt like her internal organs are like a fish that were swimming endlessly. And if she crushes them, thats only when she feel relieved.

Lin Chujius lips parted a bit and blood started flowing like a blossoming red flower.

Lin Chujiu tried to raise her heavy hand and wipe the blood on her mouth. Shes afraid that she could no longer stand up, so she tried to speak again: Wangye (Prince), you call for me

Every word she speaks is like a shout inside her heart. And because of pain, Lin Chujiu couldnt help but curl her body a bit.

Fortunately, Xiao Tianyao doesnt really want to take her life. So, when he saw blood starts to flow in her mouth and she wipes it out. Xiao Tianyao finally recovers his pressure on her.

Sit. A single word that a person wont dare to refuse.

Lin Chujiu look around a bit and sit in a chair that is farthest to Xiao Tianyaos locations.

This man is simply death himself. He was still injured but he deliberately uses his pressure on her again and again. Does he want to die? But, if he wants to die he can die alone. She still doesnt want to die, so

In order to keep her small life, she needs to stay far away from Xiao Tianyao.

The atmosphere inside the house went back to normal. Although its still boring, but it is much better than before. Lin Chujiu secretly adjust her breathing. And when she finally smooth her breath. She heard Xiao Tinayaos voice: Who is your teacher?

Lin Chujiu wanted to make things easy as possible. So, she doesnt want to use or borrow someone else name to make her story broad: Replying to Wangye (Prince), I dont know my masters name. All I know is that he is a very kind person that teach me medicine every night and lend me a book. After ten days, he returns and visits me once again to get back the book.

So, dont ask and look for evidence. This elder sister wont be able to get her medical diploma.

Is that so? Xiao Tianyao said in his gorgeous voice. But, the sound of his voice also has a trace of disbelief.

Lin Chujiu only bow down her head and didnt say a word.

You dont believe me? If you dont believe me then go check it out! The only thing you will see is that this elder sister is now using your last name!

Lin Chujiu almost forgot that she married Xiao Tianyao. So now the maiden name she should use in formal occasions is Xiao and not Lin anymore.

However, Xiao Tianyao didnt ask her again and only tap his finger to the armrest of his wheelchair. The sound of it seems like knocking the human heart. And a dull person wouldnt dare to say anything.

Lin Chujiu wants to flee, but she actually didnt dare too!

Lin Chujiu thought that Xiao Tianyao will continue tapping until she had a mental breakdown. But, suddenly Xiao Tianyao ask: How sure are you that you can save Cao Lin?

Originally, I save him with a 75-25 chance before. But now, its only 50-50 chance. Lin Chujiu replied.

Hmm? Xiao Tianyao made a dissatisfied sound, even though he didnt say it. So, Lin Chujiu could only tell why and made an honest reply: Wangye (Prince), I was injured.

After she speaks, Lin Chujiu didnt forget to cough as if she was coughing out a mouthful blood!

In fact, Lin Chujiu didnt lie because Xiao Tianyao pressure earlier is too strong. If he used it to an average person, that person wont be able to hold it. And Lin Chujiu felt like dying.

Fragile. Xiao Tianyao said his cold evaluation and made Lin Chujiu almost spit out blood once again.

Xiao Tianyao thought that she only has a rough skin and flesh. But, who would have thought that she is a veteran liar?

She is timid and her body is fragile? This girl is really good ah!

Benwang (This prince) orders you to save Cao Lin. And if your medical skills are not useful Xiao Tianyao said and paused. Lin Chujiu look at Xiao Tianyao disturbed face and thought: You dont want me to live, right?

But, Cao Lins injury is not my fault!

Lin Chujiu felt very disappointed. But still, Xiao Tianyao continue said without any feelings: Then you dont have to live. My mansion is not a place for useless people. So, if you want to stay you need to prove that you are useful.

Lin Chujiu know that he is not only a ruthless man but also vexatious. So, she could helplessly say: I understand.

After all, she has no other choice. She has no one to rely on, so she can only let this bastard bully her.

Very good, you can leave! Xiao Tianyao is very satisfied because Lin Chujiu is well-behaved.

Lin Chujiu no longer want to stay. So, she turns around and takes a step. But, suddenly Xiao Tianyao stopped her: Wait.

Lin Chujiu turn around and was about to ask Xiao Tianyao what happened when she heard his words: After three days, in the palace.

Lin Chujiu thought it was something big, but it was only about the palace. So, Lin Chujiu felt relieved. She believes that with Xiao Tianyao the people from the palace wont dare to bully her. After all, if they bully her it can be said that they are tampering Prince Xiaos face. But

Lin Chujiu feeling relieved is too early. After all, Xiao Tianyao next sentence is: You will go there alone!

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