Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 534 - Wangfei, so black (Part 1)

Chapter 534: Wangfei, so black (Part 1)

No need to say that the people of the Zhang Family were not stupid. At this moment, no matter how stupid they were, they knew that they have been tricked by Lin Chujiu!

What have face injury and doesn’t want to see people? Lin Chujiu was simply hiding in the dark conveniently and see their jokes.

“Xiao Wangfei is really hateful.” The Manager of Zhang in the Central Empire was so angry that he threw his beloved teapot.

If he will not throw it away, he doesn’t know how he will vent his anger!

Because they didn’t do so well in this matter, the people who were aware of this incident must be laughing at them.

“There is also Xiao Wangye. He clearly knows that it’s not Xiao Wangfei. But when our people sent this news, he pretended to be ruthless and said that he wouldn’t let our Zhang Family go. He simply wants to see our Zhang Family become a big joke.” The more The Manager of Zhang thought about it, the more he gets angry and worried… …

He was worried about how the Zhang Family of the Central Empire will be angry once they learned about this news!

Calculating the time, the cargo ship should have arrived in the Central Empire at this time. The Zhang Family did this to vent their anger to Xiao Wangye, but it turned out…

They tied the wrong goods.

“The person we kidnapped was not Xiao Wangfei, then who is that?” The Manager of the Zhang Family asked again.

Lin Chujiu was the only young lady who attended the banquet hosted by Princess Fushou Zhang that day. There was no reason to tie the wrong person.

“Could it be that we tied up the second young lady of the Lin family? But that’s not right, the second young lady of the Lin family is still unmarried, she should still be a fresh little girl, but I checked that person on the boat personally, and that person who was kidnapped already has broken body.” He couldn’t think of any young lady aside from Lin Chujiu.

“Did they died a maidservant? Can’t they see the difference between a noble young lady and a maidservant?” The Manager of the Zhang Family couldn’t think that they tied Princess Fushou Zhang, because… …

For everyone, Princess Fushou Zhang died. So no matter how hard they thought, they would never think of a dead person.

And the Manager of the Zhang Family wouldn’t dare to talk about it in public, so he could only ponder about it himself…

It’s just, he has to write a letter to the Central Empire to tell this matter to the people in the Zhang Family, that they have tied the wrong person. And don’t use this to threaten and humiliate Xiao Wangye.

“This time I really suffered a big loss. If I didn’t learn that I tied up the wrong person, I will offend Xiao Wangye to death. I don’t know if this will cause trouble to the Zhang family.” The Manager of the Zhang Family never put Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu in his eyes at all, but… …

When the news came from the front line that Xiao Tianyao killed the three martial gods of the Central Empire. the Manager of the Zhang Family could not ignore Xiao Tianyao.

Whether it was in the Eastern Country or the Central Empire, they respected the strong. With Xiao Tianyao’s ability, he could kill three martial gods of the Central Empire.

Although the Central Empire could not rest assured to such a man, they wouldn’t jump out to kill him. If Xiao Tianyao were smarter, once he came to the Central Empire, he would attach himself to the large noble family soon. With the protection of the large noble family, even the emperor would have to worry about one or two things.

At that time, Xiao Tianyao, who is backed by a large noble family, it won’t be too difficult for him to clean up the Zhang family, right?

And even if Xiao Tianyao doesn’t depend on the large noble family, doesn’t the Hua family owe them a favor?

As long as Xiao Tianyao was not stupid, the Hua family will look after him because of his strength.

“This is troublesome…” The Manager of the Zhang Family regretted it.

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