Raising Boss's Twins After Transmigration

Raising Boss's Twins After Transmigration




Raising Boss's Twins After Transmigration

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Su Luo woke up to a pair of twins gathering around her bed joyfully calling her “Mommy!”

She had been single for more than twenty years now, how did she end up with children? What was going on?

Gu Zhan’s eyes were red as he said furiously. “Su Luo! You’re too much! You can dislike me all you want, fine, but you’re disowning your own children?

Su Luo, who suddenly became a b*tch. “Hey mister, I have plenty of questions myself!”

The two little ones cautiously tugged Su Luo’s sleeve as they said. “Mommy, we will be good children, please don’t disown us?”

Gu Zhan looked aggrieved. “Luoluo~”

Su Luo eyed the two poor little things and thought. “Alright then, I can become a mother without any pain. Plus, I have a handsome husband to boot. No harm done.”

[Character setting] Suo Luo: A scheming, cute money lover. Good at cooking and fighting. Have an unfriendly character. Gu Zhan: devoted, outwardly domineering, but a softie inside.

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