Valerian Empire

Chapter 118 (END) - Epilogue

Chapter 118: Epilogue

“There, I think it’s done,” Daisy, the elderly woman murmured as she pulled a piece of hair from the young girls head from the front, placing it at the side of her temple, “What do you think Ms Sylvia?”

Sylvia who had been looking out of the window, turned around to smile looking at Katie, “It looks perfect. Just like how a beautiful bride should look. My, don’t be nervous!” she said seeing Katie smile nervously.

“I have a lot of butterflies in my stomach right now,” Katie said staring at her reflection in the oval mirror on the wall. When she turned her head to the side she could see the white roses that was placed at the back of her hair.

After a few weeks of their return to Valeria from the south, one day when they were returning back after visiting her families grave Alexander had asked her hand in marriage and without a question she had said yes to him happily. She was fortunate to marry the one whom she had fallen in love with, she thought to herself. When he had asked her to marry him she was ecstatic but at the same time she was bothered by the fact that her time here was limited compared to him. She was human unlike him who was an immortal being where time didn’t count. Sensing her worry he had only smiled. He had then explained to her,

“Marriages are very tricky when it comes to humans and vampires. A vampire can turn a human into a half vampire, which doesn’t usually go according to what we have planned. There are risks of a half vampire turning rabid due to which most of them don’t turn their partners while some take up the risk, resulting in few successful and unsuccessful cases.”

“You wouldn’t turn me then,” she murmured looking down at her hands on her lap.

“That’s right. I rather have you with me as you grow old than risk your life to lose you in a blink of an eye.” She was exactly happy about it but she had made peace with it for sometime now, “However, you have nothing to worry about it,” he said making her look at him, “Silly fool, do you really think I would let your life tick away that easily? I am a dark witch with few certain powers which comes with freezing your life.”

“Does that mean…”

“You will live as long as I do. You will not age,not as a vampire but as a human,” he then pecked her lips.

She now sat in front of her dressing mirror, staring at her as she wore the white gown Elliot had tried buying for her when they had been to the Weaver’s shop.

Though Mr. Weaver had been controlled by witchcraft, even in those times his love for the dresses were too evident. The quality of cloth and the intricate details on it were breathtaking. It was done with so much precision and care, every thread perfectly going in and out of the material. He must have made the dresses in memory of his daughter, thought Katie as she ran her hand over her lap, feeling the fabric under her fingers.

The matter regarding the witches had eventually settled down after many years, and for now they knew there wouldn’t be any riots caused in the Empire. On their way home, Alexander had told her that the head council, Reuben was also part of the plan they had set. The head council at the end moment had helped on setting up Alexander for the murder which Ester and Lord Norman were responsible for so that Alexander could end the issue. Even the documents that were lost when Malphus had left Myhtweald before his death had somehow reached Alexander’s hand the night the massacre had taken place around thirteen years ago, which made it easier to track down the other witches who hadn’t appeared that night. All in all everything had gone well and most of the witches were burnt to death while there were still few that who were on the run.

With both the south Lord and the Lady dead, the council had decided to pass the Lordship of the South empire to the eldest son, Malphus Crook. Thinking about it, Katie smiled. It was also sad that she wouldn’t be seeing her friendly ghost much as he had an entire land to look after now.

“Being nervous before the wedding is completely normal,” her dear friend Annabelle stated interrupting her thoughts as she walked towards the bed to pick up the veil, “I was so nervous that I almost ran out of my wedding,”

“Not almost, you did run. Annabelle didn’t want to marry,” Katie pointed out the fact making her friend smile at the fond memory.

“What happened then?” the elderly woman asked curious.

“Katie convinced me to get back, telling that things would get better and that who knows, Donovan might be the right man. And I’m glad she convinced me because he was the right one,” Annabelle smiled warmly making Daisy place a hand on her chest.

Once Katie was ready, all the ladies left the room so that she could spend some time alone. She now stood up from the seat and looked at herself, the transparent veil pinned at the back of her head.

Going over to the window, she leaned over to see the guests had disappeared since the last time she had peeked out. A steady knock at the door startled her and she turned around to see Elliot standing there with his white suit.

“You look beautiful,” he said coming to stand near her, his eyes dewy, “I knew this dress would suite you the best. I have matched my clothes with you just so you don’t feel out of place,” he said making Katie laugh.

“Thank you, Elliot. For everything,” she said looking at him, “Especially for, you know, to be the one to walk down the aisle and for looking out for me.”

“I’m fortunate to have that place. You have grown well Katie. The way you are now, you compliment him well.” he smiled this time without adding any jokes.

“Sir Elliot, it is time,” one of the maid came to announce at the door.

The wedding was placed in the same estate, not far from the mansion. The guests had already arrived along with the groom standing at the altar while waiting for the bride.

Elliot and Katherine arrived at the destination in a carriage. The music began to play in the background once they were down. She placed her hand on Elliot’s extended hand ready to walk, feeling her heart thump with every step she took forward. With so many eyes on her she made sure to concentrate her eyes on the vase of flowers which was placed behind the altar in between the lord and the priest to avoid the nervous feeling she felt. When Katie finally took a look at Alexander, she felt her lips go dry. He stood tall next to the priest, wearing a black suit with a clean white shirt. His black hair combed back slickly, to allow her to see his intimidating red eyes drink in her appearance.

Her eyes shied away from him, unable to keep up with the intensity he was looking at her but she kept a brave smile just like Elliot did while walking next to him. Once she reached where Alexander was, Elliot let go of her hand to go and stand on the other side as Alexander’s best man. Soon the wedding ceremony began and they began to exchange vows before the the priest announced them as husband and wife.

Elliot was the first one to have the wedding dance with Katie. Many guests had arrived at the wedding. The council, the Lord’s from other empires, high class vampires but also the humans. Quill Travers and Caroline Barton were present there too. Quill who had been speaking to one of the guest looked at the bride and smiled, she looked the prettiest when she smiled. His step sister wasn’t happy though who was sitting next to him at a table with an unhappy expression not that it mattered. As the song came to an end Katie heard someone ask her,

“May I have a dance with you Milady?” It was Malphus. Taking Elliot’s place, he bowed at Katie before he led her for another dance.

“How are you doing?” she asked him.

“Not bad. My father left the south empire in quite some mess, bringing it back to shape is going to take some time. A lot of work,” and he then said, “You look very happy.”

“I am,” she nodded with a smile, “Silas is here too. He doesn’t look happy,” she noted seeing the his sibling sit at one of the table with a grumpy expression.

“Haha, don’t heed to his mood swings. He’s been like that for sometime now. He was too stubborn to go but hearing I was going he tagged along. I will miss being your guard.”

“Me too,” she said a little sad.

“You can visit me with Lord Alexander,” he said.

Completing the dance, he bowed his head again and then let her hand go, walking towards where his brother sat. Silas seeing Malphus walk past him got up from his seat to follow his brother.

“Are we leaving?” Silas asked catching up with Malphus, “Is it alright? Leaving without saying anything?”

“It is,” Malphus replied getting into the carriage knowing what Silas was hinting at, “We have lots of work to do and you haven’t completed your paperwork yet. Come on now.”

Back at the wedding, Alexander had one of his hand around Katie’s waist and the other holding her hand while she rested the side of her head on his chest, swaying to the slow music. She smiled feeling Alexander tighten his hold on her. To know that she would be the one to spend the rest of her life with him, she looked up at him.

“Something bothering you?” he asked her, tenderly moving the piece of her strand away from her face.

“I feel like everything is a dream like it’s so unreal that I am you wife now, and you are my husband,” she said.

“Don’t worry yourself about pointless things,” he said, “With the days and nights that are yet to come, I will make sure to imprint it in your mind and every part of you that you belong to me and I to you.”

He then leaned down to place a loving kiss on her lips which she returned back with same vigor.

“I heard something from Malphus,” she said after pulling back making him tilt his head in question.

“And what might that be?”

“The charm stone you gave me, you didn’t really buy the charm stone from the carnival but personally made it for me,” she revealed to see the side of his lips quirk up. He said, “Knowing how trouble kept finding you, I had to do something,” he then pulled her close to him. When he whispered the next words she felt her heart melt,

“The spider just couldn’t resist to leave this butterfly alone.”

—- THE END —

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