Valerian Empire

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Moon signs- Part 2

The Lord of Valeria hadn’t spoken much after she had turned to a maid. But then she didn’t get to see him much except for the mornings which sometimes was rare too.

There were times when she saw him asleep in the morning in his bed and she would just stand there staring at his peaceful face but soon would shake her head and continue her work quietly. The more she saw him, the more infatuated she was with him and sometimes she would stare at the window outside with a cloth in her hand doing nothing but dream until Daisy or someone would clear their throat.

“They sure are lively at the back side of the mansion,” Elliot whistled looking at the the people outside the window from Alexander’s study. Alexander was lying down on the sofa with his eyes closed.

It was Katie, Dorthy and Corey who had gone out to hang the freshly washed clothes laughing and sprinkling water childishly at each other.

“I am glad she’s made friends,” Sylvia commented looking up from the book she was reading and straining her neck to look outside as she sat right next to the window and continued with a smile, “When she was little it was really hard to get her to speak if I’m not wrong he was her friend back then but human memory fades away quickly.”

“May be this time it’ll be more than a friend,” Elliot commented narrowing his eyes suspiciously and Sylvia shook her head before going back to her book. He glanced towards his friend. He had seen Katie’s neck and there was no mark.

Vampires mostly bind their other half but the one that forms the bond are at the receiving end and Elliot wondered if Alexander felt anything at all.

He then asked, “What do you think Alexander?”

“If you have time to chit-chat why don’t you complete the paperwork on the table,” Alexander asked without opening his eyes.

“You’re mean Alexander!” Elliot pouted turning his back to the window, “What happened to the wolf which you had got her from the forest?” he asked.

“It’s in the horse-shed, having a better use guarding the other animals,” Alexander opened his eyes to look at the ceiling.

Evening had passed by setting the sun and bring the starry sky. Katie was doing a quick errand at night of filling water in the jug in the kitchen for the Lord before going to bed when she saw Corey sitting next to the burning logs with a book in his hand. There was only a small boy apart from him who was busy cleaning the slab.

“That’s surprising,” Katie commented looking at Corey reading a book, “You’re reading a book.”

“And it’s surprising because…” he prompted.

“Not meaning to be judgmental but from the place I come from it is rare to find a man with a book in his hand at this hour. It is only scholars or men who aspire to be in the council read while others indulge themselves in other things,” she said taking a seat next him.

“Like women?” Corey chuckled tilting his head.

“I was going for the word fist-fighting but yes that one too.” They were now alone in the kitchen with the crackling fire of the logs, the boy had left.

Katie always found her cousin Ralph charming women when he often visited her in the library she worked in before. She had to forbid him to visit her at her work place. He mostly let his fist talk than his mouth. She missed him, “So what are you reading?”

“Actually I was going to read this cookbook but found this inside it,” Corey whispered taking the torn paper from the book and sitting closer to the fire place that was heating a pot of water in it, “It is a list of the supernatural signs. Though its not all of them. We humans are not allowed to read such things that are written on the vampires.”

“There are separate signs? I thought they shared the same sun signs as ours,” Katie leaned forward to have a look at the parchment with him.

The paper wasn’t taken from the book but was instead written by someone. It was a scruff handwriting and Katie read it,

“After my wife was burned alive as she was a dark witch, I decided to write down the nature of all the beings and realized that they didn’t fit in the sun signs of humans.These are the signs that I have come across in my time. We believe every person has two sides like the day and night but the theory doesn’t hold anymore. After doing my research and exploration I found that the creatures that descended down on our lands had their own signs. It was called the Moon Signs.”

“Bear. These signs usually mind their work instead of poking their nose where it doesn’t belong. Meeting a bear you might think you know them for a long time due to their warm nature. But when angered they turn violent.

Spider. You might think he is sad with the gloominess he holds around himself but don’t be fooled by the spider. While you were thinking about helping him he was only planning to trap you in his web with his sweet antics.

Tortoise. They are usually slow but steady in enough to make decisions when in trouble. After all the tortoise has lived longer than you would have guessed, gathering knowledge during his life span to survive.

Wolf. These creatures are mostly hot-blooded and territorial by nature. They have immense strength be it mental or physical. They like to have their way.

Vulture. If you are seeking for advice this is one sign you should avoid. The vultures usually hunt for people’s weakness for their advantage.”

“They are just five of them here,” Katie said turning around the paper, “And it seems like it was burnt,” she said showing the lightly shaded brown at the edges.

“Put it in the fire,” he said letting the parchment burn, “If given the opportunity I would like to be a wolf. What about you?”

“I think I’m okay with my current sun sign,” she smiled looking at the parchment burn completely.

“Ow,” Corey said suddenly holding one of his eyes, “I think something went in my eye.”

“Don’t rub it that way. It’s going to increase the irritation. Let me see,” Katie asked swatting his hand away and taking a look at his eye that had turned red, making her own eye tear up looking at it. To support herself she placed one of her hand on his shoulder. Finding the small dust-like particle she carefully removed it with her finger.

“Thank you, Katie. I’m glad you were here to save my eye. How can I repay you?” he thanked her and she smiled.

“If so you can take up tomorrow’s cleaning,” she said making him laugh and heard someone across the room.

Looking up she saw the Lord of Valeria standing in the kitchen staring at them.

His shirt’s top three buttons were unbuttoned, leaving his chest exposed while he wore black cotton slacks. Standing like that, he was a fantasy from her day dreaming. His hair was slightly wet and it made Katie wonder since how long she was in the kitchen. When her heart began thudding she saw the Lord’s eyes move from Corey to her. He noticed!

“I’ll be going then. Goodnight,” Corey bowed at both of them quickly and walked out of the room leaving Katie with Alexander alone.

“Here,” Alexander said giving the jug looking at Katie silently. She had forgotten about the water he had asked her in the process of reading the paper!

She felt like running away as she went to refill the water. Alexander was quietly watching her and it made her head fuzzy. She could feel his unwavering eyes on her. She knew he could hear her heart beat. Forget that! Even she could hear it ringing in her ears.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she felt him move from the entrance of the kitchen, thinking he had gone back to his room.

“Katherine,” Alexander spoke standing behind her.

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