Real or Fake Missy : Female Side Boss Character Does Not Want to Die

Chapter 207 - Chen Shens Plan

Chen Shen made an appointment to meet Shen You at a restaurant in the city center.

Although Shen You didn’t have a good impression of Chen Shen, she didn’t reject.

She really wanted to know what deal Chen Shen and Shen Jiao had stricken, which had made the two collude with one another.

When Shen You arrived at the restaurant, she looked inside and easily found Chen Shen.

Chen Shen was a man who looked very energetic with a good temperament.

It was no wonder that many young ladies were chasing after Chen Shen.

Shen You came to the table, greeted him politely, and sat down.

Chen Shen looked at Shen You and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. “You do look very different from previously.”

“Previously?” Shen you looked at Chen Shen strangely. “Uncle Chen, have we come into contact before?”

Chen Shen smiled enigmatically and said, “Order whatever you want.”

Shen You did not stand on ceremony. She took the menu and ordered the most expensive dishes on it.

Chen Shen did not say anything. He even looked at Shen You dotingly as she ordered the dishes.

After ordering the dishes and waiting quietly, Shen You finally could not hold it in any longer. She asked, “Uncle Chen, let’s be frank. Why did you ask me to come here?”

Chen Shen revealed a satisfied smile as if he was waiting for Shen You to ask a question.

“You know about the engagement between Shen Jiao and me, right?” Chen Shen looked at Shen You, and his face was full of smiles.

“I know. It’s just a transaction.” Shen You nodded and directly exposed him.

“You’re very smart, but not smart enough,” Chen Shen said, the expression on his face looked a little strange.

“What do you mean?” Shen You looked at Chen Shen cautiously.

“Between her and me is not just a transaction.” Chen Shen opened his mouth again.

“Or rather, our goal is not this transaction.” Chen Shen said strange things which almost confused Shen You.

“I think I don’t need to know what the two of you are going to do.” Shen You interrupted Chen Shen.

“You just need to tell me why you asked me to come today!” Shen You said impolitely.

Chen Shen was stunned for a moment, then he revealed a smile of admiration. “Good! I like candid people!”

“I know you and Shen Jiao are not the Shen family’s biological daughters. So you don’t have the right to inherit the Shen family’s property.” Chen Shen was sort of instigating.

“I hope that you both can join hands and help me seize the Shen family’s property!” Chen Shen finally revealed his true colors.

Shen You revealed a strange expression. “Aren’t you and Shen Hao on good terms?”

“On good terms? Where did you get that from?” Chen Shen’s expression became even gloomier.

“If it’s not because of him, I wouldn’t have ended up this way!” Chen Shen’s eyes revealed hatred.

“Let me tell you, I can’t wait to eat his flesh and drink his blood!” Chen Shen said, gritting his teeth.

Shen You didn’t expect Chen Shen to hate Shen Hao so much.

She moved backward slightly and said, “Then, what do you want me to do?”

“Join hands with Shen Jiao and make Shen Hao divide the property,” Chen Shen shared his thoughts.

“Next, what you can do is…” Chen Shen leaned forward slightly and whispered to Shen You.

When Shen You heard Chen Shen’s plan, her eyes could not help but widen.

Chen Shen was not trying to seize the family property, he was trying to put Shen Hao to death!

Shen You did not agree with Chen Shen immediately. She told him that she still needed to think about it.

Chen Shen did not reject, but only said, “If you know your background, I’m afraid you won’t reject my suggestion!”

Shen You bit her lip slightly and did not continue with the topic.

After a meal that she could not swallow, Shen You rushed back to the coffee shop.

When she returned to her room, Shen You called Huo Xiao.

After he heard Chen Shen’s suggestion from Shen You, he instantly told Shen You not to act rashly. He would be there soon.

The two of them combed through Chen Shen’s suggestion in Shen You’s room.

“It seems that Chen Shen wants your father, ah, no, it’s Shen Hao, to die without a burial place!” Huo Xiao could not help but sigh.

In Chen Shen’s plan, he had plotted against the Huo family, Zhao family, Ling family, and even the Wu family.

Chen Shen planned to make these big families all the collateral victims of Shen Hao so that he could annex Shen Hao’s assets and even shake the status of the big families.

For such a plan, not to mention one or two years of planning, it would probably take more than 10 years.

What had Shen Hao done to Chen Shen that made him hate him to the bone!

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