Real or Fake Missy : Female Side Boss Character Does Not Want to Die

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: How Do I Cling to You?

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Zhu Ge was beaten up, but he could only mutter a few words to himself. He didn’t have the temper to scold him back.

He sighed and leaned against the back of the chair, sitting up straight.

At this moment, he didn’t dare to be so close to Shen You anymore!

Shen You looked at Zhao Nan’s actions inexplicably, and then looked at Zhu Ge’s respectful manner toward her…

She shrugged and returned to her seat.

“Why did you ask me to stop just now?” Shen You asked the system in dissatisfaction.

The system replied helplessly, “If you’re not afraid of being hunted down, of course you can…”

“The last time you dodged a bullet was because it was an accident!” The system said leisurely, “But if you deliberately did it…”

“Hunt me down? Who will hunt me down?” Shen You was curious.

“Those brainless girls with big boobs?” Shen you laughed.

Shen You naturally knew that Huo Xiao had a bunch of crazy fangirls.

Although those girls were crazy when they did things, it wasn’t to the extent of hunting her down!

Moreover, those people might not even be able to hunt her down!

The more Shen You thought about it, the more pleased she became.

At this moment, the system poured cold water on her, “You have underestimated the madness of women!”

Shen You shrugged indifferently.

“Moreover…” the system spoke again, “Do you think there are only women?”

“Don’t tell me there are men, too?” Shen You asked in disbelief, her gaze subconsciously glancing at Huo Xiao.

The system coughed and said, “Don’t misunderstand! It’s the Huo family’s bodyguards who won’t let you off!”

“Bodyguards? Huo Xiao still brings bodyguards?” Shen you couldn’t help but look around in surprise. “Are they nearby? Why can’t I see them?”

“Naturally, they’re somewhere that you can’t see… or they might be people you can’t imagine!” The system said meaningfully.

Shen You couldn’t help but be even more stunned. “There’s also such operations… Then how do I stimulate him?”

“I just found out that stimulating him is the fastest way to obtain luck value!” Shen You said unwillingly.

“He’s like a rubber ball, a little more luck will leak out when you poke him!” Shen You chuckled, and her expression looked a little silly…

“You can think of other ways,” the system suggested.

“Psychological stimulation is often more likely to cause emotional fluctuations than physical stimulation,” the system explained patiently. “Don’t you think that getting more luck value, emotional fluctuations and changes are the key?”

Hearing the system’s words, Shen You instantly widened her eyes, “So that’s how it works!”

“Since you already know it, hurry up and act!” The system urged, not forgetting to leave a word before leaving, “Good luck!”

After ending the conversation with the system, she began to think. “How can I make Huo Xiao’s emotions fluctuate?”

Shen You turned her scrutinizing gaze towards Huo Xiao..

Huo Xiao felt that Shen You was staring at him the entire day.

He did not want to care about it, but Shen You did not seem to realize it at all.

Finally, he could not hold it in anymore. He gritted his teeth and asked, “What on earth do you want?”

Shen You’s mind was full of thoughts. To make Huo Xiao’s emotions fluctuate, she had to be by his side at all times!

Hearing Huo Xiao’s question, Shen You subconsciously replied, “How do I cling to you?”

Upon hearing this, Huo Xiao’s eyes widened. “What did you say?”

Shen You was startled by Huo Xiao’s voice and only then did she come back to her senses.

“Ah… I’m sorry, I was distracted!” Shen You looked at Huo Xiao and replied indifferently, “I was thinking about how I could always be by your side.”

Upon hearing Shen You’s serious answer, Huo Xiao’s face flushed red.

The surrounding people heard their conversation and held back their laughter.

Zhu Ge, however, burst into laughter from behind. “Shen You, are you going to pursue Huo Xiao?”

“Pursue?” Shen you thought for a moment. “That’s fine, too!”

Hearing Shen You’s words, Huo Xiao’s blushed even more.

Xie Xiao sat in the front row and turned to look at Shen You. Her eyes were filled with admiration…

Shen Jiao’s eyes were filled with disdain.

Lu Man sat in her seat and sneered, “A clown! You’re indeed from the countryside!”

Shen You slowly turned around and faced Lu Man, “So what if coming from the countryside?”

“A person from the countryside has less meat than you?” Shen You said as her gaze swept over Lu Man.

Lu Man subconsciously covered her chest and snorted, “Low class!”

Shen You sneered, “I didn’t say anything! If you think of something low class, it can only mean that your thinking is low class!”

Seeing that she could not win against Shen You, Lu Man did not speak anymore.

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