Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1933 - 1933: It seems possible to win, doesn’t it?

Chapter 1933: It seems possible to win, doesn’t it?

The Prime Minister and the Great General were greatly alarmed, and hastily moved to get in-between Bai Yutian and Bai Chen. “Your Majesty, calm down, the Fourth Prince is only momentarily confused… Fourth Prince, quickly leave… His Majesty is already furious, and I’m afraid that he seriously will kill all of you…”

The Eastern Sky King’s roar shook the heavens and the earth. “Get out of the way! If you don’t, this emperor will butcher you all together!”

Tyrannical killing intent beat down on them, and Dongfang Youmeng and Ximen Wusheng were beaten into retreating again and again. Their faces were wholly flushed red. Even if it was those old established powerhouses like Dongfang Youmeng and Ximen Wusheng, they were still actually incapable of resisting the Eastern Sky King’s might. After impeding it for only a moment, they were already a spent force like an arrow at the end of its flight…

Although it was only his prestige for the moment, it had already put on display the cultivation level of the Eastern Sky King’s body. He had seriously already achieved great heights, enough to shake the old and illuminate the new!

Bai Chen reached out a hand, and had already used his arm to block Wan’er and Xiu’er behind him. He actually hadn’t retreated even half a step, and his eyes were calmly and attentively watching his crazily raging father. His eyes were completely calm like a land of ice and snow.

While this takes a while to explain, it all happened very quickly.

Two voices cried out in surprise at almost the exact same time. Dongfang Youmeng and Ximen Wusheng staggeringly retreated one after another. The Eastern Sky King’s tall and sturdy body, though, had already arrived above Bai Chen. Ruthlessly, he slapped his palm down!

The Eastern Sky King clearly was filled with anger and resentment, and his killing intent was distinct to the utmost. Although this one palm didn’t display his full power, it was still about eighty percent or more of his power!

This level of power was also the limit of what the Eastern Sky King was capable of controlling as he desired!

Any powerhouse has this sort of limit at their extremes. When they used power beyond this level, it might be too hard to take back or control it once mobilized. Bai Yutian was admittedly extremely angry, and was determined to ferociously lecture his son, but this palm’s power still fell into the category of power that he could freely manipulate. He was still always unable to seriously kill his own son!


Bai Chen suddenly shouted, and unexpectedly raised his palm to meet his father’s. With a big “boom”, both palms came together. The Eastern Sky King’s figure suddenly shook in midair, and fell to the ground. Bai Chen, though, actually staggered out seven or eight steps.

Pleasant surprises were unexpectedly coming one right after the other. Again there was a new and rare matter cropping up, but indeed… what was before their eyes, was it considered to be a pleasant surprise or a frightening one?!

The Fourth Prince’ cultivation level… when was it this unexpectedly excellent of a high realm?

After this one palm, although it seemed as though Bai Chen had fallen into a disadvantageous position, he nevertheless straightened his back to stand motionless and stiffly receive the attack. The Eastern Sky King had already formed his powerful assault, but Bai Chen unexpectedly just received it without any preparation. He only withdrew seven or eight steps, and didn’t even spit blood out of his mouth. This sort of cultivation level was definitely challenging to define exactly, but… a conservative evaluation also put it above the Prime Minister’s and Great General’s!

“In the end, how are you willing to just agree?” Bai Chen angrily yelled. “I am a man, could it be that I’m not even allowed to choose the women I love?!”

“You fart, I can’t agree with this in any case whatsoever!” Eastern Sky King Bai Yutian snarled as he flew into a fit of rage.

“If I beat you! Will you agree to it?!” Bai Chen gave an explosive yell.

This sudden declaration caused the Prime Minister and Great General’s jaws to drop open as they simultaneously stared in astonishment. They nearly didn’t believe their own ears!

What had they just heard?

The Fourth Prince said… he wants to defeat His Majesty?

Defeat His Majesty?


Am I dreaming?

I’m definitely dreaming, how else would I be able to hear this absurd of an argument!?

The Eastern Sky King’s approaching momentum was arrested by Bai Chen’s unusually swift and powerful counterattacking yell, and his body came to a halt in midair, after which he fell back down to the ground. With a bizarre gaze, he looked at Bai Chen. “What did you just say?”

Bai Chen, upright and unafraid, said, “Son Official inquires Father Emperor. If Son Official can defeat Father Emperor, can Father Emperor agree to the matters between us or can’t you?!”

“Hahahaha…” Eastern Sky King laughed his head off at the top of his lungs. “Defeat me? Haha, good good good… If you little bastard are truly capable of defeating this emperor? Not only will this emperor recognize those two’s identities, I’ll personally host your wedding… If you really have this kind of strength, then why should you bury your head in the sand again? You don’t need some sort of modest scheme to install them as your wives, wouldn’t it just be good to directly make them your wives?”

He made fun of his son as he stared on. “Naturally… the premise of all of this is that you are able to achieve this.”

Bai Chen’s whole body unexpectedly shivered. With both eyes shining bright, he gazed at his Father Emperor. “Monarch is not joking?!”

The Eastern Sky King gave a cold snort. “Naturally this monarch is not joking! Just, boy, do you seriously have this kind of true strength?!”

“Monarch is not joking, Son Official thanks you for your favor!” Bai Chen’s eyes lit up dazzlingly. “Carefully setting an auspicious date does not beat seizing an opportunity. Son Official would like to issue a challenge to Father Emperor today! Hope Father Emperor is capable of remembering the commitment made just now!”

The Eastern Sky King stared at his son like a falcon for a good long time, grimly laughing. “This emperor already said that this monarch was not joking about this matter. The commitment will naturally be kept. This emperor bestows upon you this opportunity for your cherished desires, use your strength to come take it!”

Bai Chen gave one long hiss, his body remaining straightly upright. His upper body was unmoving, his lower body didn’t shift, and his position didn’t change at all.

However, Young Master Bai’s entire vigor already had a radical change!

In a single moment, this Young Master Bai had astonishingly shifted from a cultured and refined aristocratic young master and instead become a sword sharp enough to startle the heavens!

The sword qi was dense, and directly entered the 9th layer!

But Young Master Bai’s waist stood straight, supporting his long body to stand firm like a handsome jade in front of the Eastern Sky King!

It was also at this moment that Eastern Sky’s Prime Minister Dongfang Youmeng and Great General Ximen Wusheng unexpectedly had a strange sort of misconception unexpectedly appear.

It seemed as though it was also a fellow ruler that had come out, and that he claimed he was an equal to His Majesty the Sky King, whom they had given their whole life’s loyalty and devotion to!

Regardless of his vigor or his majestic presence, he wasn’t the slightest bit panicked, and also hadn’t fallen the slightest bit into a disadvantageous position.

But the Eastern Sky King’s complexion was also unprecedentedly dignified.

His attention was fully on his son. Suddenly, he gave a faint laugh. His rage of beforehand naturally no longer existed, and he clearly was thoroughly cool-headed. “Bai Chen, boy, it seems you’ve come prepared today, ah!”

Bai Chen smiled, and his vigor nevertheless got stronger and stronger.

“Since childhood you’ve always been scheming to surpass others, and your considerations have been comprehensive. You calculate what people don’t calculate, and you think of what other people don’t expect. Today, you’ve come before me, and first used this matter to infuriate me, then took the opportunity to battle with me. I’m convinced that your true objective is inevitably not just limited to you wanting to marry these two women! Fine, if you want to say something, just spit it out at the end of the battle!”

“Even though you have some sort of crafty scheme, this emperor’s commitment remains unchanging.”

“So long as you can win, boy, you may receive the commitment of this emperor!”

The Eastern Sky King stood in this place, as broad as a mountain and as deep and profound as the ocean. He was really endlessly abstruse, to an immeasurable degree.

“Son, come, battle!”

“Son Official has offended!”

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