Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1934 - Can you still remember?

Chapter 1934: Can you still remember?

The old ancestor of all the Eastern Sky’s civil officials, Prime Minister Dongfang Youmeng, truly felt as though he was dreaming at this moment. The chief martial general of the Eastern Sky, Ximen Wusheng, also had this sort of feeling, but he felt it even a little more intensely. He was completely shocked…

What did I just see?

What did I just hear?

The Fourth Prince unexpectedly… directly challenged the Great Emperor!

And the outcome of this would decide the marriage positions of those two women?!

But, the Great Emperor, he still agreed!


Would you dare to make this even more ridiculous than it already is?!

“Come with me!”

Eastern Sky King Bai Yutian deeply gazed into his son’s eyes, and soon after soared up, flashing out of the middle of the main hall.

Bai Chen glanced towards Wan’er and Xiu’er briefly, indicating that the two women should be at ease. Afterwards, his body also changed into a strand of white light as he accompanied the Eastern Sky King and left.

Father and son, these two people, with one ahead and one behind, disappeared just like that.

This battle, regardless of who was victorious in the end, could not have people spectating.

Even the big Prime Minister and the General were not capable of being exceptions to this!

Dongfang Youmeng and Ximen Wusheng, these two people, felt as if their brains had turned completely into mush. They had always heard about people’s brains getting flooded and so on, but they never expected such a melodramatic thing to happen to them.

But no matter how muddled their heads were, these two people still deeply knew one thing: with the Great Emperor’s personality, he wouldn’t agree to such a gambling battle if Bai Chen’s cultivation was any weaker than his own!

With the Great Emperor being this straightforward, it was proof of one thing: Bai Chen already possessed the qualifications to have a fair battle with the Great Emperor!

So much so that the Great Emperor didn’t have 100% assurance that he would have success within his grasp!

Again, what does this mean? What does this represent?

In this case it goes without saying!

These two people’s hearts were accidentally left in what was entirely a perilous situation, something that was unfolding on a magnificent scale.

The Human Realm Upon Heavens had unexpectedly also produced another peak expert on the Great Emperor level!

But this new Great Emperor was born out of the Eastern Sky, and was even the Eastern Sky Prince. Should they say this was lucky, or unlucky?!

“Ai…” Dongfeng Youmeng gave a long sigh. With a bitter smile, he shook his head. He obviously had a mind to say something, but again for a long time did not speak. His long-time colleague Ximen Wusheng understood him completely, and also gave a bitter smile and a shake of the head in return.

These two people knew each other’s worries, because they were both thinking the same thing. How many of the capital’s princes were lingering around the Eternal Life Stage, scrambling for power and profit and scheming against each other? They had already completely disregarded Bai Chen and thought of him as having withdrawn from the fight for imperial power among brothers.

They had scarcely realized that this Fourth Prince, without a sound, had already reached a height that they had dreamed of all their lives, and would probably never reach!

There was no longer any suspense as to who would be the inheritor of the Eastern Sky King!

Furthermore, with this strength that Bai Chen possessed, as well as his foundation in the House of Chaotic Storms that he had established, the foundation of the Eastern Sky was perhaps already beneath his eyes. If he had it, it would perhaps be nice, but without it he wouldn’t be all that frustrated!

The two people had come to the same conclusion without consulting each other, and their eyes had a flash of shock, or maybe terror, flash through them as they arrived at this unimaginable conclusion. They felt out of sorts in their heads. This feeling, they couldn’t help but say, was just truly… too him!

Just at this time, the two people suddenly felt a difference on their bodies. Turning their heads to look, they couldn’t help but be startled.

Really, just after they mentioned a person, just muttering a sentence about him, and here his mother walks in the door?!

“These officials pay respect to the Heaven Empress.”

Actually they didn’t know when Meng Huaiqing had appeared in the entrance gate to the main palace hall.

Meng Huaiqing faintly smiled and nodded her head, strolling inside. Her eyebrows were tightly locked together and her expression extremely complicated as she looked at Wan’er and Xiu’er, for a long time not opening her mouth to speak.

Wan’er and Xiu’er managed to calm down, but their small hands were already damp with sweat.

Their hearts threatened to beat right out of their chests.

“Congratulations Heaven Empress, congratulations to the Heaven Empress.” Dongfang Youmeng and Ximen Wusheng simultaneously uttered.

“What happiness do I have?” Meng Huaiqing’s phoenix eyes swept the room.

“Fourth Prince’s cultivation level has already reached the top peak of the Human Realm. With the Empress having a child like this, this can be said to be the fortune of Eastern Sky!” Dongfang Youmeng said.

This was too subtle this time, as the priority was to report only the good news and not the bad!

“This trouble long ago exceeded common sense. Perhaps it is better for all of you to actually think this way about today’s affair. With this disturbance in the Eastern Sky, everything is entirely unknown…” Meng Huaiqing sighed.

This son of hers had been a deep schemer ever since he was a child, with deep plans and distant thoughts. Even though she was his mother, ever since he was ten odd years old, she had no idea what he was thinking in his heart anymore…

Even with today’s battle, she had no idea what he was thinking.

Such a big matter between father and son had already started, and she didn’t have the least bit of understanding as to what was really going on…

Meng Huaiqing thought to here, and again couldn’t help but sigh. Looking over at Wan’er and Xiu’er, she couldn’t help but recall her final disciple Su Yeyue.

Yeyue, this disciple, was someone she had seriously thrown her whole heart into taking care of. In her own words, she praised this treasured disciple as inevitably being the future number one person in the Human Realm. On the one hand, this was admittedly sincere praise, but on the other hand there was no lack of other thoughts, as Meng Huaiqing wanted to play matchmaker between Bai Chen and Su Yeyue, thinking that would be the most ideal. If her son and disciple could get married, not only would they achieve a charming story for eternity, but this husband and wife pair had a very big chance of achieving the great undertaking of unifying the Human Realm Upon Heavens, but she hadn’t thought that…

“Wan’er, Xiu’er, this palace master has seen you already for a long time!” Meng Huaiqing looked at the two women, her tone unexpectedly a rarely-seen mild one.

“Yes, Empress is above, Wan’er and Xiu’er are courteous.” The two women hastily knelt down to salute, and executed their courtesies to be respectful.

These two women had followed at Bai Chen’s side from a time long ago, as early as when Young Master Bai was still Fourth Prince Bai they had already served at his side. The Eastern Sky Queen had known all along that they had existed, but their identities had radically changed in just one day.

“You all walking this road together and assisting each other really hasn’t been easy.” Meng Huaiqing mildly smiled. “I will say only this, Bai Chen’s vision really isn’t bad.”

The Heaven Empress hadn’t complimented the two beauties, but instead had said that their support had helped Young Master Bai. This nonetheless was a spontaneous show of kindness. To be capable of serving at Young Master Bai’s side, it went without saying that the two were beauties, but there were good-looking women aplenty in this world. Someone who was capable of serving for a long time was always rare, and to state it bluntly that the two women were capable of helping Young Master Bai in his undertaking was the biggest recognition the two women could be regarded with.

Wan’er and Xiu’er simultaneously had their faces flush red, and they lowered their heads, saying, “Empress has erroneously praised…”

“En…” Meng Huaiqing was lost in thought for a long time, and in a low voice, said, “This son of mine, we have never managed to stop… Actually, I can be considered to know a thing or two about your matters… three years ago, you met with a crisis that threatened to extinguish body and soul together… can you still remember?”

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