Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Revenge Is A Must In This Lifetime!

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The both of them live very close to each other. Since young, he had liked her and always viewed her as his wife. When he started working and earned a salary later on, he always tried to bring gifts back for her.

He gave her pocket money and bought clothes and snacks for her.

He really treated her as his wife from the bottom of his heart.

Yet, unexpectedly, he tragically fell for the schemes of Bai Youran and Gu Ruoqing.

In the previous lifetime, both of them paid a huge price because of this incident!

Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing publicized this incident everywhere and it was Mo Beihan who bore everything to protect her though her reputation was still destroyed.

The code of conduct was extremely stringent back then and because of this incident, he was punished, demoted and sent to do the most dangerous job.

When he returned after barely surviving, he had been doing everything to protect her in that period of time!

Nevertheless, this period of time was too disorganized and conservative thus she lived an extremely tragic life!

Everyone despised her. The composition of the Gu family was unfavorable from the start – her grandfather was a landlord while her grandmother was the daughter of a capitalist in the old Shanghai. This composition could be said to be extremely terrible!

Because of her incident, the entire Gu family led a hellish life.

She was mentally unstable and had a serious illness where she was bedridden. Under the constant blows, she broke down completely!

Gu Ruoqing! Bai Youran!

I will definitely make you two pay a huge price in this lifetime!

Gu Qingyao closed her eyes and began to search through her interspace!

She was extremely thrilled to be reborn and the fact that the interspace followed her excited her even further!

This interspace followed her for decades in the previous lifetime!

Around her ears was the sound of cars unique to this era and in her hands was a cotton blanket also unique to this era. Looking at the wide range of supplies in her interspace, Gu Qingyao’s lips tugged up!

She discovered this interspace half a year after the incident in her previous lifetime. The entire interspace was divided into two portions – one was a storage of which time was still and could only store inanimate objects.

On the other hand, humans could enter the other portion.

This was a special interspace with land and water sources but the interspace was not huge, with a span of approximately ten acres.

This interspace contained all the different herbs, fruits and flowers that she planted in her previous lifetime. There was even a house Mo Beihan and her built together and it had a complete range of living necessities.

After encountering that incident in her previous lifetime, everyone shunned her and this worsened the Gu family’s already tough life.

She wanted to commit suicide but ended up discovering this interspace by accident.

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