Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Rich Supply

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The time in the space was very different from the world outside. All plants and fruits matured within a short period of time. Family members always cared for her. Under their care, she forced herself to push through in order to bring more food to the family.

Food was the most scarce resource in the seventies. Many died from starvation.

The Gu family always could get equivalent food for the amount of work done due to the family’s bad reputation. She could ensure sufficient food supply with this space.

After she was richer, she started to store all kinds of supply into the space storehouse. Mo Beihan was promoted and the Gu family was flourishing and left for the capital.

People in the capital all attacked her under envy as Mo Beihan cared for her. They mocked her with her nightmares, especially Bai Youran.

She did not like the capital and thus Mo Beihan would take her around the country as long as he was free. They went to explore different things and taste different food.

She bought a lot of stuff from elsewhere during the trips and put into her space. Some of the ingredients that her brothers needed for restaurants and food companies came from her!

That was a good way of saving money!

She liked to stock up resources in her previous life as she had no budget. Currently, the supply in her space was rich.

There were at least a hundred thousand kilograms of rice, fifty thousand kilograms of flour, thirty thousand kilograms of cornflour, ten thousand boxes of noodle. All the beans and coarse food could add up to be fifty thousand kilograms as well.

She purposely purchased all of them in large numbers for her family’s restaurants and supermarkets’ uses. It was really cheap to buy in large quantities from the origin of production.

Besides the carbohydrates, they were full of fruits and meat as well!

Mo Beihan brought her to Tibet by car more than once. They travelled around in a large lorry and purchased lots of meat. Together with some of the special local products, there were around twenty thousand kilograms.

They went to the countryside and purchased many chickens and eggs.

Eggs were in high demand for her family’s food company, so she always purchased a lot of them. There were about fifty thousand eggs in the space storehouse.

Mo Beihan knew that she was enjoying the process of stocking up food and told her that the space might appear for a reason. Maybe it was going to be the end of the world or they were about to travel into the past.

He told her to stock up more. If one day they travelled back, her space could be used to raise an army or be bandits for once…

She was amused at that moment and enjoyed the stocking up process more.

She had at least two thousand roasted ducks. No one knew if they would travel to the past or face the end of the world soon.

She definitely needed to have enough food for all her family members and friends.

She had enough carbohydrates like rice and flour then she went on to buy all cooked food.

There were more than ten thousand little steamed buns as she purchased one steamer by one steamer; plenty of cakes as well. She even had a few hundreds of those popular types of cakes in stock for the celebration of family members’ birthdays.

She had more than five hundred Szechuan hotpot and her favourite crawfish.

She bought a thousand kilograms of cooked crawfish and placed them in a stainless bucket as her family members all liked to eat. She could take out some as long as she wanted to eat.

The time in the space storehouse was static. All food was in their original states. No matter how long had passed, hot food would still come out as hot food.

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