Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Back to Town

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All roasted chicken, grilled chicken, duck soup, goose soup, grilled fish, grilled lamb leg, barbeque meat were purchased in hundreds. She did not need to worry where these foods would end up as her family owned hotels and restaurants.

Mo Beihan brought her to travel to the southern region and visited many planting facilities owned by fruit farmers. Some farmers faced difficulties in selling their products due to unforeseen situations. She spent 5,000 dollars to buy thirty kilograms of oranges and 30,000 dollars to buy around sixty kilograms of yellow peaches.

Yellow peaches!

They were sold at 10 dollars per five hundred grams or higher in the capital. However, people there struggled to sell all those fruits.

Many people in the developed cities could not afford fruits as they had no savings at the end of every month. Fruits in the facilities here were rotten and could only serve as fertilizer.

She spent a thousand dollars to purchase watermelons. She was really in love with how giant and sweet the watermelons were. The owner was even willing to let her take all the watermelons for free.

Two thousand dollars allowed her to buy a countless number of cabbages. Cabbage price was dependent on the market demand. It could range from 10 dollars per cabbage to a few dollars.

However, she did not need to care about demand.

She could place everything into her storehouse. Prices for ingredients like radish or winter melon could be neglected. The prices would be totally different when the restaurants use those to make dishes in the capital.

Mo Beihan also brought her to the sea and bought plenty of seafood like fish, prawns, crabs, seaweed and especially the crawfish. They were in high demand when summer came.

Though her space storehouse could not store any live things, she just needed to ice the seafood and they would never go bad inside.

The space storehouse was huge and could store many things. It was really worth the price to purchase things from their origin of production. In order to consume the supply inside, she opened a few restaurants and supermarkets…

Gu Qingyao closed her eyes and counted the stock in her space. In her previous life, Mo Beihan brought her to travel around the country and stocked up all kinds of supply. After stocking up for ten to twenty years, she had everything she needed inside the space, more complete than a supermarket!

There were all kinds of clothes, shoes, bags, fabrics, all cooking condiments and seasonings. She even had special local products from everywhere in the country.

Gu Qingyao swallowed her saliva and suddenly felt the hunger…

Now she was in the seventies where food was always in shortage. It was rare to see meat and people were constantly starving.

There was plenty of food in the space that could be eaten right away. She even had cooked rice and porridge for her own convenience.

She really wanted to take out and eat now!

However, Mo Beihan was very vigilant. She did not dare to do that with him at the side.

Never mind!

She was satisfied enough with her rebirth as her sufferings in her previous life had ceased. Furthermore, she managed to bring back all the supply.

Though a lot of the supply was sold, there were plenty of them left still!

She did not expect that Mo Beihan’s joke would become the reality now!

However, it was not the end of the world or travelling back to ancient times. She was reborn in the seventies!

Her family would not starve anymore!

She took a short nap and reached the town after forty minutes.

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