Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 980 - Untitled

Chapter 980: Untitled

“Zhong Guangping, how dare you treat me like that!”

Zhou Furong was angry and resentful. “She can’t have a son but you obey her in everything. Why should you treat me like that? I would treat you…”

“That’s enough!” Zhong Guangping cut her off. “There’s nothing at all between us. Zhou Furong, I’ll let you off once to show respect for the Mo family. If I ever find out that you’ve bullied my wife again, I’ll teach you a lesson.

“Don’t think that I, Zhong Guangping, will be afraid of you just because you’re part of the Mo family. Even if your mother is Old Master Mo’s sister, your surname is still Zhou. Now the Mo family’s oldest grandson, Mo Beihan, is in charge of the Mo family. I would like to see if this young master will offend me, Zhong Guangping, for the sake of you, a poor and very distant relative. Hmph!”

Zhong Guangping ignored Zhou Furong. He supported Zheng Lin and turned to leave.

Zhou Furong’s brain was ringing. She could not accept that Zhong Guangping still despised her even though she was now the Mo family’s young lady.

“Stop! Stop! Zhong Guangping, the Mo family will not let you off. Stop… ahahah…”

Zhou Furong screamed in rage. A crowd had gathered to watch the show. When they saw that Zhou Furong looked like a crazy woman, they scattered in fear.

Look at her. A young lady?


Zhong Guangping helped Zheng Lin away and consoled her. “If you ever meet this crazy woman again, don’t stand on ceremony with her. Don’t let her bully you.”

Zheng Lin’s eyes were still red. “I was not afraid of her in the past, but… but once I think of Yuan Yuan, I remember we don’t even have a child by our side now. I…”

“Stop letting your imagination run wild!” Zhong Guangping interrupted her. “Lin Lin, the child belongs to both of us. You’re not the only one at fault when Yuan Yuan went missing. I am to blame as well. Also, this is a new world. Don’t dwell on what those people think. A child belongs to us, be it a son or a daughter. Of course it’s nice to have a son and a daughter, but the fact that we don’t have a son just shows that it is not our fate. A daughter is enough. Don’t always feel that you have wronged me.

“You always feel guilty that your health was damaged and that you can’t give me a son. Why don’t you consider how your health was damaged? It was damaged in giving me a daughter; it’s not as if you injured yourself for no reason.”

Zheng Lin was startled. She had not expected Zhong Guangping to say something like that and be so protective of her.

She was very touched. What a good husband!

Zhong Guangping sighed when he saw that his wife was crying again. He grabbed Zheng Lin by the shoulder and said earnestly, “Lin Lin, does your world only consist of your child? What about me? I’m your husband. I’m the person that you’re closest to. I’m the one who will walk through life with you. Have you spared a thought for me all these years?

“I’ve already lost my only daughter. We have searched for her for so many years to no avail. If you carry on like that, will I lose you too?”

Zheng Lin was shocked. She fell into his arms. “I’m sorry! Sorry, it is all my fault. I… I did not take good care of Yuan Yuan, and I did not take good care of you. I… wuwuwuwu…”

Zhong Guangping gently patted her back and consoled her. “All right. I will carry on searching for Yuan Yuan. But you must promise me that you will be strong. Didn’t a fortune teller once tell us that Yuan Yuan is very lucky and will have a good life? In the future, she will meet someone who will protect her. We will wait for Yuan Yuan’s return together, all right?”


The next morning, Gu Qingyao brought some food and went to the hospital with Mo Beihan to visit Zhong Bingyuan.

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