Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 118.2 - You are Silly as well (2)

Chapter 118 You are Silly as well (2)

That night, Su Yanyi received another report from Kang Zhong: Qin Zhenyi, as a father, transferred the 2% of shares he had obtained to Qin Chu’s name in order to comfort him. Now, Qin Chu held 4% of shares. Under Kang Zhong’s arrangement, the person who had contacted Qin Chu to buy his shares made various excuses to buy the remaining 2% of shares he had obtained.

Su Yanyi was naturally supportive of this and mobilised a large sum of funds from her personal account to coordinate with Kang Zhong. They definitely needed to obtain the 4% of shares from Qin Chu!

The Qin Chu right now was no longer the Qin Chu of the past who wanted to obtain more of the Qin Family’s wealth, but was now someone who’s head was only filled with thoughts of revenge towards Qin Haowen and the Qin family. Thus, he needed a large amount of money and this 4% of shares was his only means of obtaining it.

As for would happen to the shares after he sold them, Qin Chu didn’t care.

On the second day after they returned home, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran resumed their morning training sessions. The weather outside was really not bad so after the two of them trained on their own for a bit, they started sparring. After that, they held hands as they went on a walk in their backyard until they reached the tree that Su Yanyi had planted. They saw the image of a forceful (?) and luscious tree.

Perhaps it still wasn’t strong, but it was already towering with a mix of green and golden leaves. In the sunlight, it looked like it was glittering. It was so beautiful it looked like an ancient painting, lively but still elegant.

“This tree…” Qin Jiran had only said two words but he just didn’t know how to continue on. He hadn’t even seen such a tree in jungle at the Su family’s base and it had already grown such in a short span of a few months. It really left one feeling weirded out.

This tree wasn’t spiritual or something right? Or did this tree grow so big because it was fed hormones? Qin Jiran’s imagination was running wild but Su Yanyi had already tugged on his hand and led them beneath the tree. The closer they got, the more clearly they could see the gold lining of the leaves. It really had the feeling of making one go blind.

Upon seeing the glittering tree, Su Yanyi thought about the gold gemstone she had bought at the Banquet. Before leaving the Banquet, she had already asked Corey to send the item to the Su Family’s main house which she had already put in the empty space yesterday. After that, she had been busy preparing dinner and had forgotten to ask 001.

[001.] Su Yanyi summoned internally. In a split second, 001’s avatar appeared in front of her. Don’t know if 001 had lost the plot or it had been poisoned, but it was actually only wearing a bathrobe when it appeared.

[Master, I was just bathing. Did you have something to say?] 001 blinked her big eyes. That manner of it was very similar to Su Nuo; two white little feet folded together without shame, making Su Yanyi frown.

Having a System which liked to act cute really was a test of endurance!

[The System also needs to bathe? Do you want me to reformat you such that you’re even cleaner?] Su Yanyi asked in a cold voice. She always felt that if she didn’t manage it, this 001’s way of acting cute and coquettish would get even worse.

[That’s fine, that’s fine. I won’t bathe anymore, I’m already very clean.] 001 frowned with its little face as it hurried to reject her offer. Seeing its owner unhappy, it didn’t dare to continue acting naughty anymore. In an instant, its bathrobe disappeared though its new clothes weren’t that much more normal.

Su Yanyi looked at the 001 who was in a rabbit costume and bared with it, finally choosing to ignore it.

[What use does that golden gemstone have?] Because there was limited time during the auction, it had only given a rough reason. Su Yanyi had always been suspicious of the System’s existence and now, she was even more suspicious.

[The energy stone can raise the System’s abilities, allowing the System to become more complete. Master, you’ve only completed three level missions to reach level four so you should have an idea of what’s going on. There will definitely be a big surprise for you.] Talking about the golden gemstone made 001 reply very excitedly.

[As long it’s not a bad surprise.] Actually upon further consideration, the System’s missions were very childish but it did help to advance their relationship. However, Su Yanyi suddenly thought: what was she working so hard to complete the missions for? Was it to allow the System to level up? She always felt that whether the System levelled up or not didn’t make much of a difference.

[Say, what benefits are there when the System levels up?] Su Yanyi asked frankly, making 001 freeze.

[There are definitely benefits. When the System levels up, its functions also level up and can even unlock new functions. Beloved Master, I’m actually very useful, it’s just that you don’t really use me so you don’t feel it!] 001 demonstrated how wronged she felt. Being despised by its Master was really so tragic.

After Su Yanyi had heard this, she knew that she had been neglecting its functions too much. However, she was used to relying on herself so she never relied on the System. Even now, she felt that it was a good habit and had no intention of changing. She had put in so much effort to level up the System, maybe it was a kind of bigotry or OCD towards the level up function; she was always thinking about how to level it up to the max level.

[How many levels does the System have?] Su Yanyi asked all of a sudden. This was a question that had been overlooked by her.

[10 levels, 100 points! 100 out of 100 makes a virtuous wife! Master, are you intending to work towards 100 points? I’ll definitely do my best to support you!] 001 waved her little fist and was even more excited than Su Yanyi.

“Yanyi, what are you thinking about? Do you still want to stroll around this area, then I’ll go make breakfast first?” Qin Jiran watched as Su Yanyi seemed to be lost in thought and lightly held her hand as he asked.

“Let’s go back together and come back another time.” Her instincts told her that the story behind the growth of the this tree was definitely shocking.

While Su Yanyi was busy buying up the Qin Corp’s shares, she also leaked news regarding Qin Corp to the public such as the internal fighting within the family as well as the brawl between the two sons. Another example would be the Qin Corp’s investment failure. It seemed as though there was negative news regarding the Qin Corp every day, making the value of Qin Corp drop further and further, unable to rise. A few minor shareholders who hadn’t originally wanted to sell their shares now began to have these thoughts.

These minor shareholders were businessmen and became shareholders of Qin Corp to earn money but now that Qin Corp’s situation was unstable and were always like a flower subject to rain and wind, they couldn’t help but to think of their own interests. After all, money didn’t fall from the sky.

As for Su Yanyi, she made use of this opportunity where the minor shareholders were reconsidering to very generously buy up these shares!

At the end of the fourth month, which was about half a month after Su Yanyi had returned from her honeymoon, she finally obtained 25% of Qin Corp’s shares; 3% came from Mother Su, 2% had been exchanged with Ling Tianyue, 4% was bought from Qin Chu while 2% was bought from Qin Ying. The remainder had been obtained from the minor shareholders.

Which was to say that now the Qin family elder had 28%, second brother Qin Zhenyi and third brother Qin Zhenren had 18%. The remaining 11% belonged to various shareholders whom Su Yanyi wanted to continue buying out.

Actually, Qin Ying still had 3% shares. Originally, Qin Zhenren gave her 5% but she sold of 2% to do business. Although Qin Zhenren was very supportive and had given her quite a lot of capital, she kept losing money. Finally, she had been provoked by the people around her and sold off some shares. However, she knew that this kind of thing was hard to account for to her family so she had only sold of 2%. Su Yanyi wasn’t anxious though; if she could sell off 2%, she could sell of her remaining 3%. Su Yanyi could wait!

Right now, Su Yanyi had become the second largest shareholder of Qin Corp. It was just that outsiders didn’t know about it and Su Yanyi had been extremely secretive about it. Even the Qin family only knew that there was a change in a few of the minor shareholders but they weren’t too worried about it.

However, Qin Zhenyi was extremely angry. His son’s matter still left him frustrated while there hadn’t been much development at the company. After struggling to get a loan to buy out two of the minor shareholders, he discovered that they had already been bought out. He not only worked for nothing, he even had to pay back the loan. He was so angry that he had smacked the table!

Just as he was considering whether or not he should pay back the loan first, an investment company came knocking on Qin Corp’s door. They said they had insider news and wanted to partner with Qin Corp and invest in a large scale shopping mall in a new district. However, they first proposed this project to Qin Zhenli but he did not announce this news. It was one of his men at Qin Zhenli’s side who had reported it to him (Qin Zhenyi), that’s why his heart was moved.

It had not been easy for him to get the loan, just returning it like that would be a loss to him. Why not use it for business? If the news was accurate and the city really was planning to establish a new district in the north, then this investment project would definitely be profitable. He would still earn money even after returning the loan with interest to the bank.

Qin Zhenyi’s heart was moved so he sent one of his underlings to liaise with that investor and the two of them met privately quite a few times. For some reason although this had been done very secretly, this was still exposed. Not just Qin Zhenli, even Qin Zhenren had received the news. After that, everyone in the Qin family had more considerations.

However, this was just the backdrop. The key thing still lay with Su Yanyi: she had collected 25% of Qin Corp’s shares and was preparing to give it to Qin Jiran.

After breakfast that day, Su Yanyi brought along Qin Jiran to the office. The lawyer had already been waiting at the company with two contracts on the table.

“Jiran, even though it still isn’t enough, even if it’s just half just accept my present first.” Su Yanyi pushed the contracts towards Qin Jiran for him to sign. As long as he signed, these shares would belong to him.

Qin Jiran had a look at the contracts. The figures on the page him a bit stunned. After staring blankly for a good while, he enveloped Su Yanyi in a fierce hug.

He never cared for these shares in the first place but he couldn’t help but to take notice of Su Yanyi’s heart. Really, what more could you want from a wife like that!

“Thank you!” If it had been in the past, Qin Jiran would have rejected it but after gaining an understanding of the Su family’s true power, he felt that there wasn’t a need to turn it down because he understood that these shares didn’t represent money or status but Su Yanyi’s feelings towards him. These feelings were not something he could reject, something he definitely wouldn’t reject!

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you obtain the remainder of the shares. At that time, I’ll accompany you to Qin Corp and let all those people see just who is the man they gave up on in the past!” Su Yanyi felt that perhaps she really was petty, or maybe vengeful. As long as she thought about how the Qin family threw the young Qin Jiran into an orphanage, she wanted to make all of them experience the same feeling of not having a family!

Of course, she knew that this wasn’t very realistic. However, throwing all these old people into an old folks’ home was still doable!

“Yanyi, don’t worry over these things. They’re not worth it.” Qin Jiran placed a light kiss on Su Yanyi’s mouth. He didn’t want Su Yanyi to overwork because of his matters.

“They aren’t worth it but it still must be done. I want to see their stinking faces after they lose Qin Corp! Su Yanyi said very resolutely.

Qin Jiran’s gaze was infinitely gentle as he looked at Su Yanyi, then he said in a low exhale: “You always say I’m dumb but it turns out you are silly as well.”

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