Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 11 - Doubt

Chapter 11: Doubt

After Old General Mu’s wife passed away a long time ago, he had never remarried nor take on a mistress. Thus the finances of the household was left in the hands of his second daughter-in-law, Madam Liu.

Initially, Madam Liu wanted to give up her authority to Yi Ping, however this was stopped by Zi You. Reason being, Yi Ping was undutiful. She who had just became the legal wife was supposed to show her respect to Zi You’s mother on the second day of the wedding. However, Yi Ping and Ying Rui acted dumb and tried to brush the matter off.

Only after Zi You insisted did Yi Ping went over to greet Dier. This made Ying Rui so dissatisfied that he summoned Zi You into the study to give her a ‘good lecture’.

Zi You was so furious she ran over to Old General Mu to tell on her father. Old General Mu subsequently ‘rewarded’ his son with two big slaps on his face. He pointed at him while scolding “You ungrateful rascal! Did you forget your old wife after getting a new one? To think that you have the gall to criticize Zi You when you mistreat your own daughter for your new wife! See how I’ll deal with you if you ever let Zi You down again!”

Truthfully, neither Old General Mu nor Ying Yi could understand Ying Rui. Objectively speaking, regardless of looks, personality, moral values or talent, Dier far surpassed Yi Ping. But for some reason, Ying Rui preferred Yi Ping a lot more than Dier.

This may be because they did not know that even though Dier was gorgeous, she had a cold personality, additionally, she did not love Ying Rui and thus she was never attentive to him.

Ying Rui had always felt like his wife, Dier was an untouchable ice fairy and not his wife. This is also the reason why he took in countless mistresses after marriage.

Yi Ping was different. Yi Ping’s birth mother was a seductive entertainer with many means. Hence, even though Yi Ping may not have other abilities, she inherited a hundred percent of her mother’s ‘techniques’ in pleasing men.

It was no surprise that Yi Ping and Ying Rui had already fooled around during the banquet in the prime minister’s estate prior to their wedding.

That night, Ying Rui who had too many drinks stumbled into Yi Ping while heading to the bathroom. When Ying Rui gazed at Yi Ping and saw her alluring smile, he lost his soul to her.

He bowed to her and acted every part of a gentlemen saying “I’m sorry miss, I was reckless, are you alright?”

Yi Ping looked shyly at him and replied coyly “sir, there’s no need for your apology, I should have been more careful. Let me be the one to apologise instead.”

While the two of them conversed, they shot each other with flirty gazes. Not long after, Yi Ping threw a handkerchief to Ying Rui and bidded farewell while saying “I’m Yi Ping, the seventh daughter of the Prime Minister”

After Yi Ping finished what she had to say, she once again smiled at Ying Rui seductively before turning around and walking away while swaying her hips from side to side.

When Ying Rui saw that, he went back home in disappointment. The next day, Ying Rui rushed to look for a matchmaker who would go to the Prime Minister’s estate to propose marriage on his behalf. He was acting just like an impulsive teenage,

However, once the news spreaded to Old General Mu, Old General Mu scolded Ying Rui mercilessly “from olden days, children’s marriages were decided by their parents and matchmaker. There is no one who would propose a marriage by themselves. Besides, it hasn’t even been two years since your wife passed away and you dare to dream of remarrying? Let me warn you, there is no way I’ll allow you to marry that woman before the end of your wife’s three years mourning period”

Just like this, the both of them had to endure the hardships of yearning and wait for an extra year.

One year later, on the night of the wedding, Ying Rui fully experienced how different Yi Ping was from Dier. This woman was insanely passionate.

Ying Rui was originally a lustful fellow so how could he not be mesmerized?

They were indeed birds of the same feather and shared equally vile habits. That’s why they even wanted to travel to Quan Zhou together.

However, in the face of Zi You’s strong disagreement and the excuse that the new wife has to wait on her in-laws, Yi Ping could only stay in the capital.

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