Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 14 - Disfiguring Your Face!

Chapter 14: Disfiguring Your Face!

Unexpectedly, every single one of Yi Ping’s plans were destroyed by Zi You. Initially, Yi Ping thought that feeding the Wang You Lian to Zi You would give her the opportunity to showcase her sincerity to Zi You while she was sick. Yi Ping thought Zi You would especially be grateful to her after realizing how she begged for the holy water. Yi Ping didn’t expect that even though Zi You seemed to have gotten closer to her on the surface, everything Zi You did smothered her heart.

Because Yi Ping was unable to take the trip with Ying Rui, she discontentedly thought about how shameless Ying Rui was. She started to wonder how many more women he would bring back in three years time when he returns.

As Zi You saw Yi Ping clenching her fist, she gave an even sweeter smile saying gently, “Mother, there’s no need to worry about father. In the past, whenever he went on a trip, the Yi Niangs has always waited upon him. He’d be well taken care of. Sometimes father would be gifted women by his friends. Fifth and Sixth Yi Niangs were gifted to father by his friends. Maybe this time around when father returns, there will be Seventh and Eighth Yi Niangs.”

As Zi You’s arms were coiled around Yi Ping, Zi You clearly felt Yi Ping stiffen at her words. Immediately, Zi You felt a wave of pleasure.

Hmmpphh! I’ll anger you to death, Bitch! There’s no way I’ll let you have Ying Rui to yourself. I’ll find more Yi Niangs to compete with you. Let’s see how much spare time you have to scheme against me now.

Zi You slept with Yi Ping for the next two nights after Ying Rui left. On the third night, Zi You had a nightmare. She kept crying out and shouting as if she was in pain.

Yi Ping only stared coldly at Zi You. She had no intentions of waking Zi You up. It was only when a maid servant rushed in did Yi Ping decide to put on a concerned mother act. She donned a worried expression as she nudged Zi You while shouting, “You’er, what’s wrong? Quickly wake up, don’t scare mother!”

Out of nowhere, Zi You’s hands reached for Yi Ping’s face.

Females back in the day loved keeping their nails long. Besides, Zi You had no way of controlling her strength in her sleep. All Yi Ping felt was a burning sensation on her face. In alarm, Yi Ping hopped quickly off the bed and ran to a mirror. The mirror reflected two long bloody scratches across Yi Ping’s face. Blood was starting to ooze out of her wound.

“Ahhh! My face!” Yi Ping screamed. Unable to repress her hate and anger, she walked to Zi You’s beside and raised her palm to slap Zi You’s face.

Sadly, before Yi Ping’s palm connected with its intended target, Zi You woke up. Turning around, Zi You asked in confusion, “Mother, what’s wrong? Why is your hand raised?”

Not waiting for a reply, Zi You sighed, “Ugh! Daughter had a bad dream just now. In the dream, there was a woman trying to harm daughter. Daughter wanted to scratch her. But before I managed to, I woke up.”

Feeling guilty, Yi Ping could only keep her palm raised and readjust her intent. After looking at her hand for a while, Yi Ping awkwardly moved her palm towards Zi You’s back and patted her lightly. Clenching her jaw Yi Ping forced herself to say, “Yes, you didn’t manage to scratch her. However, you scratched my face…Who knows if it will leave a scar.”

“Ahh!” Zi You shouted acting surprised. She pretended as if it was the first time she saw the injury on Yi Ping’s face. ‘Worried’ and ‘apologetic’ tears welled in Zi You’s eyes. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Daughter did not do it intentionally. Mother please don’t blame me, alright? It’s true, I was only trying to claw the woman that tried to harm me. I had no idea why my attack landed on mother instead. Zi You deserves to die.”

After apologizing, Zi You bent over and started crying.

When Yi Ping saw this, she cursed in her heart. However, she forced herself to fake a smile and comfort Zi You. Yi Ping wanted to howl like a wolf to release her pent-up anger. She felt wronged, but had to hold herself back.

The next morning, Zi You informed Old General Mu of the incident while crying.

Instead of asking Yi Ping if she was alright, he comforted Zi You, “My darling granddaughter, stop crying. You didn’t do it on purpose. Your mother will not blame you. Grandfather has a very effective scar cream. You can get it from me later and pass it to your mother. This is nothing to get upset about. Alright, from today onwards, there’s no need to stay with your mother. Come over to Grandfather’s place to accompany me instead.”

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