Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 16 - Asking you to be my female chef

Chapter 16: Asking you to be my female chef

Zi You seemed to be able to communicate with Wei Sha Li. She remembered that her mother was able to communicate with animals, plants, and even summon the wind and rain.

In her previous life, she wrongly trusted Yi Ping and believed her mother to be abnormal. Now, she realized that she had been too stupid.

Zi You flipped through the books her mother left her. Like a sponge, she absorbed all the knowledge and skills.

No matter how busy she was Zi You never forgot about Yi Ping. Once in a while she would make life difficult for Yi Ping.

That vicious woman Yi Ping was not totally useless. At least she made delicious soups. The taste and smell of her soups were amazing.

How would Yi Ping genuinely be willing to cook for Zi You every day? Thus, Yi Ping came up with a hateful idea. She decided to add some special ingredients to her soup and cause Zi You to fall ill.

In Yi Ping’s mind, she thought that she had a better chance of gaining Zi You’s trust and reliance while Zi You was ill. It would also save her the effort from cooking for Zi You every day.

But alas, how could Yi Ping’s plan escape Zi You’s deep purple eyes. “Mother, you have to personally look after these foods. They will be consumed by me and Grandfather. Please do not use anyone else while cooking. You’er does not want to fall sick like the previous time. Grandfather mentioned that if I fall ill a second time, he is going to start killing regardless of whether the person is in the right or wrong.”

After hearing this Yi Ping became so furious that her head felt faint. The plan she thought up after one entire sleepless night had to be aborted even before implementation. On top of that, she had to cook for Zi You personally and act as if she was elated to do so!

Thinking of Zi You’s illness made Yi Ping shiver. If Old General Mu figured out that she was the one behind Zi You’s high fever the previous time, Yi Ping would be dead without Ying Rui to block the Old General’s anger.

Indeed, Yi Ping wanted Zi You dead, but not at the expense of her own life! Thus, she could only wait for her chance, gritting teeth till Ying Rui comes back.

Yi Ping was conflicted whether she wanted Ying Rui to return early or not. This was because of the injury on her face. Many days had passed, yet the two deep gashes still haven’t faded.

Yi Ping spent a lot of silver, saw many doctors and bought many creams. But all her efforts were in vain as the scar remained unchanging on her face.

Initially, Yi Ping had really fair and fine skin. Now, with two deep red scars on her face, her looks were destroyed.

The only reason Ying Rui could not detach himself from Yi Ping was due to her soft tender flesh. Ying Rui once said “Now, I’ve finally learnt what is creamy and tender, white as jade. Baby, you are the epitome of it.”

Presently, Yi Ping’s skin had two huge flaws and it was on her face!

Thinking about it made Yi Ping’s animosity deepen towards Zi You. She hated that she was unable to strangle that little bitch Zi You! Yi Ping didn’t know what was so great about Zi You that made Old General Mu, Ying Yi and his wife treat Zi You as a treasure. It was like they were afraid that Zi You would melt in their mouth and shatter in their hands.

Yi Ping looked at her pair of hands which were starting to turn coarse. The loathing she felt towards Zi You increased. She even started doubting whether Zi You had lost faith in her. But the little bitch would always snuggle in her bosom and act all affectionate.

On the other hand, Zi You was dealing with Yi Ping and trying find out information about the duke’s household from her grandfather.

Zi You knew that in her past life, her grandfather wanted to marry her into the Duke’s household. This was because her grandfather had once saved the Duke’s father’s life. In return, the Duke’s father would always gift paintings to her grandfather.

The Duke’s father didn’t have much ability but his works became great paintings. Others could not even purchase his paintings with money. However, towards her grandfather, he was always generous. He frequently gifted the paintings he was satisfied with to her grandfather.

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