Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 19 - Thoughts about me

Chapter 19: Thoughts about me

With a voice sweeter than a nightingale, actions filled with poise and manners, Zi You passed the gauze to Madam Chen. From start to end, Zi You did not spare Hong Xiang a single look.

When she paid her respect to Hong Xiang’s father, she was courteous, respectful and polite.

Glancing proudly at this granddaughter’s actions, Old General Mu fondly commented to his friend, “Zi You might be young, but she is very talented in the arts. Her teacher praised her numerous times, saying her future is unlimited.”

Hong Xiang’s father, the current Duke, had always been interested in the arts. He too was talented in the arts. In the entire Great Yan, he was one of the most famous artist. Even the current emperor kept his paintings.

Seeing Old General Mu boasting about Zi You’s abilities, he developed a thought about testing her. He wanted to have Zi You paint bamboos.

Painting bamboo was simple. However, making the bamboos look alive was no easy feat. It depended on the artist’s mentality and creativity. The painting represented the artist while the thoughts are expressed through the strokes of each bamboo.

Zi You’s technique and simple strokes astonished the Duke. The young girl before him was only around twelve years of age, yet she was painting in a way difficult for some adults to accomplish.

He nods his head as Zi You paints the bamboo leaves. The difficulty level here is being able to convey mood. The positioning of the leaves affects the entire feeling of the painting.

The Duke was pleased by Zi You’s reaction in the face of his compliments and criticism. Zi You listened to what he had to say with a calm face and humble smile. She did not seem arrogant, annoyed, or disheartened.

He was thoroughly impressed by her attitude. A young girl with a beautiful appearance and noble aura, after a few years when she becomes a lady, how outstanding would she become?

Feeling satisfied and pleased, he waited for Zi You to leave before expressing his thoughts about engaging Zi You to his son.

Old General Mu was indeed satisfied with Hong Xiang’s appearance; however he was not too sure of his character. Although his old friend was praising Hong Xiang and there was no gossip about Hong Xiang in the capital, Zi You was Old General Mu’s baby. He needed to make sure she’s paired with someone of good character.

Ever since Zi You recovered, she had changed into a completely different person. She’d put in great effort into learning various arts.

Outsiders only saw her serene appearance, but Old General Mu knew Zi You had some things hidden in her heart. He did not know what exactly it was. Even to her beloved grandfather, she was not willing to let him know.

It would be better to ask for her opinion in regards to her marriage. Given how stubborn Zi You was, it would not be viable for him to decide her marriage.

Ending his inner monologue, Old General Mu joked, “You wish! You’re jealous after seeing my talented granddaughter, aren’t you? You want her to enter your manor? I’m not willing! I want my granddaughter to stay with me till she’s eighteen. Let’s see if your son is capable of waiting.”

The Duke understood that he could not settle the marriage today. Yet this did not stop his son, Hong Xiang, from fantasizing about Zi You.

Hong Xiang was fifteen. Although this was not old by modern standards, at his age in this present time, most young masters had already accepted Tong Fang Ya Tou and understood the matters between men and women.

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