Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 2 - Poisonous Plot

Chapter 2: Poisonous Plot

Such a venomous bitch! After listening to what Lan Xuan said, the mother-in-law who didn’t like Zi You from the start hated her even more. Old Lady Chen turned a blind eye to the actions of her son. Not only did she not try to rectify his wrongdoings, she even encouraged her son’s unacceptable behaviour.,

Zi You looked into the sky and let out a sigh. Before she could exit her garden, her husband, Hong Xiang barged in with a group of men. He shouted “uproot every single one of these poisonous plants! Do not leave any behind.”

These plants were the result of Zi You’s blood, sweat and tears. Without these plants accompanying her, her life was unbearable. Without thinking, she came before Zhao Hong Xiang and begged “please don’t…”

Before Zi You could finish her sentence, she was given a kick by Hong Xiang and fell into the fields. Thereafter, he proceeded to grab her by the hair and “bestowed” upon her numerous slaps to the face. He scolded “slut! How dare you harm Lan Xuan and our unborn son, even if i killed you, you deserved it.”

Hong Xiang dabbled in martial arts and a weak woman like Zi You was not his match. In no time, her face was full of black and blue bruises, even a few of her tooth were missing.

Zi You knew that Hong Xiang wanted her dead. She was already six months pregnant and he could still bear to hit her so viciously. From this, one could tell how cruel he was.

Zi You used all her strength and grabbed onto his thigh.

With tears streaming down her face, she cried “I’m innocent! I didn’t poison anyone. Hong Xiang I’m pregnant with your child are you really so cruel that you’ll harm your child? You ungrateful bastard! Have you forgotten that when you contracted an unknown disease and nobody wanted to be near you, I cared for you for eleven days straight before you recovered. You were only able to attain your position due me who begged my grandfather for one day and night, forcing him to mention you in front of His Majesty. Because of you, my grandfather ignored me for half a year and forbid me from going home. Without me and my grandfather, you would have already fallen from your position. What did you promise me? You said that if you ever let me down, you would face retribution! And now? You would rather believe what Lan Xuan tells you? I curse the both of you!”

After Zi You was done speaking, it triggered Hong Xiang’s evil nature.

Hong Xiang knew in his heart that the general looked down on him. Without the backing of the general and his household, he may not have inherited the position. Without the general he would definitely not get promoted. Without Zi You’s care, he may have died a month after their wedding due to the disease he contracted.

However, Hong Xiang thought that as his wife, it was Zi You’s duty to do everything for him. She had no right to act like his benefactor to demand anything. It was unforgivable that she was even bringing up the old times to mock and ridicule how useless and ungrateful he was.

Hong Xiang was infuriated. Without lifting a finger, he pointed to one of his servants and commanded “Drag this woman away and beat her to death!”

At this moment, the butler could no longer bear seeing what was happening. He said “Please spare milady! Master, milady is your first legal wife. If she died, the authorities will definitely look into this matter. Besides she is already six months pregnant are we going to dispose of little master together with her?”

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