Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 21 - This is just the beginning

Chapter 21: This is just the beginning

A maid-servant hurried over to Zi You and informed, “Eldest Miss, something happened. Young master of the Duke’s household fell into the lotus pond!”

Zi You acted concerned and instructed while she headed towards the lotus pond, “Quickly inform my Grandfather and second uncle. Hurry!”

When she reached the pond, she saw Hong Xiang on the verge of drowning. She knew it was time. She untied the silk sash from her waist and threw it at Hong Xiang. “Young Noble, quickly grab the sash. I’ll pull you up!”

Zi You’s voice sounded like a nightingale to Hong Xiang’s ears. Hong Xiang was about to blackout. But when he heard her entreaty, he forced his head up to see a silver-purple sash thrown his way. Weakly, he grabbed onto the sash with his remaining strength.

Zi You deliberately acted as if she was trying very hard to save him.

Hong Xiang could not have anticipated this situation. He was embarrassed as he sat on the ground puking dirty pond water. What a sorry figure he presented to Zi You.

At this moment, Old General Mu, the Duke, Ying Yi, Madam Liu together with Madam Chen and Yi Ping all arrived.

When Madam Chen saw her son’s miserable state, she couldn’t help but throw herself onto her son wailing, “My son, what happened to you? Why did you fall into the pond for no reason?”

Zi You feigned worry while bowing to the Duke. “Duke, I think he drank a lot of pond water. We should take measures to ensure he doesn’t fall ill.”

Hearing this, the Duke reached towards Hong Xiang’s midsection and began ferociously pressing down on Hong Xiang’s stomach. When the Duke stopped, Hong Xiang had vomited all the vegetable and rice he had for lunch that day.

Seeing her enemy having a hard time, Zi You felt invigorated. Beast! This is only the beginning. I will have you experience the worst suffering this world has to offer. Although Zi You’s thoughts were vicious, her face only showed concern.

Hong Xiang’s eyes was blooming with flowers. Even the horrible sensation from his stomach could not stop him from lewdly staring at Zi You. This made the Old General tighten his brows.

Seeing Hong Xiang tormented to such a state, Zi You was reminded of Cheng Cai, the vicious servant. Although he was merely acting on Hong Xiang’s order, it didn’t make him anymore innocent. Of course, she was unwilling to let her murderer go scott free.

With those thoughts, she looked at Madam Chen innocently and asked, “Aunty, why does Young Noble not have a servant waiting by his side? This is too dangerous. If anything were to happen, with no one around, there won’t be anyone calling for help on Young Noble’s behalf if he became indisposed.”

Only then did the Duke and his wife remember Cheng Cai. That servant was supposed to be by Hong Xiang’s side. The two questioned their son. “Yeah, that’s right. Where is Cheng Cai? Where did that servant go?”

“How dare he leave his Young Master unattended, neglecting him to fall into the pond! Wait till I deal with him.” Madam Chen said with a sinister look.

How could Hong Xiang possibly tell the truth? “Cheng Cai said he had a stomach ache. How would I know where he went?” He lied.

Just as Zi You expected, he’s a hypocritical villain. Zi You mocked while maintaining an amiable smile, “Our manor is huge. Maybe he got lost.”

As she was talking, Zi You’s servants had captured and detained Cheng Cai. They were walking him towards the group. They reported, “Old Master, we found this thief loitering around Eldest Miss’ courtyard. He was restrained by us on the spot.”

“Cheng Cai?” The Duke and his wife turned around and exclaimed “Why were you there?”

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