Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 23 - The cold-hearted, cold-blooded angel

Chapter 23: The cold-hearted, cold-blooded angel

The imperial doctor was summoned to the Duke’s manor in the middle of the night. He wrote down his prescription and had the servants boil the medicinal herbs. He then personally fed the medicinal soup to Hong Xiang. Not even ten minutes after drinking the soup, Hong Xiang vomited it out again.

Hong Xiang’s servant reported the incident to the Duke. “Master, Young Master is currently unable to keep anything down. What he drinks, he would puke out. What should we do?”

The Duke was fuming. Since the doctor’s prescription didn’t work, he’ll use another one. He ignored his wife’s discouragement and fed the poppy-water mixture to Hong Xiang.

The results were instantaneous. The servants noted that Hong Xiang did not puke after drinking the mixture. Forty-five minutes later, the servants informed his parents that Hong Xiang had recovered; he no longer had a stomach ache and stopped vomiting.

Hong Xiang however kept one thing hidden. He not only felt better, he felt like he was on cloud nine. It was as if he was floating in the skies. Whatever he wanted, he got. Even the Zi You which he was fantasizing about seemed to have appeared in front of him. He had never experienced such a feeling. It was amazing!

Meanwhile, at the General’s household, once Old General Mu sent the Duke’s family off he called Zi You to his study. He asked Zi You directly, “Was your impression of Hong Xiang that good?”

Zi You widened her eyes in feigned ignorance. “Grandfather why would you say that? Did I do something wrong?”

Old General Mu was pleased that his granddaughter was only being polite to Hong Xiang and not favoring him. “You’er didn’t do anything wrong. It is that the Duke’s first impression of you was good. He suggested that you become his daughter-in-law.

“I also think that Hong Xiang likes you. He’s been staring at you for the whole afternoon. However, I’m not very pleased with how lewd he’s acting as a Young Noble.”

Acting bashful, Zi You glanced at Old General Mu and grumbled, “Grandfather, You’er is still young. Why are you telling me this? I didn’t notice Young Noble. I only saved him because he looked frightened. In the future, You’er will take care not to pay too much attention to strange Young Nobles. You’er doesn’t want to marry. I want to take care of Grandfather my entire life.”

Hearing these words from his granddaughter, Old General Mu’s eyes reddened. He was touched. “Nonsense. How can a girl not marry? However, it is true that you are still young. There is no rush to marry. Grandfather will select the best husband for you.”

Good husband? As if they exist. Other than Grandfather and Second Uncle, all those other men have countless concubines. Her own father was a cold-hearted and selfish man. Though blood related, her father would never measure up to Grandfather or Second Uncle.

All Zi You wished for was an inseparable true love that she could live with until their hair turns white. However, that wish was unlikely to happen. Thus, she decided that in this lifetime she would no longer be troubled by matters of the heart.

Having thought to here, Zi You pounce into her grandfather’s embrace and whined, “Grandfather, if in the future you ever find a boy as good as yourself or Second Uncle, I might consider. Otherwise, please let me take care of you my entire life. Please don’t chase me away.”

Old General Mu’s heart melted. He patted her back dotingly and laughed. “Good, good, good. I won’t ever chase you away.”

Although Old General Mu said that with a smile on his face, in his heart, he felt sorry for Zi You. He knew that his eldest son was a terrible person and Ying Rui’s action had negatively affected Zi You’s perspective on marriage. Otherwise, why is Zi You so against marriage?

What Old General Mu did not know was that Zi You had already experienced two lives. The betrayal and hurt she experienced had transformed her into a totally different person; a cold hearted and ruthless woman who hated men.

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